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  1. The feed froze at the start of the Shohozan bout. First time that's happened for me on the mov3 link.
  2. He didn't seem to be suffering from his ailments too badly today. Even picked himself off the floor quite smartly too. Perhaps that was just elation!
  3. What on earth was Goeido attempting?
  4. Tochinoshin, "no, this is how you lift someone out of the ring"!
  5. Just noticed that the gyoji in the Hidenoumi-Nishikigi bout is a bit of a chunky chap. Aren't they usually built like sticks?
  6. ronnie

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    and cry into my pillow, only to find Gideon's Bible. Is it helping with your revival?
  7. Great attempt by Ikioi for the hat trick.
  8. Fuji prevailed over Yasu? Did Yasu make a comment to Taka on his way back to the tawara?
  9. Or about having a Japanese Yokozuna!
  10. Mitakeumi is the first rikishi I've seen taking out a gumshield.
  11. A Japanese sekitori ranked at O1e has consecutive basho with scores of 14-1Y, 13-2JD and 12-3 J. No rope. This guy wins 7 yusho (the last 2 consecutive zensho) and has 3 jun yusho inside 2 calendar years before he gets promoted. All this at a time when there was effectively only one non Japanese Yokozuna. I wonder what Takanohana would make of the talk on here of someone being promoted to Yokozuna just because he's been an excellent also ran.
  12. Can't say that I've seen Hakuho come out with that tachiai before.
  13. Looks like Shodai went in there with a plan.
  14. I was wondering if he had been ill recently.
  15. ronnie

    Bastille Day

    Big day today. Fifth day of the Nagoya basho. Opening day of the Open Championship at Troon, Colin Montgomery first on the tee at 6.35. First Test between England and Pakistan starts at 11.00. Oh, and it's our anniversary. The wife will be pleased.
  16. What was Chiyootori saying as he was being pushed off the dohyo? And who was he talking to?
  17. I thought it was an excellent kachiage! I'm beginning to wonder if Tochiozan has said or done something behind the scenes that has irritated Hakuko.
  18. Nah, he pulled a hanky out of his gi. Well spotted
  19. I wasn't paying close attention, but did I just see the yobidashi wipe his nose with Mitakeumi's towel?
  20. From the moment they showed him waiting under the stands, he couldn't seem to keep that smirk off his face. Has he listened to Hakuho's comment about changing his demeanour?
  21. ronnie

    Video Stream - Availability

    Your boyfriend is a legend!
  22. Fujisan, you're a veteran of sumo games and it's a mystery to me why you leave it so late to register for competition. Registration for the .de games opened on the 5th. If you had tried and failed then, you would have had plenty of time to get help to let you compete rather than leave it to almost midnight (UK time) on the eve of the games. This isn't a criticism, but you do seem to leave things to the last possible moment. In this world of Sods Law, it's a tactic to avoid.
  23. ronnie

    The Bench Euros 2016!

    And a bucket of vindaloo......
  24. Who would we be talking about with Asashoryu? Kaio?, Chiyotaikai?, Tochiazuma perhaps? Maybe he did them a favour.
  25. Perhaps next basho, he can have one arm tied into the knot in his mawashi to see if he can yusho with just one limb!