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  1. Koriyama

    Hakuho-Ama Great Bout!

    Thank You for the link. I've missed the streamish transmission. Looks like yaocho to me. And i would like to apologize in advance to all conspiracy-haters, but I had to write it. Little green man in my had told me to do it. (Detective...)
  2. Koriyama

    Withdrawals/Returns - Kyushu 2008

    It looks that Ryuo helped himself with some hair pulling.
  3. Koriyama

    Ryuo DQ'd

    It sure looked like hair-pull to me.
  4. Koriyama


    1) ;-) 2) :-) 3) :-) 4) :-) 5) :-) 6) ;-) 7) :-)
  5. Koriyama

    Videos and pictures day 9

    I always imagined Fay as a she. Good to see real image of forumers now and than. (Protesting...)
  6. Koriyama

    The new Ozeki - Kotooshu, Hakuho and who else?

    (Whatever above, it is funny...)
  7. Koriyama


    Just added poll on the subject.
  8. Koriyama

    Asa v Kise

    Quick one. Who do you think will win? I go for Kisenosato and a lots of shame for yokozuna, for no other reason but because it will be more exciting that way.
  9. Koriyama


    What about if Kise wins? It would only prove the criticizers were right. Asa can not loose and therefore he will. Go Kisenosato, sekiwake spot is opening!!! P.S. What if he goes for another henka??
  10. Koriyama

    How many Yushos for Asashoryu in 2007?

    Tochiazuma and Kisenosato.
  11. He's sekiwake for me (Tsuppari...) and no, zero, null, 0, :-S yushos.
  12. Koriyama

    Mickey's Mighty Resolutions

    IMHO Kotomitsuki has to beat Asashoryu if he wants to began ozeki run. Only ending that humiliating streak can give Mickey enough self confidence to become an ozeki. He can beat any ozeki, but all ozekis are able to beat yokozuna and Mickey is not. Only when he stops being boxing bag for aforementioned bully, he will be ready for ozekihood.
  13. Koriyama

    Happy New Year

    (Shaking head...) (Crowned...) (Cloverleaf...) (Band playing...) (Doing a wave...) (Cheers...) (Singing drunk...) (Enjoying a beer...) (Sign of approval...) (In love...) :-) (Holiday feeling...)
  14. Koriyama


    8:7 1) - Hatakikomi 2) - No 3) - 11 4) - Kaio 5) - No 6) - 5 7) - Juryo 3 E
  15. Koriyama

    Has the shiranui curse struck again?

    I voted Yes, he will stall at ozeki, because there was no option for No, he will stall at ozeki. It has nothing to do with mambo jumbo, voodoo etc. Hakuho has no yokozuna spirit. Yet.