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  1. ronnie

    Hatsu 2017 Masters Results

    Cracking disguise!
  2. ronnie

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2017

    What do you mean "refused to retire"? Did his Oyakata order him to do so?
  3. ronnie

    Chaingang- another black day..

    It never occurred to me that I was picking a guy who was fighting a boy named Tsu!
  4. My antivirus is still blocking this site.
  5. ronnie

    Fantasy Metasumo 2017

    Here are my group of 2017 champions. 1-5 Pandaazuma 6-10 Norizo 11-20 Andoreasu 21-40 Flohru 41-80 Gernobono 81-120 Hana-ichi 121-200 Getayukata 201+ ilovetochinoshin Gawasukotto
  6. ronnie

    Fantasy Metasumo 2017

    Erm, I know I didn't perform as well as I'd hoped, but I haven't slipped down to the 201+ group just yet.
  7. ronnie

    Sansho Kyushu 2016

    Is there a reason why Tamawashi wasn't considered for the Shukun-sho?
  8. For me, todays highlight were Kisenosato's facial expressions at Kotoyuki's habitual antics in the lead up to the bout. I know he never does it, but I did wonder if he might have been thinking henka.
  9. I would guess that they thought Goeido was shinitai, whilst though Tochinoshin was in the air when Shodai went dow, he hadn't crossed the bales.
  10. ronnie

    Questions For Kintamayama

    Do rikishi shave their underarms?
  11. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    I wasn't able to watch the last couple of days, when life bites you can't sit down. I would like, however, to offer a huge thanks to everyone who provided the links throughout the basho, especially Asojima whose work never seems to be done!
  12. Only if you can Talk Sumo. But can I call you Betty?
  13. The ankle biters are head to head in Juryo tomorrow. That should be fun
  14. Terunofuji should just take the weekend off now.
  15. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    Good uninterrupted viewing today and some excellent bouts.
  16. I reckon Harumafuji thought he'd won that bout.
  17. Looks like Kise needs to learn how to pull when he's got his aite off balance like that.
  18. Obviously thinks that a hansoku should have been called for the hair pull.
  19. Scowl of the day to Gagamaru. Was it a hair pull?
  20. First Makuuchi bout of the day, gold hat man clambers into the box centre view and completely obscures the vision of the woman sitting there. She's having to lean away to one side now to watch the action.
  21. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    I have Vaughn and the Chinese channels open and both are fine for the moment. UBS1 isn't working. Tells me cross domain denied.
  22. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    That's the stream I was using. It completely packed in just at the tachiai on the Kise-Giku bout. The Chinese one looked first class.
  23. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    Working great for me. UBS has totally gone now.
  24. ronnie

    Sumo Streaming - Aki 16

    Wonderful timing from the lizard people on UBS.
  25. How much can Yoshikaze see with those swollen eyes? He can't have much in the way of lateral vision.