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  1. Does the Netherlands club have a website? Who is the head coach? Thanks! I don't speak Dutch, but this looks likely to be their website,
  2. ronnie

    Harumafuji and Yokozuna Promotion Criteria

    I vaguely remember the talk after Tochiazuma's last yusho, that if he got 13 wins (yusho notwithstanding) in the following basho he would have got the nod. As it was, he only got 12 and stayed at Ozeki. Intai came not long after. So, I would guess that Harumf needs at least 13.
  3. ronnie


    Ok Tim, I'm hooked..................... What's the Antarctica connection?
  4. ronnie

    New Juryo promotions for September 2011

    This is an iconic artifact to anyone growing up in the sixties. Are you MAD? (Resisting the urge to say "wibble")
  5. ronnie

    Rikishi Talk the Senshuraku Nagoya 2011

    "Homa-sho" Superb!
  6. ronnie

    Kaio retires

    The forum has a hierarchy similar to Ozumo's, but here the "promotions" are based on the number of posts, so the yokozuna is not (necessarily) intentionally related to Kaio's picture on the avatar as it refers to the forumer instead. Before posting, I was perfectly aware that the avatar and the posting title of Doitsuyama were unconnected. I was merely pointing out the unintentional irony therein. At least, it seemed somewhat ironic to me!
  7. ronnie

    Kaio retires

    Doitsuyama, looking at your avatar of Kaio with the title of yokozuna underneath makes me smile at the irony of it. I can't believe he could have gotten anywhere close to achieving those longevity records if he had ever been awarded the tsuna. Just a thought
  8. ronnie

    The Joint is Empty! - Nagoya Basho

    I think the fast cycle/volatility you're pointing out is more typical of the "local" basho though, Tokyo seems to move more gradually. And the audience decline there is definitely worrying, IMO. This may have something to do with more stable turnout in Tokyo: Nagoya Metro Area at a population of 8,739,000 Osaka Metro Area at a population of 12,116,540 - 18,644,000 (depending on definition of area) Fukuoka Metro Area at a population of 5,738,977 - 10,381,372 (depending on definition of area) Greater Tokyo Area at a population of 35,676,000 Those population figures are a bit of an eye opener for someone from a smaller country. My nations (Scotland) population at about 5.2 million would fit entirely inside your lowest estimated population for the Fukuoka Metro Area. Must be snug as bugs in Japan
  9. ronnie

    Day 7 lower division results

    That has to the most ridiculous sporting decision I have ever seen. All the shimpan bar one, went over and had a good look at Takateru as he lay prone on the dohyo, but they still called for a torinaoshi. I remember reading somewhere that a draw could be called at the conclusion of a sumo bout. Since they couldn't declare a winner from the initial bout itself, wouldn't a declaration of a drawn match be the obvious thing to do? If the option of a drawn match is no longer possible, then more the fool me, but to call a rematch for a rikishi that they could all see was unable to continue defies belief. As an aside (for the sake of curiousity) why did a yobidashi throw salt from Takateru's side at the "rematch"?
  10. ronnie

    What's the matta with you?

    Over you?
  11. ronnie

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    Speaking of whom - after his first few makuuchi basho, am I the only one who thinks that Gagamaru might be too fat big for his own good? Not YMY-level too big, but still... Like YMY but without the mobility. Sounds daft, but Gagamaru seems to lack that (limited) lateral awareness. YMY initially had an ability to keep some of his opponents in front of him up to the point where he really did become too heavy. I also think that circumstance has been kind to the big fella (scandals etc.) and may serve him for a few basho more, up to the point when the banzuke resolves itself into a more proper standing. Just a thought, ronnie
  12. ronnie

    Nagoya 2011-the daily videos

    Quick ketaguri? Dammit, I blinked.............................
  13. ronnie

    21 Nagoya 11

    I'll have a try, here's my list............ 1 A 2 A 3 B 4 B 5 B 6 A 7 A 8 B 9 X 10 B 11 B 12 B 13 B 14 X 15 A 16 A 17 A 18 B 19 A 20 A 21 A ronnie aka Gawasukotto
  14. Thanks for the effort Kofuji, superb (Showing respect...) I usually access the games using this link Gave it a try just now and all the sites are working (Clapping wildly...)
  15. ronnie

    No golf anymore.

    Well, a round of golf has been used for arranging deals from time immemorial. It would be would be an ideal opportunity for organising yaocho where you cannot be heard. I'm a bit curious as to why the Kyokai are ordering rikishi to adhere to traffic laws when the Kyokai have already banned them from driving (Showing respect...)
  16. ronnie

    A Panda Cometh

    I just snuck in.............never told anybody I was here (Yusho winner...)
  17. ronnie

    Nagoya-basho 2011 banzuke

    Tochinoshin (12-3) losing to Harumafuji by yorikiri, 12.6 second --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Won Kanto-sho but not satisfied with the result) "I am not happy at all. I really wanted to get the last win to go into a yusho kettei-sen. It was a foolish loss. I was so tense. I can only feel nothing except regret now. I really want to aim for Sanyaku next basho." Would this quote sort of indicate that he's already been told that promotion to Komusubi is a non starter. If it's the case, then it wouldn't be likely that Kakuryu would get Sekiwake either.
  18. ronnie

    [AUTO] Sumo Themed Vanity Plate

    A sumo based plate for your car? Well, if you want to avoid collisions, HENKAED could be an option!