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  1. The_Arrow87

    Spirited rikishi Hatsu 2019

    I remember one more rikishi who lost to a yokozuna (I don't remember which Y it was) but was voted into the top 3 spirited rikishis: Ura.
  2. The_Arrow87

    Aki 2016 - Videos- Day 1-15

    2 matches are still missing: Nishikigi vs Kotoyuki Amakaze vs Chiyoshoma Will they be uploaded at some point? I need all Makuuchi bouts before I start watching them. Or did two rikishi in the two matches go kyujo? That would explain why there's no video for both matches. Good thing all Juryo bouts are there. Thanks to whoever uploaded them.
  3. The_Arrow87

    Basho Talk - Nagoya Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    I was always asking myself for years, why many Gyoji usually skip the first syllable of a rikishi. But I really like it. Sometimes it sounds really funny. My favourites are "Wannooooyama" (Towanoyama), "Meiiiiiii" (Kamei, nowadays Kizenryu) and "Sacki yama" (Sasakiyama) Still not sure why gyoji's do that. I always hope when watching videos of single bouts (from Makushita for example) that the part where the gyoji says the winner's name does exist in the video. Always entertaining. :-D
  4. The_Arrow87

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Positive stuff for me this basho: - A great Yoshikaze, I always liked him. Should be safe for getting the shukun-sho - Kotoshogiku 10 wins. Of course, if Hakuho and Harumafuji weren't kyujo he probably would have less wins. - Aoiyama makekoshi. I simply don't like his face and his sumo. - Same goes for Chiyomaru in Juryo. Usually only wins after pulling the opponent down. And he looks like he doesn't like keiko very much. Will be at the bottom of Juryo next time so another basho for me without having to see him! - Sadanofuji now has his first win. - Tokitenku and Sokokurai now safe to stay in Makuuchi for the next basho. I somehow like both. And always funny to see Tenku trying Ketaguri and totally misses the kick. - Shohozan back in Makuuchi next time. I hope he'll be wearing the golden mawashi again.
  5. The_Arrow87

    Natsu 2015 Basho Talk (spoiler alert!)

    Same here about Chiyomaru. Always trying the same thing. Happy about every bout he loses. But Chiyotairyu can do better. He wasn't doing bad when he was in the higher maegashira ranks with a more aggressive oshi style. But alas he gets injured very often. Sadanoumi (I like him since he was in Juryo) and Tokushoryu are doing surprisingly well up there, but it'll still be hard to get kachi koshi for both of them. Even a 7-8 wouldn't be that bad.
  6. The_Arrow87

    Kakuryu as Yokozuna

    I doubt Kakuryu will make it to Yokozuna.
  7. The_Arrow87

    Sansho Kyushu 2013 (Special Prizes)

    Technique prize for Chiyotairyu? He had a great basho, but he mostly won via tsuki/oshi sumo. Not really much else. But maybe I'm wrong about kanto sho / gino sho. Maybe it's just me but when I think of technical sumo I rather think of nage, hineri, leg-techniques like Sotogake and so on. But I'm sure there's something I just don't understand yet.
  8. The_Arrow87

    Juryo promotions for Kyushu 2013

    only 3 promotions? Then Tanzo might be still in Juryo next Basho (I'm hoping for him), as Kitaharima and Takanoyama were clearer demotions than him (next to Baruto's intai).
  9. The_Arrow87

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    I for myself hope he will get demoted. It would be very interesting (at least for me) to see how he's doing below the Ozeki ranks.
  10. The_Arrow87

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

    I'm happy for Kizenryu. Saved himself with a nice kekaeshi. Now I hope that Tanzo gets one more win. I like their style of sumo and I think (and hope) they should be able to keep themselves in Juryo for a while.
  11. The_Arrow87

    Adoptee record

    Ms50w Ryuden (10.11.1990) kyujo Sd90w Keitenkai (10.3.1990) kyujo Ms9w Dewahayate (31.1.1989) 3-3 Sd71e Ebisumaru (31.5.1991) 1-5 Sd52e Asanotosa (10.11.1981) 3-3 Sd60e Daishokai (25.12.1990) 3-3 Sd20w Kotokuzan (11.3.1994) 4-2 Oh, I didn't know someone else has Dewahayate as adoptee. But he's indeed very interesting and promising. And about Ryuden and Keitenkai, it's really unlucky, both get Sekitori and get injured in the first basho in Juryo... Does someone know something about Kotokuzan? He's japanese but his real name is very unjapanese. :-D Maybe it's just a name but maybe there's some story about him? Maybe I'll also take some rikishis from Jonokuchi soon. Apart from Ryuden all of them I started watching in Sandanme. But I really should take time watching Jonidan and Jonokuchi. I'm always very excited about the bouts in Makushita and Sandanme.
  12. The_Arrow87

    Promotion/Demotion discussion Haru 2013

    I'm happy for Kamei. He finally makes it to Juryo. I like his sumo, he's a real uwatenage-monster. :-D
  13. The_Arrow87

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    Well, it's nothing new for me. Some shit will never work for me I guess. I always have problems with various programs so I almost expected it won't work... But why this error message? I don't know what it wants from me. Is there something missing so that I should download it? I don't understand that thing...
  14. The_Arrow87

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    I found it, downloaded it, then started the file "media player classic" (is that the right thing?) and this error here appears: And it still doesn't work with VLC.
  15. The_Arrow87

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    How can I watch it? it's a .rm-file. Doesn't seem to work with wmp or VLC player.
  16. The_Arrow87

    Videos Haru 2013-Day 1 and 13-15

    Once again thanks to all those who uploaded the videos and those who filled in the missing ones. I'm always excited to see all the Makushita and Sandanme bouts (apart from the sekitori bouts of course). And welcome back Kintamayama of course! Great video with all the playoff bouts.
  17. The_Arrow87

    2013 Hatsu - Kimarite Statistics

    I'm also one of those who loves the kimarite statistics. Always interesting to see which rare kimarite were used and how often. And was it the first Kotehineri ever in Ozumo? At least the sumo glossary says so. I was always curious what this technique looks like, and thanks to Kitataiki now I know. :-D And kinda "sad" to see that almost no one uses shitatehineri nowadays. I always loved Tochitsubasa for using it.
  18. The_Arrow87

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    Thanks to all those who uploaded the bouts. I'm especially happy that all Juryo and Makushita bouts are up, it's always fascinating to see what's going on below Makuuchi, and there are many rikishis who got my attention. (I am not worthy...)
  19. The_Arrow87

    Kyushu Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Also, in July (this year) Kairyu in makushita had 8 bouts (3-5), so it's really not that rare. I'm happy for Ikioi finally having a great basho in makuuchi. I always thought he has enough potential for a few years in makuuchi. Bad luck for another rikishi (next to Keitenkai who went kyujo last basho) I cheer for, as Ryuden got injured as well. Hopefully he won't be as long out as Keitenkai...
  20. The_Arrow87

    New juryo promotions for Aki 2012

    I feel so happy for Kei. I cheer for him since he was in high sandanme. And thanks to those who upload all bouts below the sekitori divisions I saw I choose the right rikishi. :-D I somehow like his style of fighting although he still has to get much better to stay sekitori. I also like Terashita. A very very fine yotsu rikishi. About the demotions: I hope Kokkai stays in Juryo (hmm a 4-11 at J7e should still be enough to stay in or am I wrong?). But sad to see that he seems to get worse and worse with every basho.
  21. The_Arrow87

    Day 14 results and day 15 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

    Kairyu already has fought 7 bouts, but why does he get another bout? And why with a make-koshi at Ms10e against a Juryo rikishi? (Eh?)
  22. The_Arrow87

    Videos-Nagoya 2012-Days 1-15

    hehe yay Ufomammut are great. Surprised another user here knows them. :-D About Uno, yes he seems to use those leg grabbing kimarite often. Already 7 ashitori wins.
  23. The_Arrow87

    Juryo promotion

    I think Bushuyama (J8e 3-12) and Satoyama will get demoted. For me Masakaze and Tokushinho will stay in. I also think Homarefuji has a better chance to stay in than Kei or Kotoyutaka getting promoted. So far I never saw a rikishi get demoted with 7-8 on J11 or J12, but maybe I did overlook some bashos. But did it really happen in the last bashos / years that a rikishi fell down more than two ranks with 7-8 at J11 or J12? Maybe someone could find out on sumoreference?
  24. The_Arrow87

    Videos Natsu 2012

    Big thanks from me as well! Kintamayama's videos and comments after the bouts or about the matta's are always entertaining. Also a big thanks to all those who uploaded all the non-sekitori bouts (usually even without cutting out the stuff between the bouts, which I also love to watch when I've got time), which must have been a massive effort, all 15 days, with some problems from time to time but still managing to upload all bouts after all. :-)
  25. I only want to point out that the video about high sandanme doesn't work after 21 minutes. Or is it just me? Only a few Makushita bouts are linked so it can't be just me?