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  1. pc95

    Kakuryu Ozeki run

    Yep, today's win looked pre-decided, especially the final push and "give-in" by Hakuho. Baruto's still in the Yokozuna hunt thanks to the "loss".
  2. pc95

    Kotoshogiku Ozeki Run

    He tried the whole match to get his upper left and was cleverly denied. As for slaps, he often starts a bout with a slap-I suggest you go to the videos and watch more closely. He's going for a record-he won't throw anything, especially since Harumafuji looks like an unstoppable runaway bulldozer this basho. I seriously doubt he will beat him. I say he lost the yusho today. Hakuho favors throws with his left as his power arm. He had it locked and was trying to get his right around. More than that though, Hakuho's movement was subdued. Rewatch it and watch the way he doesnt put up fierce resistance especially towards the last third. Have a hard time believing Hakuho doesn't use and prevail with his better strength against Kotoshogiku - and that Kotoshogiku would win in that fashion. HarumaFuji has looked good, but I dont know about unstoppable.
  3. pc95

    Kotoshogiku Ozeki Run

    Should be Hakuhou-Baruto if we go by tradition, but who knows? If it's not Hakuho-Harumafuji, I know my first suggestion to those 30 people on the new audience measures committee... It's still most probably a 4-5 man race mathematically, so at this point it could be anyone from 11-0 to 9-2. At this point most likely is Harumafuji and Hakuho. It'd be nice to see someone other than Hakuho squeak by...... I really miss having Asashoryu in the Bashos - his presence gave far greater parity to the tournaments - even Asashoryu on the decline had a better chance against Hakuho than anyone else.
  4. pc95

    Kotoshogiku Ozeki Run

    Today's Kotoshogiku win over Hakuho looked like a thrown match to me by Hakuho. He didn't once try to throw Kotoshogiku. When Hakuho gets in trouble he always goes to his left throw underarm or overarm. Not only that, but he did a uncustomary very quick face slap on the initial charge, and a back pat after Kotoshogiku had forced him out of the ring. Looked to me like Hakuho was giving 85% or something. Much different than his record ending loss to Kisenosato earlier in the year, where it looked like a bonafide loss - him going all out and getting surprised by Kisenosato.
  5. pc95

    Top 10 Rikishi to Challenge Hakuho?

    (Blushing...) I did think Kisenosato had a chance - he's always a dangerous opponent. And Hakuho did look cautious at the tachi-ai, and rose quite slowly. Maybe there were nerves there. Hakuho, looks to have the match in the first 5 seconds, but Kisenosato storms into it after Hakuho split second loss of Balance. The big differene is Kisenosato weathers Hakuho's Left hand throw attempts centering himself very well. Good win. Noteworthy, A win after being beaten somewhat easily by Baruto the day before.
  6. pc95

    Top 10 Rikishi to Challenge Hakuho?

    According to that database, Hakuho is 21-229 vs. everybody else since 2008. I suppose that had Asashoryu not retired for these last 4 bashos Hakuho's chance at Chiyonofuji's record would be almost nil. Statistically Asashoryu beats Hakuho at least once in 3 tournmaments. Only Baruto has beaten Hakuho this year convincingly. Losses to Harumafuji and Kaio were bouts involving deceptive movement. Kaio maybe 8-10 years younger would give Hakuho a run for his money every time more so than Baruto now, but as many of the responders have noted, the record is Hakuho to lose in total.
  7. pc95

    Top 10 Rikishi to Challenge Hakuho?

    Well for this year's matches minus January, I'd say Baruto and Kakuryu have come closest to snapping the winning streak. This Sept Basho though, pretty much no-one challenged, Baruto maybe a bit, but he doesn't have the reactions or speed to keep up with Hakuho consistently. Hakuho also looks stronger in the legs than most all rikishi except maybe Tochiozan whom Hakuho outclasses upper-body wise. Pretty much Hakuho has to make a serious bumble-headed mistake to lose his streak. Definitely sucks having Asashoryu gone - loss of parity.
  8. Who are your top 10 wrestlers to challenge Hakuho's win streak? Based on what I've seen this year here's my top 10 current Hakuho challengers: 1. Kakuryu 2. Baruto 3. Kotooshu 4. Harumafuji 5. Tochiozan 6. Kaio 7. Kisenosato 8. Homasho 9 Kotoshogiku 10. Amanishiki