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  1. It's an interesting idea and I wish you luck -- but the artwork looks suspiciously like a tracing of a well-known photograph of that Australian girl Samantha. Orion good eye. admittedly based on an actual photo, but from a japanese girl. this isn't so much the actual art of the series as the first sketch we had done. we found the artist on Deviantart and as a test we had her draw GQS based on the proportions of an existing picture. We do have a more finalized picture of an upright GQS of us finetuning her look, but would rather avoid posting it here since the original Giant Queen Sakura was very big on maintaining the tradition behind sumo, even in the female league. So when Sakura transforms (to Sakura's dismay) she is topless in nothing but a mawashi. assume the "no adult/pornography" rules would be against a topless anime girl. that tempted, can send via pm or email i suppose
  2. Just found the forum, but have used the glossary here a few times now. It's been incredibly useful in the pet project we've been working on... You see, my and my friend have found an artist and are in the works of creating a sumo-based manga/manga parody American comic. It'll go by Giant Queen Sakura, starting as a webcomic until we get enough to try and get published. GQS revolves around a highschool girl who joins the sumo club at her school, since in this world there was a revolution of sorts in the world of sumo. A mysterious woman showed up named Giant Queen Sakura ten years ago, defeating the current rikishi in an unsanctioned match and starting up an official women's sumo league (clubs at schools followed close behind). Sakura makes the team and wishes that she can grow big and strong to do her team proud. It so happens that the goddess of Bigness overhears this ("big" as in she's 4 stories tall at her smallest, and "Woops! Crushed your house with my boobs!") and grants Sakura the power to transform into a magical girl to fight crime in the name of Bigness. This, of course, is the power to become Giant Queen Sakura, a 6-foot 300 lb topless woman in a mawashi strong enough to lift a bus. She has to use her powers to balance her school life, the sumo club, and a budding professional career as GQS while fighting crime and doing good in the name of all that is Big. We've been brainstorming and scripting this about 2 years now, and I'm loosely familiar with it but my partner's been way into sumo for a long time so he's making sure we stay loyal to the genuine sport. the story's basically a huge magical girl parody with sports-manga parody and sexual humor tossed in for good measure, and we're wrapping up character sketches and should have the page/comic on its feet by summer. will be sure to drop by here again as we get up and running, and willing to answer basic questions. hell, even willing to offer up this as a teaser i hope you'll all take care of this tender new poster...