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  1. Itachiyama

    Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    According to sources out of Sakaigawa-beya Goeido's Danpatsu shall take place after Hatsu 22!?
  2. Itachiyama

    Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    no, this is just what he told me personally!
  3. Itachiyama

    Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    Toyohibiki is planning his Intai Sumo for weekend after Hatsu Basho 2023 (28th/29th)
  4. Itachiyama

    Basho attendance

    is there any posting of the TV ratings for Nagoya?
  5. Itachiyama

    Aki joint keiko sessions

    Kaishou confirmed his excellent performance from Nagoya looking strong!
  6. Itachiyama

    Aki joint keiko sessions

    合同稽古生配信! <令和3年九月場所前> - YouTube
  7. Itachiyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Thank you!
  8. Itachiyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I interrupt your unseasonal dose of fandom wars to bring you the transcript of Hakuho's winner's interview (as requested by @Benihana): Q: You've come back with a zensho yusho. A: Yes, it's the best. Q: You had an intense battle with Terunofuji. How did you feel about it? A: I didn't pay attention to thoughts that "my right knee wasn't good". I just gave my all. Q: What did you think when you won? A: Before the basho, I didn't think I could win with a zensho yusho. I'm really relieved. Q: Your family is here? (@Eikokurai: May be relevant to your last post) A: My four-year-old daughter just knew that her father was a sumo wrestler, but actually got to see it in action in good shape. I hope she remembers this. Q: What about your right knee surgery in March? A: I was wondering about the surgery. I thought I would never be able to mount the dohyo again. Q: What are your aims after this? A: This was my 899th win as a yokozuna. After 1 more I will be at 900. With the aim of [that] one win I will give my best. Q: [Your thoughts on] 15 days of a "do or die" basho. A: I went forward with the aim of gambarising for the Tokyo Olympics. Now we're here, and I could fulfil my promise to my father. It was a grave matter. I think it was good to have an aim like that. Q: What is the state of your knee? A: It fought for 15 days. If I couldn't have stepped up [to the dohyo] by myself, I would have always have had regrets till the very end. Thinking about various other things instead, I could step on the dohyo and achieve a zensho. Q: Was there a realisation to end it here? A: Let's not talk about that. Let me rest. Q: What about Terunofuji? A: For the 15 days, he was the only one who fought with that intensity. There was truly a sense of stability, and it was completely different from the Terunofuji who stood on the dohyo three years ago. Q: Is there a difference compared to previous championships? A: All my goals, dreams motivations, and records inspired me. Taiho said he lost his ambition after winning 32 times. I found meaning in that no one had won a yusho after 6 basho off. I set another record, and that is good.
  9. Itachiyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Does anybody can translate the full Yusho Interview?
  10. Itachiyama

    Trivia bits

    Hakuho has set the new record as oldest Yokozuna winning a Yusho! Has he also the overall record of the oldest Rikishi ever winning a Yusho with 36 years and 4 months?
  11. Itachiyama

    GTB Natsu (May) 2021- and results!!

    54 points!
  12. Thanks a lot and thanks to all who keep this fantastic game running!
  13. Hakuho loves Sumo and is planning his own Heya for years thus he WILL stay in the Sumoworld, at least as long as he gets along with the Kyokai.
  14. Itachiyama

    Araiso activities

    Is there any information when his Heya will be opened?