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  1. Yangnomazuma

    Less Sumo Games players?

    Note you'll need to update the Bench Sumo mailing list link. :)
  2. Yangnomazuma

    Bench Sumo - Day 1 emergency picks

    4 Hakuho 3 Goeido 3 Daishomaru 2 Tochinoshin 2 Takanosho Bench Shodai Ryuden Asanoyama Tsurugisho Terutsuyoshi
  3. Yangnomazuma

    Videos Natsu 2019

    As a LONG time subscriber, I will miss your uploads. Alas, I'll have to find another source. Hope to see you back in July! Thank you, thank you for everything you've done and will do. You make things possible for those of us in parts of the world where "Live" is not an option.
  4. Yangnomazuma

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    You will see, more often, when the rikishi are offered the water before their match they will take a small sip and 'spill' some by themselves. I remember it being quite common. That said, I'm relegated to highlights on this side of the world.
  5. Yangnomazuma

    Basho Talk - Aki Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Perhaps you mean Shikoroyama (moto Terao). Thin gyoji sitting on the left side for the last half of day 9?
  6. Yangnomazuma

    Kadoban --> Yusho

    I was curious how many kadoban (under current kadoban rules...) Ozeki had won a yusho during their kadoban basho. The list is pretty short and the majority are injury induced. The last to complete a full basho, losing 8 or more, then win the yusho the next tournament was a fella named Takanohana. Interesting query nonetheless. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=ozeki&form1_wins=<8&form2_y=on
  7. Yangnomazuma

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Standards most definitely have changed over time, but I think circumstances always plays a role too. I'm sure though that the NSK will want to make sure that he is capable of composing himself through his sumo on the dohyo, as a person off the dohyo I'm very sure they won't have any problems with it. Kakuryu most certainly isn't the first Yokozuna to only have one yusho during the three basho leading up to his promotion. Onokuni, Hokutoumi, Takanosato, and even greats like Kitanoumi and Wajima didn't win two in a row to make yokozuna. And we certainly know about the Futahaguro debacle that forced the NSK to require a yusho in there somewhere. Here's a query I ran regarding ozeki who either had yusho, doten, jun-yusho or otherwise (somebody more experienced will probably be able to run a cleaner inquiry): http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&show_sum=on&form1_basho_nr=2&form1_rank=ozeki&form1_y=on&form1_yd=on&form1_m=on&form2_rank=ozeki&form2_y=on&form2_yd=on&form2_m=on If you look at Ozeki who finished with Yusho/Yusho-Doten in two consecutive basho and were Ozeki the following basho, only three times since 1950, Wakanohana I, Takanohana, and Wakanohana II, has that happened. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&n_basho=3&show_sum=on&form1_rank=ozeki&form1_year=%3E1950&form1_y=on&form1_yd=on&form1_m=on&form2_rank=ozeki&form2_year=%3E1950&form2_y=on&form2_yd=on&form2_m=on&form3_rank=ozeki I ran several queries and there seems to be a line in the 1987 time frame (shortly after Futahaguro...) that removes Jun-Yusho from the qualification standard in favor of the now oft-quoted "yusho or yusho-equivalent".
  8. Yangnomazuma

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    I'd have to agree that Ichinojo just won't quite make it. To me, he's the second coming of Takanonami. Big body, good skills, but not enough consistent TOP level skill to climb that mountain.
  9. Yangnomazuma

    Kakuryu as Yokozuna

    Old age? The guy has 41 years! He lost the weight quite immediately after his retirement. It is my understanding that health issues necessitated that he cut weight. Being an overachiever, he also did very well at that....
  10. Yangnomazuma

    scgroup.com/sumo site

    Add me to the list of long time users of the scgroup site. It was the first page I started hitting back in 1997 or so to keep up when I was out of Korea. Thanks for the years of service to the sumo community!
  11. GONZABUROW - if that is truly a picture of you, you are truly beautiful...who knew?

  12. Yangnomazuma

    What's going on

    Sadly, I've fallen prey to my new job title. I got to see a grand total of three bouts live last basho and logged into this site only to get the "Day X results and day X+1 lineups" so I could get my .xls populated so the wife could follow the bouts and our Bench Sumo results. Although I don't see any reprieve from that for the next year or so, I'm quite sure I'll be back in full force (however small that was...) when time again becomes less rare.
  13. Yangnomazuma

    Translations for Sumo thesis

    I can hook you up with the Korean. Let me know what you need....
  14. Yangnomazuma

    Yokozuna and Ozeki

    Y = Hakuho, Asashoryu O = Kotomitsuki, Kotooshu, Harumafuji, Baruto
  15. Yangnomazuma

    Kaio in 2009

    I said retire in July after one KK.... Of course, having voted that, I realize that it would actually happen in May when he realizes his attempt to avoid demotion will be unsuccessful. Jan - KK Mar - MK May - MK then retire