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  1. GTB- the game that plays you..

    I didn't do such a calculation, but I think that Nantonoyama and Akinomaki have a good chance to enter the Top 10. Sure, I hope that they DO NOT, as it's me who's on the brink
  2. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Not bad, this guess... but the correct Banzuke is here: Kakuryu (Y2e 11-4) Y1 Hakuho (Y1e 2-3-10) Kisenosato (Y1w 1-6-9) Y2 --- Takayasu (Ow 12-3) O Goeido (Oe 8-7) Mitakeumi (Se 8-7) S Tochinoshin (M3w 14-1 Y) Ichinojo (M1w 10-5) K Chiyotairyu (M3e 8-7) Tamawashi (Sw 6-9) M1 Endo (M5w 9-6) Arawashi (M4w 8-7) M2 Takarafuji (M6e 8-7) Kotoshogiku (M2w 7-8) M3 Takakeisho (Ke 5-10) Shohozan (M9e 9-6) M4 Chiyomaru (M9w 9-6) Shodai (M4e 7-8) M5 Onosho (Kw 4-6-5) Kaisei (M8w 8-7) M6 Hokutofuji (M1e 4-11) Abi (M14e 10-5) M7 Yoshikaze (M2e 4-11) Kagayaki (M12w 9-6) M8 Daieisho (M13w 9-6) Ryuden (M16e 10-5) M9 Chiyoshoma (M7e 6-9) Okinoumi (M5e 5-10) M10 Chiyonokuni (M7w 6-9) Yutakayama (M14w 9-6) M11 Tochiozan (M8e 6-6-3) Ishiura (M15e 9-6) M12 Kotoyuki (M11e 7-8) Daishomaru (M11w 7-8) M13 Asanoyama (M16w 9-6) Ikioi (M6w 4-11) M14 Nishikigi (M15w 8-7) Myogiryu (J1e 10-5 Y) M15 Sokokurai (M12e 6-9) Daiamami (M17e 8-7) M16 Hidenoumi (J3w 10-5 D) Aoiyama (J2w 9-6) M17 --- Interestingly you favor the mk's over the kk's in every single case where we have a difference (only exception Endo) We will see, if the committee also is as lenient to mk's as you or also as generous to kk's as me.
  3. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2018

    What about 8 promotions? I think you forgot Takanoiwa as demotion #8
  4. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    In one of the few German Sumo books, I read the following: "Only if a Sekiwake had an extraordinary record of 15-0 in a basho, it's enough for an immediate promotion to Ozeki". We don't know if it's true or not, as there has been no 15-0 until now from a Sekiwake as far as I know. And we also will not know after Hatsu 2018 as it's unlikely that Mitakeumi will win all his 15 bouts.
  5. Metasumo 2018

    I'm trying it with a sympathy pick, even if i might not win with this. Maybe this gives enough motivation to those guys (and girl) and we will see how well they do: 1-5: Asashosakari 6-10: Ganzohnesushi 11-20: Andonishiki 21-40: Andoreasu 41-80: Gernobono 81-120: Metzinowaka 121-200: Kintamayama 201-no points: Tsunamiko
  6. GTB- I Plumb forgot Hatsu 2018..and da results!!

    Congratulation to Chishafuwaku for this deserved Yusho Your #1 spot in the Top10 should be assured for quite a while with those great results recently. I'm really happy with my result (jun-Yusho with 58 points and return to Top10) Surprisingly I made more points in the "crucial" zone (M11w to M17e) than expected and guessed the Sanyaku 100% correct (as expected ) This is my 8th jun-Yusho while having "only" 3 Yusho. I'd rather like it the other way round and will try for some more Yusho again and again. With this outstanding competition a Top 10 spot is always a great gratification and this marks my 70th Top10 appearance (out of 105 basho)
  7. GTB- I Plumb forgot Hatsu 2018..and da results!!

    My banzuke looks a little different. For me it's clear that Tamawashi has to take the Sekiwake spot over Onosho. The very few comparable Banzukes (e.g. 1992 Aki, 1993 Nagoya and 1999 Aki) show that Tamawashi (who is placed directly behind Onosho) has good perspectives to overtake Onosho. If somehow possible Yoshikaze has to be placed at M1. And with this constellation it's highly possible, because Ichinojo fits perfect to M2e and hence stays 2 spots behind Hokutofuji with 1 win less, which would be a feasible placing. As Arawashi seems like a comittee favorite, I placed him ahead of Shodai. I also have Chiyonokuni ahead of Chiyoshoma, but wouldn't be surprised if the comittee places Ikioi at M6w. I don't understand the logic in those (lots of Japanese) predictions where Terunofuji should stay ahead of Shohozan and say NEVER! Not only that Shohozan and Aminishiki seem to be comittee favorites, it also seems that a 0-5-10 result recently is treated worse than a 0-15. Therefore I don't expect Terunofuji higher that M10w. My placement of Sokokurai at M11w seems very optimistic and high, but I couldn't find any better candidate for this spot. When looking at my banzuke now, I see that I should have swapped places between Abi and Daishomaru as this mispositioning might cost some points. Generally I think there are many points to loose from M11w to M17e and I would be happy with 10 points here.
  8. Happy birthday, Asashosakari!

    Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Pierre!
  9. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2017

    My Juryo looks like this: Homarefuji (J6w 10-5 D) J1 Ishiura (M10e 3-12) Kyokushuho (J6e 9-6) J2 Ryuden (J5e 8-7) Meisei (J8w 9-6) J3 Tokushoryu (M15e 4-11) Yutakayama (M15w 4-11) J4 Sadanoumi (M12w 2-8-5) Abi (J11w 10-5 Y) J5 Azumaryu (J2w 6-9) Amakaze (J9e 8-7) J6 Kotoeko (J9w 8-7) Kyokutaisei (J4e 6-9) J7 Sokokurai (J1e 4-11) Seiro (J12w 9-6) J8 Terutsuyoshi (J13e 9-6) Chiyonoo (J11e 8-7) J9 Tsurugisho (J8e 7-8) Hidenoumi (J7e 6-9) J10 Yamaguchi (J5w 5-10) Toyohibiki (J4w 4-11) J11 Chiyootori (J10w 7-8) Daiseido (J14e 8-7) J12 Gagamaru (J7w 5-10) Osunaarashi (J10e 6-9) J13 Takanosho (Ms3e 6-1) Yago (J13w 7-8) J14 Takagenji (Ms1e 4-3)
  10. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Speaking of Juryo Game: Did somebody notice, that Onami, Wakanohana and Minaminoyama entered identical picks and all of them come from Singapore?
  11. Sansho Speculation

    2009: Miyabiyama 2007: Dejima
  12. GTB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW85lWpbrZM

    This also means, that he was in the top 10 in 60% of his participations. Asashosakari achieved this in 58% of his participations The #1 in the list of most basho in the top 10 expanded his lead to 69 basho, which is 66% of his participations
  13. GTB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW85lWpbrZM

    Tochinoshin's record is not good enough, that's right. But Aoiyama might be a possible candidate. I suppose that he would be promoted to Komusubi if his Jun-Yusho was with the same record as the Yusho. If Hakuho had lost his bout against Harumafuji, Aoiyama would have been Komusubi on the next Banzuke no matter if he had won or lost the kettei-sen. Buth with his record of 13-2 the chances of a Komusubi-promotion are slim.
  14. Happy 50th Birthday Feginowaka!!

    Thank you very much my friends!
  15. Games Talk Haru 2017

    What a festive day for me, 1st in Roto and Fantasy Too bad, that the basho still goes 13 days