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  1. ronnie

    Videos Natsu 2012

    Why did Kotooshu give up his inside left grip on the mawashi? I've watched it a couple of times, and I can't think of any reason why he would let go like that. His last ditch attempt at hatakikomi was never gonna succeed without that grip.
  2. ronnie

    Videos Natsu 2012

    The non-matta in the Kaisei - Diado bout, Yoshikaze's disappearing act and the Wakanoho tribute act by Chiyotairyu all cost me possible points today. >:-(
  3. ronnie

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    For Kokkai at least, I would say he needs to pull something out of the hat to remain as a sekitori.
  4. ronnie

    Surprising stat

    He was feeling good back in those days!
  5. ronnie

    Invitation to play Turn The Tide

    It's a magnet this game. Can't imagine it taking too long to have enough players to fill a Juryo division and beyond. Cracking idea you had Jakusotsu, thanks very much for sharing it. (Sign of approval...)
  6. ronnie

    Videos Natsu 2012

    Perhaps this thread should be re-named "Videos Nasty" to reflect what's going on with the Ozeki's!
  7. ronnie

    21 Natsu 12, The Winner

    Day 6? 6 bouts? Have I missed a day somewhere? (I dunno...)
  8. ronnie

    May 2012 Spectator situation

    I had wondered if the NSK could bankrupt. Or does the special status guarantee survival?
  9. ronnie

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

    Unbelievable! I wonder if he's being coached by Kisenosato. The shimpanzees never seem to notice his mattas either.
  10. ronnie

    Kensho Standings (Natsu 2012)

    If anyone has it recorded, have another look at the end of Baruto's bout. In particular, keep an eye on ex-Chiyotaikai as the gyoji approaches Bart with his loot. Funny.
  11. ronnie

    Video Stream - Natsu 12

    Looked like there were a lot of empty seats today. Unusual to see the gold hat guy down near the hanamichi, especially as there looked to be empty pews in his usual area.
  12. ronnie

    Sashohitowa's kosho request

    Don't know if this will work for you, but I always use this link to access the games I play. Doesn't work for ISP and Maegashira Game isn't on the SB, but hopefully it might give you a lever to some of the games.
  13. ronnie

    Adam(MCA) Yauch/The party's over..

    I'm sure a whole generation of Volkswagon owners have fond memories too.
  14. ronnie

    Unorthodox Kensho planned

    A Beamer with a "69"? The man is just showing off now!
  15. ronnie

    Video Stream - Natsu 12

    I've got goo Sumo bookmarked. Can watch the live stream, hassle free, from there.
  16. ronnie

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preparendum- May 2012

    Hold on, didn't Kakuryu throw up a smoke screen just before the last basho, citing a "minor injury"? If he's only out of sorts, attitude wise, he'll most likely zensho this time round!
  17. ronnie

    How many will become yokozuna?

    I don't think the Europeans want the pressure that goes with being a Yokozuna, so Bart and Osh are out for me. I also think that Hakuho will be around for some time yet and will want to remain "the daddy" for as long as poss. Therefore, it will be one of the younger Ozzies, so I've gone for Kakuryu. I can't see Kise making it unless they bend the rules again for him. But would they really risk a modern day Kitao just to have a Japanese Yok? (I would have typed Futahaguro but I can never remember how to spell that).
  18. ronnie

    Invitation to play Turn The Tide

    Thanks for the fix guys, just made a successful entry :-D
  19. ronnie

    Invitation to play Turn The Tide

    Just attempted to enter for this basho, but I'm getting a runtime error when I press submit. I'll try again later.
  20. Anyone outside of England who actively goes looking for instruction on anything to do with Shakespeare deserves what's coming to them. The hours I had to endure at school of that mind numbing rubbish, purely because some halfwit in the British government had decided that "the Bard" had to be part of the curriculum. It might even have been worse in my neck of the woods, since in Scotland we had to endure almost as many hours of our own "national Bard", Robert Burns. At least we had occassional PE to wake us up again.
  21. ronnie

    21 Natsu 12, The Winner

    May I get lucky.......... 1, A 2, A 3, A 4, A 5, B 6, A 7, B 8, A 9, X 10, B 11, A 12, A 13, B 14, A 15, X 16, B 17, X 18, A 19, A 20, B 21, A ronnie
  22. ronnie

    Rikishi ben-talk

    Heart attack in a box. He should set up a franchise in Scotland and retire a very wealthy man!
  23. Just a fal-de-ral; but I remember seeing this guy on NHK and they had his name as "Daemon". Still means demon but pronounced more as damon.
  24. ronnie

    More UKSA....

    A bit rude Paul, but, yes, I can read. If you care to have another look, you'll see I already asked who was asking the UKSA for help. Or are you just a bit selective when it comes to your reading skills? It strikes me as a bit odd that someone in the UK looking for info on sumo wouldn't get in touch with the British Sumo Federation, who, after all, are the official governing body for sumo in the UK. You'll find them here
  25. ronnie

    More UKSA....

    I just came across this Since you're the General Secretary and Mark Buckton is the President, why are you e-mailling yourself and why would it make any difference, timewise, that Mark Buckton has returned to the forum? I expect you might be getting a very sharp e-mail sometime soon!