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  1. Happy birthday, Asashosakari!

    Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Pierre!
  2. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2017

    My Juryo looks like this: Homarefuji (J6w 10-5 D) J1 Ishiura (M10e 3-12) Kyokushuho (J6e 9-6) J2 Ryuden (J5e 8-7) Meisei (J8w 9-6) J3 Tokushoryu (M15e 4-11) Yutakayama (M15w 4-11) J4 Sadanoumi (M12w 2-8-5) Abi (J11w 10-5 Y) J5 Azumaryu (J2w 6-9) Amakaze (J9e 8-7) J6 Kotoeko (J9w 8-7) Kyokutaisei (J4e 6-9) J7 Sokokurai (J1e 4-11) Seiro (J12w 9-6) J8 Terutsuyoshi (J13e 9-6) Chiyonoo (J11e 8-7) J9 Tsurugisho (J8e 7-8) Hidenoumi (J7e 6-9) J10 Yamaguchi (J5w 5-10) Toyohibiki (J4w 4-11) J11 Chiyootori (J10w 7-8) Daiseido (J14e 8-7) J12 Gagamaru (J7w 5-10) Osunaarashi (J10e 6-9) J13 Takanosho (Ms3e 6-1) Yago (J13w 7-8) J14 Takagenji (Ms1e 4-3)
  3. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Speaking of Juryo Game: Did somebody notice, that Onami, Wakanohana and Minaminoyama entered identical picks and all of them come from Singapore?
  4. Sansho Speculation

    2009: Miyabiyama 2007: Dejima
  5. GTB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW85lWpbrZM

    This also means, that he was in the top 10 in 60% of his participations. Asashosakari achieved this in 58% of his participations The #1 in the list of most basho in the top 10 expanded his lead to 69 basho, which is 66% of his participations
  6. GTB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW85lWpbrZM

    Tochinoshin's record is not good enough, that's right. But Aoiyama might be a possible candidate. I suppose that he would be promoted to Komusubi if his Jun-Yusho was with the same record as the Yusho. If Hakuho had lost his bout against Harumafuji, Aoiyama would have been Komusubi on the next Banzuke no matter if he had won or lost the kettei-sen. Buth with his record of 13-2 the chances of a Komusubi-promotion are slim.
  7. Happy 50th Birthday Feginowaka!!

    Thank you very much my friends!
  8. Games Talk Haru 2017

    What a festive day for me, 1st in Roto and Fantasy Too bad, that the basho still goes 13 days
  9. Games Talk Haru 2017

    Is there anybody taking care of this? Players with multiple shikona should be excluded from gaming. Playing should be fun, but cheating is NO FUN.
  10. What a desaster for me. My first draft was 66 points, but I reworked and changed some positions and entered a draft with only 57 points
  11. Banzuke Hatsu 2017

    Really bad Banzuke luck for some (Amakaze, Tokushoryu, Kotoeko and Daieisho), but J1-J9 really was a mess
  12. Achew! (Gezundheit) 2017 GTB invitation

    12 points @ M1-M5 ... and 0 points @M16 (Daieisho instead of Osuna) ...but overall is ok: 62
  13. GTB- Q-Shoe 2016 invitation- and results!!

    I changed the Komusubi west from Tamawashi to Aoiyama on the updated guess and wasted 5 points on this From M12 to M16: 4 points Total: 57 points (expected some more, but this is ok)
  14. GTB- Q-Shoe 2016 invitation- and results!!

    2-7? 2-5? My first GTB draft has 8 exchanges!
  15. Games Bugs

    Thanks for your advice. I tried this before, but the site still is not accessable. At home it's no problem, but here at office this site seems to be blocked... (Scratching chin...) Maybe I used it too much >:-(