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  1. Thank you very much my friends!
  2. What a festive day for me, 1st in Roto and Fantasy Too bad, that the basho still goes 13 days
  3. Is there anybody taking care of this? Players with multiple shikona should be excluded from gaming. Playing should be fun, but cheating is NO FUN.
  4. What a desaster for me. My first draft was 66 points, but I reworked and changed some positions and entered a draft with only 57 points
  5. Really bad Banzuke luck for some (Amakaze, Tokushoryu, Kotoeko and Daieisho), but J1-J9 really was a mess
  6. 12 points @ M1-M5 ... and 0 points @M16 (Daieisho instead of Osuna) ...but overall is ok: 62
  7. I changed the Komusubi west from Tamawashi to Aoiyama on the updated guess and wasted 5 points on this From M12 to M16: 4 points Total: 57 points (expected some more, but this is ok)
  8. 2-7? 2-5? My first GTB draft has 8 exchanges!
  9. Thanks for your advice. I tried this before, but the site still is not accessable. At home it's no problem, but here at office this site seems to be blocked... (Scratching chin...) Maybe I used it too much >:-(
  10. Is this the right topic for this? For some weeks now, the "Sumo Reference Site" http://sumodb.sumogames.de/ is not accessable. Is there a problem with the server or is it just me having this problem? :-S
  11. I couldn't update my pick as sumogames.de was down again, but I hope Moti received my new entry (Happy goodbyes...) Btw, are there any hints until now in some sekitori blogs to outright leaks? Now as the deadline has expired, those Information would be interesting (Sign of approval...)
  12. Yes, those are exactly the crucial ranks (I dunno...) M3e and M9e have been very labor-intensive. If M3e is NOT Myogiryu and M9e is NOT Chiyonokuni, then my guess might be good (I surrender...)
  13. WOW, great work and overview! Thank you (I am not worthy...)
  14. Will there be a complete overview like this?: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12380&p=257898 Is "Head of judging department" the same as Shimpan director?
  15. As Jakusotsu pointed out, 33 wins it's only a vague guideline, but not at all "automatic promotion" Not really, no. Yusho in general is no automatic promotion, but ...! ... but in an old book about Sumo (link) it's written, that a 15-0 zensho-Yusho at Sekiwake will be rewarded with direct Ozeki promotion (Bow...)