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  1. This May sound familiar- GTB

    Is there also such a list for the upcoming GTB? I don't want to jinx anybody, but I think that Andonishiki might be in a good position for entering Top 10 again. Kaiomitsuki, Gonzaburow and RaeucherLax might also be ready for a big jump
  2. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Why odd? It was impressive! I like this Abi much more than the other "3-letter-shikona-rikishi" (Ura) as he fights attractive and clean (unlike Ura, who is a Clown and can't fight proper)
  3. This May sound familiar- GTB

    WOW, how did you know, that Asashosakari will score 57 pts? are you a little clairvoyant? You should try to predict the 100% correct Banzuke for your first GTB win, instead of predicting the correct score of other players... Maybe next time? P.S: for me it's Top 3 for the 3rd time this year. Now it's definitely time for the next YUSHO...
  4. snooker world championship 2018

    from some of the remaining competitors here my comments: Ding Junhui: the betting favorite looks good enough to really make it this year, but I "hope" he doesn't John Higgins: has the hardest opponent in the quarterfinal of all favorites with Judd Trump, but it looks very possible for him to be in the Final and win it. Not my personal favorite, but I think he is the real favorite instead of Junhui Judd Trump: the #3 at the betting agencies might be the dark horse and I don't see him as the champion Mark Williams: looks ready for the 3rd title after 15 years and I somehow hope that he makes it! Mark Allen: I really like him and wish he could win, but unfortunately he is not constant enough Allister Carter: if there is somebody who deserves this title it is him! Not only has he won against very good opponents with Maguire and O'Sulluvan, but has also fought and defeatet some really serious diseases in his life. GO ALI!!!
  5. This May sound familiar- GTB

    If Asashosakari has the full 84 points, then I will have 61 points. I don't think that anybody will score the full 84 points, but anything above 60 points is fine and I'd like to have 67 points and the yusho #4 after scoring a 2nd and a 3rd place in the last 2 GTB's Btw, I think the same as Kotononami: Onosho and Kotoeko will be in Makuuchi, but Myogiryu will drop to Juryo
  6. This May sound familiar- GTB

    Is it just me or is there a Problem with www.dichne.com? When I try to open this page, there is an error: Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.
  7. GTB compilation conversation

    Maybe you call it old-fashioned, but for me my method is efficient as my results show, therefore this method works well for me. I have this magnetic Banzuke for over 15 years now, and only the names on the Magnets have changed. First I place every rikishi on his theoretical position, make-koshi inside and kachi-koshi outside. (pic 1) After that comes the difficult part: to find the right rikishi for the right place. (pic 2) Normally if rikishi are to move up, then I prefer kachi-koshis if the make-koshi has to move up more than 1 rank. Normally if several rikishi compete for the same rank, the make-koshi get at least their rank and will not be further demoted, here I favor the make-koshis over the kachi-koshis. After 17+ years of Banzuke making I also let slip in my experience in this system, if there are difficult decisions to make. I also have an Excel sheet with a formula which is used for further drafts. Usually this formula is almost as good as the result of my magnetic Banzuke and I often mix those two Systems together. Sometimes the Excel-Draft is better than the magnetic banzuke, but in the last 10 Basho I had more better results with the magnetic Banzuke draft
  8. Superbanzuke Stuff

    As Randomitsuki obviously has limited capacities and is no more as involved in Sumo gaming as before, maybe it's more reasonable to turn these Superbanzuke duties to someone else who has the time and capacities to do it. I don't want to take anything away from Randomitsuki as he did this Superbanzuke stuff excellent in all those years like Zenjimoto before. But maybe after his intai it's time to give it to someone who is closer connected to sumo gaming than him. As I'm no more as involved in Sumo gaming as 10 years ago, I personally don't care about this. I just remember the time when i was addicted to Sumo gaming, that I really appreciated, that everything went that smooth even if it's just a hobby for everybody of us and not a business
  9. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Impressive performance, Pandaazuma! CONGRATULATIONS! Who would have thought this after your first 3 GTB's with 5-10/4-11/4-11? And then a year like 2015 with 5 consecutive mk and one mere 9-6. Since then you really found the GTB-secret and are a serious contender. (only one 7-8, one 9-6, and the rest double digits!!)
  10. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Great performance! Top 10 for sure, both in the GTB ranking and in this Haru-GTB. In one of my 5 drafts, I also had 67 points...and that was my worst guess I entered my guess that was second to last with 69 points, which is ok
  11. GTB- the game that plays you..

    I didn't do such a calculation, but I think that Nantonoyama and Akinomaki have a good chance to enter the Top 10. Sure, I hope that they DO NOT, as it's me who's on the brink
  12. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Not bad, this guess... but the correct Banzuke is here: Kakuryu (Y2e 11-4) Y1 Hakuho (Y1e 2-3-10) Kisenosato (Y1w 1-6-9) Y2 --- Takayasu (Ow 12-3) O Goeido (Oe 8-7) Mitakeumi (Se 8-7) S Tochinoshin (M3w 14-1 Y) Ichinojo (M1w 10-5) K Chiyotairyu (M3e 8-7) Tamawashi (Sw 6-9) M1 Endo (M5w 9-6) Arawashi (M4w 8-7) M2 Takarafuji (M6e 8-7) Kotoshogiku (M2w 7-8) M3 Takakeisho (Ke 5-10) Shohozan (M9e 9-6) M4 Chiyomaru (M9w 9-6) Shodai (M4e 7-8) M5 Onosho (Kw 4-6-5) Kaisei (M8w 8-7) M6 Hokutofuji (M1e 4-11) Abi (M14e 10-5) M7 Yoshikaze (M2e 4-11) Kagayaki (M12w 9-6) M8 Daieisho (M13w 9-6) Ryuden (M16e 10-5) M9 Chiyoshoma (M7e 6-9) Okinoumi (M5e 5-10) M10 Chiyonokuni (M7w 6-9) Yutakayama (M14w 9-6) M11 Tochiozan (M8e 6-6-3) Ishiura (M15e 9-6) M12 Kotoyuki (M11e 7-8) Daishomaru (M11w 7-8) M13 Asanoyama (M16w 9-6) Ikioi (M6w 4-11) M14 Nishikigi (M15w 8-7) Myogiryu (J1e 10-5 Y) M15 Sokokurai (M12e 6-9) Daiamami (M17e 8-7) M16 Hidenoumi (J3w 10-5 D) Aoiyama (J2w 9-6) M17 --- Interestingly you favor the mk's over the kk's in every single case where we have a difference (only exception Endo) We will see, if the committee also is as lenient to mk's as you or also as generous to kk's as me.
  13. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2018

    What about 8 promotions? I think you forgot Takanoiwa as demotion #8
  14. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    In one of the few German Sumo books, I read the following: "Only if a Sekiwake had an extraordinary record of 15-0 in a basho, it's enough for an immediate promotion to Ozeki". We don't know if it's true or not, as there has been no 15-0 until now from a Sekiwake as far as I know. And we also will not know after Hatsu 2018 as it's unlikely that Mitakeumi will win all his 15 bouts.
  15. Metasumo 2018

    I'm trying it with a sympathy pick, even if i might not win with this. Maybe this gives enough motivation to those guys (and girl) and we will see how well they do: 1-5: Asashosakari 6-10: Ganzohnesushi 11-20: Andonishiki 21-40: Andoreasu 41-80: Gernobono 81-120: Metzinowaka 121-200: Kintamayama 201-no points: Tsunamiko