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  1. Misisko


    I would like to announce my intai from all games I played. It was a big joy over those years but unluckily I am not always able to find time (and internet access, when traveling) to play and do proper analysis especially for daily games. Since I do not like to do things only half way I would rather leave honestly than dropping slowly on banzuke due to missed deadlines. Mith many thanks to all game makers and players, Misisko (Sign of approval...)
  2. Misisko

    Day 9 lower division results

    Takanoyama!!! (Sign of approval...) The promotion (or at least prefect position for promotion next basho) seems to be more realistic now. Reminds me when there was last time such a skinny sekitori in ozumo?
  3. Misisko

    Sumo's Unbreakable records

    I think Asashoryu's 7 consecutive Makuuchi yushos, will be something difficult to repeat as well.
  4. Misisko

    YDC Natsu basho soken-April 29th

    Since it is probably type II diabetes it slowly developed over years.
  5. Misisko

    RotoSumo Update Aki 2008

    Do have missing players kosho automatically?
  6. I fully agree with Gernobono. Maybe in daily games like Toto, SQ, ISP... where no pre basho picks and Gyoji work is needed we could consider to start from day 2 for example... but I don't thik that is a good idea to hope that server will not crush accepting all the picks few hours before bsaho. And I believe that most of the players have better workt to do than triyng to submit their picks and pre basho entries whole saturday night and Sunday morning....
  7. For me too... Please :) Hakuhou Chiyotaikai Ama Asasekiryuu Kyokutenhou Tokitenkuu Wakanosato Dejima Kokkai Kakizoe
  8. Misisko


    A was playing this game for 1 or 2 bashos and I got feeling that odds were calculated just "by eye" and not by some formula
  9. Misisko


    I do not fully agree. Kotooshu's most tough enemy is his own mind and the way how he can (mis)handle it. This basho (and bashos before his Ozeki promotion) he showed that he is capable to make 13+ bashos he showed how strong can be his sumo while is he not thinking to much.. immediatelly as the pressure of possible succes came he started to loose practically without fighting. If he would be able to stand this pressure next basho (what I doubt...) possible Yokozuna promotion would make him more relaxed and allows him to make his own strong sumo. Anyway... probably not Kotooshus case but: If you would have a choice of beeng Yokozuna after 2 surprising bashos followed by mediocre performance with 8-9 wins and 1-2 yushos or jun yushos followed by forced retirement after 4 years compared to 8-10 year long ozeki life balancing from kadoban to kadoban what would yo choose? (How would it influence f.e. yor salary or possibility to have own stable?)
  10. Misisko

    Super Banzuke whereabouts...

    I have just uncovered that Hatsu GISP results are online. Congratulations to my compatriot Misisko! (Eh?) I have won a Game!!!! :-O Its looooooooong time when something like this happened. Inac odkial si?
  11. Misisko

    Sumo support

    Take it easy... People like you or Nishinoshima or Fay are one of the best supporters of sumo because you are supporting sumo fans, fans who have never been in Japan, Without your photos and videos many sumofans like me would never feel the real athmosphere of basho or keiko. (Sigh...)
  12. Misisko

    Day 6 Pics - Haru 2007

    I will make my sumogames entries according to photos!!! Great service!!
  13. Misisko

    sumogames.com / benchsumo.net dead?

    me too... (Applauding...)
  14. Misisko

    Rikishi Salary Question...

    for sekitori it sounds clear... but what about non-sekitori rikishi? Is there some way how the NSK helps them afret retirement?
  15. Misisko

    Miyabiyama, Hakuho NOT promoted: NHK

    Kaio was in another position, 10-5, 11-4, 13-2 and 12-3 is not that impressing compared to Hakuho's results... However, I'm sure that for Hakuho this will mean only 1 basho delay for his promotion as he is already a yokozuna in eyes of fans :'-(, on the other hand also Kitanoumi was able to finish his 12-3, 12-3, 13-2, 13-2 serie with weak 9-6 and did it mean that his form is not stable for Yokozuna rank?, and examples like that we can found for each dai-Yokozuna....