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  1. Who is Kotoyuki nodding to at his final visit to the salt basket? He does it on both East and West sides and he seems to be definitely looking at someone.
  2. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    You should do a Google translate on that link. It lists one kimarite as "Duster Included" and the shikonas are pretty good too.
  3. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    Would it be possible to email entries for day 10 just in case a solution is found before the deadline for the games? And is there a list of email addresses for the affected games?
  4. Looking at the ages of these guys made me a bit curious as to what rank Hakuho and similar sekitori were about that age. Of the last 10 Yokozuna only 2 (Asahifuji and Kakuryu) weren't at least Ozeki by the time they were 24. Incredible, isn't it?
  5. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    I went straight to UBS 1 today. Hopefully Vaughn will sort out whatever is going wrong since an alternative is essential.
  6. ronnie

    Oyakata activities

    Did I read somewhere that Bruges now has an underground pipeline supplying beer to various outlets?
  7. ronnie

    Quote of the Day- Aki 2016

    It's hard to imagine someone with such a cheerful countenance being irritated by anything
  8. Looked like that last little knock on the head on the way out did for Kakuryu.
  9. ronnie

    Video Streaming - General Information

    For me, Vaughn is pretty much unwatchable, and I'm on chrome. The alternative UBS site seems good though. Thanks Asojima.
  10. ronnie

    Questions For Kintamayama

    Kinta, you posted elsewhere that Kisenosato would have 2 losses by day 5. Incredible! Could you possibly post a selection of 6 separate numbers from between 0 and 61?
  11. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    A guy on sherming this morning commented that his live streaming seemed to be coming from Chicago. egparis18 replied that hers was coming from hell. Superb! I must have been on the same stream as her. It was watching sumo in freeze frame.
  12. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    Yes. It was Gurowake's post about Bench I was answering
  13. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    If you change the day number on the url, you can enter for day 5. At least, I hope that works since that's what I've done
  14. ronnie

    Questions For Kintamayama

    When I see the shikona Amakaze, I automatically think "horse wind"!
  15. ronnie


    Came across this on Facebook 38 mins · Grand Egyptian MuseumLike Page 8 hrs · 34 Samurai in front of Sphinx in 1863 A group of samurai were sent by the Japanese government to France at the end of the Edo era. At the time, all the ports of Japan were closed, cutting it off from the rest of the world. The samurai were sent to help solve diplomatic problems between Japan and Europe on December 29, 1863. They were welcomed by every government and head of state they visited, including Napoleon III, in France. They were also photographed standing in front of The Great Sphinx of Giza, in Egypt. The samurai brought back lots of products from their trip, including a book on wine production. They ended their expedition earlier than expected due to the need to report home about the astonishing technology in modernized countries.
  16. Kaio also would have been a Yokozuna today due to the lesser standards. Kaio wouldn't have had 5 yusho today. We have Hakuho. Yeah, he only had to deal with that "weakling" Asashoryu LOL In the last 2 basho of 2004 Kaio scored 13-2Y and 12-3J. Luckily for him it didn't result in promotion.
  17. Will Shohozan be staying in tonight? ;-)
  18. That's a lot of pocket money for an Ozeki bout.
  19. Takarafuji wasn't taking any risks with getting the sanyaku slot.
  20. Did NHK expect Yoshikaze to win that bout. Surely Takanoiwa should have been in the interview booth!
  21. A double hansoku perhaps. At the tachiai, each simultaneously grabs the others mage and pulls...........
  22. What's the betting on Goeido being kadoban for September?
  23. Might not Kaisei be fighting to retain his rank?
  24. If Sokokurai had put that amount of effort into half of the bouts he's lost, he'd be KK now.
  25. Takanoiwa to yusho then!