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  1. Takamueda


    I couldn't imagine playoffs in football, that's what the Cup competitions are for. On the other side, I could not imagine NFL without playoffs. Just think of the Patriots dominating the regular season 2007 and the Cinderella Story of the Giants. The playoffs and the Super Bowl belong to the NFL and I like it. I don't think anything in Football or Am. Football should change. btw: I never understood why there are no playoffs in college football ;-)
  2. Takamueda

    Stat quiz of the moment

    Nummer of losses against Maegashira (aka Kinboshi) / Number of Yokozuna Bouts
  3. Takamueda

    GTB January invitation and results

    I tried to make my entry, but it did not work.
  4. Takamueda

    21 cancelled

    Asojima, Holleshoryu & Profomisakari are willing to continue the game (In a state of confusion...) There are 3 options: 1. I choose one of you 2. You agree on a person 3. You build a team of admins The third option is the best in my eyes, that makes it easier to administrate the game if someone is on holiday. I also have excel files, which make calculating the results quite easy. Most work is writing all the 'a', 'b' and 'fns' into the file.
  5. Takamueda

    21 cancelled

    Hello, sumogamers. I'm sad to announce I can't administrate the 21 game anymore. The time I can devote into sumogames has become smaller in the last couple of months. I hope you understand. If anyone of you wants to run the game from now on, contact me via PM.
  6. Takamueda

    21 Aki Basho 2007

    The winner is: Imumaru 10-5 (6) Susanoo 10-5 (9) Tamanaogijima 10-5 (14) Abudisake 9-6 (4) Fujisan 9-6 (11) Takanorappa 9-6 (15) Terarno 9-6 (17) Flohru 8-7 (10) Asojima 7-8 (2) Profomisakari 7-8 (3) Doitsuyama 7-8 (18) Ganzohnesushi 6-9 (1) Holleshoryu 6-9 (5) Kachitakai 6-9 (8) Gusoyama 6-9 (13) Hidariashiyama 6-9 (16) Konosato 5-10 (7) Kotononami 5-10 (12)
  7. Takamueda

    21 Aki Basho 2007

    Results are late, because an influenza bound me to bed for 2 weeks :-( 1. A: Asashoryu not counted B: Hakuho 2. A: Chiyotaikai oshidashi B: Homasho DAY 9 3. A: Kotooshu yorikiri B: Kisenosato DAY 9 4. A: Kaio fns B: Aminishiki 5. A: Kotomitsuki shitatenage B: Tokitenku DAY 4 A6. A: Asasekiryu okuridashi B: Kotoshogiku DAY 13 7. A: Ama fns B: Dejima 8: A: Tochinonada yorikiri B: Kakuryu DAY 10 9: A: Hokutoriki hatakikomi B: Tokitsuumi DAY 8 10: A: Wakanosato oshidashi B: Toyohibiki DAY 4 11. A: Toyonoshima hatakikomi B: Tosanoumi DAY 4 12. A: Miyabiyama fns B: Takamisakari 13. A: Kaiho uwatenage B: Iwakiyama DAY 10 14. A: Tamanoshima oshidashi B: Roho DAY 6 15. A: Takekaze fns B: Ryuo 16. A: Kasugao yorikiri B: Kyokutenho DAY 11 17. A: Tamakasuga oshidashi B: Tochiozan DAY 9 18. A: Futeno yorikiri B: Goeido DAY 8 19. A: Kokkai hikiotoshi B: Hakurozan DAY 8 20. A: Kitazakura sukuinage B: Kasuganishiki DAY 4 21. A: Yoshikaze hatakikomi B: Kakizoe DAY 11
  8. Takamueda

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2007 (1st Wave)

    Jd101w Asasakai
  9. Takamueda

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2007 (3rd Wave)

    Jd115w Taiseizan
  10. Takamueda

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2007 (2nd Wave)

    Jd50w Watanabe
  11. Takamueda

    21 Aki Basho 2007

    Here are the bouts: Hier sind die K
  12. Takamueda


    Germany beats England in a friendly match 2-1. It was the first match of the English team in the new Wembley stadium. It was a hard fight, especially in the second half, when England got stronger. btw Paul Robinson should start playing volleyball.
  13. Takamueda

    21 Nagoya Basho 2007

    As the basho is over, we have a winner: Flohru 11-4 And the other results are: Kotononami 10-5 Holleshoryu 10-5 Fujisan 10-5 Terarno 9-6 Ganzohnesushi 9-6 Takanorappa 9-6 Doitsuyama 9-6 Kitano 9-6 Profomisakari 8-7 Asojima 8-7 Konosato 8-7 Abudisake 7-8 Kachitakai 7-8 Susanoo 7-8 Hidariashiyama 7-8 Imumaru 5-10
  14. Takamueda


    As Ozeki, Kaio can use his name for 3 years. Interestingly Takenawa is owned by Tochinonada. Do I smell a soon Nada-Intai?
  15. Takamueda

    Happy Birthday, Takamueda!

    Thank you all very much, and Thank you, Jakusotsu, for the nice picture! :-D