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  1. Hello, I have just registered with sumoforum.net and thought it would be mannerly for me to introduce myself. I am a former high school and colligate Greco-Roman wrestler. So I was always somewhat aware of different kinds of grappling styles from various parts of the globe. As for the "Sport of Emperors," I encountered Sumo wrestling at the age of 9 when I caught glimpses of it on the Wide World of Sports with Jim McKay. The first full Honbasho I saw was the 1994 Kyushu Basho. The entire 15-day tourney was broadcasted in a 30-min segment on ESPN, surprisingly enough (Dave Wiggins broadcasting). I was hooked. In the final climatic Senshuraku bout between Takanohana and Akebono. Takanohana survives not 1, not 2 , but 3 attempted kotenage from Akebono only to throw the Yokozuna out of the dohyo with his own nage. White zabuton fall onto the Kokugikan floor. I still clearly remember Ake sitting up after his hard landing and staring at Shinpan former Yokozuna Chinofuji square in the face then striking the clay underneath him in disappointment of his loss. I was never able to watch Ozumo consistently until the advent of my fist PC and subsequent AOL account in the late 90's. I was elated when I discovered the Nihon Sumo Kyokai streamed the Basho online. I became a ardent supporter and fan of the "scrappy" Asashoryu before and during his Yokozuna predominance. Now I do business frequently with Mr. Ken Collar and love the Basho DVDs he produces. Though I now see most Honbasho on Japan TV. I understand Ozumo has entered into a dark place recently; May I say my enthusiasm for the sport has not wavered. I really hope to be able to contribute meaningfully to this forum. Thank you. Jesse M.