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  1. Haruibono

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Hatsu Basho

    Not up on NSK yet.
  2. Haruibono

    Rikishi Status Kyushu 2019

    Japan has just hosted the Rugby World Cup, and most teams have had their share of injuries, including dislocations. Admittedly even the biggest forward isn't quite Tomokaze's size, it surely isn't impossible to medi-vac him out by medical helicopter or plane to the Tokyo, if that is where he get best treatment. Surely JSA has a medical person who can travel alongside him. Beside that the American Forces must have a qualified orthopaedic doctor who could organise an assisted transfer if they were asked. Sitting on your hands hoping it fixes itself, will just put Tomokaze's future as a rikishi further backwards.
  3. Haruibono

    Tokyo ringside seats - purchasing process

    I've just tried to get some box seats online at the Kokugikan for September basho, second week. I was right on the time it opened but after the website falls over time and again, or you get halfway through your address and it stalls, it is all but sold out, certainly in the box seats, and a few Arena C seats are available on earlier days. What a farce! Can't imagine how you get seats in a lottery for the ringside area.
  4. Haruibono

    Mbovo's channel on Twitch

    Thank you mbovo for all your effort and hard work. We really appeciated the fact you even used abema last night to start so we didn't miss anything, when NHK forget other parts of the world cannot tune into an alternate channel. We donated at the start of the basho and will continue to do so for an excellent service.
  5. Haruibono

    Mbovo's channel on Twitch

    When my apartment stopped me from having my NHK satellite dish attached, I went into a depression. Thank you mbovo, you've rescued me from that, and I had a wonderful reception through my PC with a HDMI cable onto the large screen. You certainly are da man!
  6. Haruibono

    Mbovo's channel on Twitch

    Could some please confirm the email for mbovo for donations in Paypal, thanks ?. I seem to be having problems.
  7. Haruibono

    Kyushu Basho Viewing Options

    I have tried several options, but have ended up subscribing to NHK Premium through Oceania TV Sydney Australia. It is AU$49.95 three monthly, and I have a satellite reception disk (not big) a smart card and tuner. Here in NZ reception is perfect. I can select bilingual for the sumo and can have it in English if I want. It may be considered expensive but have tried other ways, internet, etc but the buffering and breaks in transmission drove me mad. Unless its pelting down, then the transmission breaks up a little, I can enjoy a perfect two hours of sumo.
  8. Haruibono

    Sumo at Olympic Games

    If Sumo is to be a demonstration sport at the 2020 games, will the winning rikishi qualify for a medal? Will they then be representing their country. i.e. Mongolia, if Hakuho or Kakuryu win?
  9. Well, we settle in front of the fire (it's winter here) and the NHK bilingual starts at 7.00pm our local time, glass of good red wine, and hope for an exciting time for the next 2 hours. Just hope the rain doesn't interrupt the satellite broadcast ! Hoping for a great basho.
  10. Haruibono

    Live Streaming - Natsu 18

    The memorial service for Doreen is June 2 St Andrews Church Tokyo at 10am.
  11. Haruibono

    Rikishi Status Natsu 2018 - Day 15 no update

    This is very sad for Terunofuji. Not that long ago I thought he was heading for the top. Needs to get that diabetes under control, maybe sumo isn't a suitable career for him now. Lose weight,and get healthy. He is young enough to look at other options.
  12. Haruibono

    Doreen Simmons' Passing

    Sorry to hear of Doreen's passing. I learned so much from her comments on the NHK English sumo channel. She will be missed. I did think she didn't sound her usual self when she was a guest with Hiro Morita during the March basho, but I didn't think it would be the last time I heard her voice. RIP
  13. Haruibono

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I didn't think he was a sumo player, but an actor, Takashi Takano. I think that clip they showed he was acting, as a sumo player.
  14. When the sumo eventually started last night I put on both my satellite NHK World Premium TV and opened up the website for comparison. Not much difference, it was great to have John and Murray filling in the details, the website was about 20 secs behind the Premium but exactly the same in content except for the graphics in English, which is better for the new sumo watchers. As well I thought the two commentators filled in a little more detail than either of them do on a regular basis, as I think they presume most regular watchers have at least a basic understanding of sumo. Thanks for trying to get it out to the world, if the word got around I'm sure there would be an increase in sumo viewing. People interested in sport often ask me about it, but don't seem to have much more idea about it, than its name, and it's two heavy players in mawashi !!'
  15. In New Zealand it is called NHK World Premium, shown on TV via satellite from Japan through Australia, and on to New Zealand, but could be called TV Japan in other countries. If others can get it free then they are certainly luckier than me. Importantly it shows Sumo live for the full 15 days with access to the bilingual sub channel. Thanks to the English commentary speakers, I have gone from being totally uninformed, to understanding enough, to appreciate and love the sport.