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  1. Itachiyama

    Retirees after Haru 2019

    he told me the Kyokai kind of forced him to retire as they wanted him to become Wakaimonogashira now!
  2. Itachiyama

    Retirees after Haru 2019

    He will stay at the Kyokai as Wakaimonogashira!
  3. Itachiyama

    New recruits for Haru 2019

    Yes, reading is Koki, Nishiiwa Oyakata told me!
  4. Itachiyama

    Shikimori Inosuke sexual harassment and drink talk..

    Hakuho hates Shikimori Inosuke? Who says this?
  5. Itachiyama

    New juryo Natsu 2016 day pics

    To me, Ura looks much younger than almost 24!!
  6. Nice one!!!
  7. Itachiyama

    Hatsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Thank you!!!!!
  8. Itachiyama

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    you mean tomorrow? ;-)!
  9. Itachiyama

    Rijicho Kitanoumi passes away

    Mainichi offers a Yusho Portrait of Kitanoumi's 3rd Yusho (Hatsu Basho 1975):
  10. Itachiyama

    Kimarite Statistics most wanted

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!!!
  11. I need some statistics about rare or never used kimarite for a lecture (tomorrow). Would be great if somebody could help?
  12. Itachiyama

    Trivia bits

    By his win over Kotoshogiku Hakuho secured to become best Rikishi of the year for the 9th time in a row, starting in 2007.
  14. Itachiyama

    Latest set of urakata promotions decided

    he died some years ago (suicide). Sorry, the one on the left should be Shigetarou (Kokonoe), the one on the right Satoru. The one who died was Shintarou (Minatou-beya). Shigetarou and Shintarou have been looking similar (as their Shikona).