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  1. Itachiyama

    New kesho mawashi

    any images of Shin-Juryo Kazekeno yet?
  2. Itachiyama

    Kyujo Updates - 2024 Haru

    last bout for Hokaho, going to retire!
  3. The best solution within the already decided penalty!
  4. well, this is the best solution as far as I can see it. Kyokutenho is like a brother to Hakuho and at the same time like an uncle for many Miyagino Rikishi. He will take care of them with friendly contact to Hakuho. Both Heya have been linked to each other for many years by dekeiko or private activities like parties. Also the Heya are just located by a short walk. Once the media are focusing on new or better "business" all this is calming down thus it's optimal to move to an own place again.
  5. Itachiyama

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I've hundreds of Rikishi pictures for uploading ... who can upload them?!
  6. Have you done the interview/article?
  7. This article is a bit mixed up! The one on the picture is former Wakatenro. It's not Wakatoba (Hiromi Yamada).
  8. Toyohibiki is not entitled to run his own Heya. I don't dare to ask him directly but I rather guess it will be him.
  9. Any guess who will follow current Sakaigawa (Ryogoku) as Shisho in about 4 years?
  10. Itachiyama

    New recruits Haru 2023

    Is there still no total number of Shindesi published or did I miss it?
  11. Itachiyama

    GTB invitation- Kyushu 2022- Results!!

    61 ... double digit score at least!
  12. Itachiyama

    COVID-delayed oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    Big hall of course!
  13. Itachiyama

    Is Meisei (still) hurt?

    He did not look as having recovered really during the joint keiko session on day 2. If I got it correct only 2 wins, still missing the power to finish his opponents once he has a better grip. joint keiko day 2
  14. Itachiyama

    GTB Natsu 2022- Results!!

  15. Itachiyama

    GTB Natsu 2022- Results!!

    For the Yusho 70 + should be needed for sure!?
  16. Itachiyama

    GTB Natsu 2022- Results!!

    I count 68!
  17. Itachiyama

    Heya moves

    They are going to move after the Natsu Basho in June.
  18. Itachiyama

    Natsu 2022

    no day tickets yet right?
  19. Itachiyama


    The location is supposed to be in Yukigayaotsukamachi (Ota-ku). In short walking distance to Yukigaya-Otsuka station. Means it takes almost one hour to go there from Kokugikan.
  20. Itachiyama


    Hyperdia tells me that it take min. 48 minutes, 2 changes at Akihabara and Gotanda? You mean by car?
  21. Itachiyama

    GTB invite- Haru 2022- RESULTS!! - 164 entries (26 newbies)

    51 ... quite satisfied!
  22. Itachiyama

    New Oshiogawa beya

    What is the address of the new Heya?
  23. Itachiyama

    Hakuho retires

    Media is quoting this restaurant as new Heya:瓢庵&fr=link_kw_nws_direct&fbclid=IwAR0Be7Cc5edeoNGj-ZxyF13SQKpO91MeLVe7th8ZDEK-9x5-_WT6EwPTsTI But I have no confirmation that it is actually this place yet!
  24. Itachiyama

    Hakuho retires

    It is said that Hakuho bought a high-class Japanese-style restaurant in Asakusa. First he tried to get it in Ginza but very expensive. Next, targeted in Nihonbashi downtown but spaces were not enough.
  25. Itachiyama

    34th Shikimori Inosuke passed away

    He is not on this picture anymore!