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    Corona and sumo

    Green screen, set up a huge green screen behind the dohyo, fake a crowd, fake the sound too. At least I will have something to watch. As a High School teacher, things got very quiet in march for me. Hope no Rikishi get infected with Covid 19, will each heya bus in the rikishi to avoid the trains? Hmm. also - with every school kid in japan at home and bored, they could use this as a chance to make the NHK coverage very kid friendly, never have the NHK had such a captive audience.
  2. sekihiryu

    Goeido to Retire

    I really liked him when he was up and coming. I fear he put on too much weight over the years. Enjoy elderhood Goeido
  3. sekihiryu

    Featured Rikishi! April 2008 - Goeido

    Wow so long ago I first picked him to be the featured rikishi, back when this sub forum was alive. That main post was perhaps my greatest ever . Goeido promised so much but missed that final hurdle.
  4. sekihiryu

    Aminishiki injured/ Intai

    Met Aminishiki in 2005, on the street outside his Osaka Basho lodgings. Unfortunately he was very unfriendly that day ( All I did was politely say hello in Japanese, and he stared right through me, just like he did on the dohyo) Sadly I have never forgotten that day. My other Aminishiki memory was this.... An infamous bout with Kotonowaka when he lost by a mage. Anyone else remember the infamous bout? Anyway, long career, good luck in retirement ice man.
  5. sekihiryu

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Asanoyama* yusho. Shame to have a tainted maiden yusho.
  6. sekihiryu

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Tochinoshin had one stolen yesterday and he stole one back today. Cant blame him at all. Rather fitting henka.
  7. sekihiryu

    Feginowaka passed away

    Sorry to read this news, I saw Asashosakari's profile blurb and quickly put two and two together. Though I have retired from games, his name was one that was always at the top. 52. Too young.
  8. sekihiryu

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    September basho 2008 Asashoryu was on the receiving end a similar call. IIRC it was a lot close than this case. When I searched just now...I had to laugh. I started the thread..Hah, guess I should disqualify myself my these dodgy tawara call debates. I'm not impartial ;)
  9. sekihiryu

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Heres a juicy little conspiracy. It's curious from the video above that there is no mark on the sand from Tochinoshins heel....the Shimpan does not raise his hand, nothing. Asanoyama falls and lies there for a second, no hand raised, Asanoyama then clumsily drags his hand backward across the outside of the tawara exactly where any heel imprint evidence would be. As soon as that happens Shimpan seems to notice and instantly puts up his hand as the evidence or rather lack of evidence has been erased by Asanoyama. Awfully convenient. He knew that he would be easier to make a dodgy call stick with the sand disturbed. If he thought Tochinoshin had stepped out, his hand would have gone straight up. It is just too convenient. Which weasel shimpan was sitting over there? Need to investigate. Screenshots of the events of which I speak.
  10. sekihiryu

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Bad call? The is the worst F-ing call, I think I ever seen. Such utter bullshit. Hope all the judges get demoted and lambasted and fined. Unbelievable!!!!
  11. sekihiryu

    Abema TV all sumo live

    watching sumo while exercising at the gym? Check. Life is good.
  12. sekihiryu

    Abema TV all sumo live

    The nice thing about living in Japan is the apps for android and ios for abema. Streams have come a long way since the terrible low res one that the NSK website used to host back in the day. 65000 people are viewing the abema stream right now, Pretty popular it seems.
  13. sekihiryu

    Yotsu or oshi sumo?

    Only 2 choices because its either one or the other. Its like Yoda said "do or do not there is no try" - "like or like not there is no fence sitting" Jacques Cousteau can rest in peace. I was thinking about this and most of the Rikishi I like and cheer for are Yotsu and most of the ones I dont care much for are Tsuki/oshi. I never really thought about it but I guess I was subconsciously inclined to like Yotsu proponents and it probably explains why Musashigawa beya is my least favourite beya (with the exception of Dejima), a beya full of thrusting (Applauding...) So what spins your wheels, turns your propellor? grippers or thrusters? :-P p.s If you dont know what Yotsu or tsuki/oshi sumo is then now is the perfect time to find out ;-)
  14. sekihiryu

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    hmmm. well....the interwebs, worldwide have been blowing up about this one. rather than just local channels , the scandal is a global one. Many agencies are really squeezing every bit of juice out of it with dare I say it - "fake news"....before you get "triggered", the narrative being pushed is "first responders" ordered out the ring and prevented from doing their job. "Bystanders" leaping in and an emergency worker on duty, are not the same thing, and reporting it incorrectly gives a certain narrative more sway. That said this lady doctor was marvellous and should be highly commended. Curiously the first responders narrative can be traced back a female Japanese reporter for AP. The gyoji announcer is an absolute moron, seriously, zero tact nor common sense displayed. This one is on him. This could be handled so much better, Someone ring side could have tactfully ushered the ladies away once the real emergency workers had control of the situation, but no, this idiot has pretty much stomped a mud hole and created the whole incident. The issue core to this story is the females in the ring. personally, I think its time for the rule to go by the wayside. anyway, next time put someone educated, worldly and with a brain on the mic.
  15. sekihiryu

    Sumo in slow motion

    Ulambayar Byambajav, Aka Byamba and the former yamamotoyama were just on an episode of the popular youtube channel "the slo mo guys" If you ever wanted to see the human body wobble 1000fps then here is your chance
  16. sekihiryu

    Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    wow, it's been a while since I posted last...I'm still alive....just popped by to say damn! I need to eat some humble pie, I have been fiercely critical of the rikishi formerly known as Hagiwara over the years. He showed some genuine guts this basho. I was quite speechless. well done to the new Yokozuna. I am munching on my pie.
  17. sekihiryu

    Kokonoe Oyakata hospitalized-will miss the Basho

    Slipped my mind that he had been unwell last year, horribly reminded today.
  18. sekihiryu

    Chiyonofuji passing

    it just popped up on the screen on the TV here in Japan. wow.. I'm shocked. 2016 takes another legend.
  19. sekihiryu

    Preparations of the masses-March 2015

    . Actually its Yamatotakada in Nara, just down the road from me I go every year and watch Indeed it is, its an empty warehouse in the compound of Daiwa Gas. The rikishi stay in the dormitory for workers. The president of Daiwa gas, forget his name, I call him the silver fox, comes in every day to watch keiko, he also owns a luxury golf course in Southern Nara. The empty warehouse is also used as a indoor baseball batting cage, big green nets up on the opposite side of the dohyo. you can see it here in the background of streetview I have been going to watch Shikoroyama for the past 10 years, the evolution if the keikoba has been interesting to see, in the beginning there was nothing, a bit of dirt and that was it. There have been many albums and photos I've posted over the years on this forum,a bored sumo fan might go trawling through if they were so inclined.
  20. A great interview of the man Arnie, by Tim Ferriss ( pretty amazing dude in his own right) well worth a listen.
  21. sekihiryu

    Kyushu 2014 - General Talk

    I am disliking Osunaarashi more and more, his forearm/elbow to the face is still there despite him being warned about doing it so often and aggressively. I guess he is desperate right now, but he's dicing with breaking someones jaw, or knocking someone out. Takekaze took his medicine today, he's a tough cookie, but that blow at the tachiai was the beginning of the end. I really wish Asashoryu was still about and give him a nice slap to chops as a wake up call. Bring him down a peg or too. Knock the swagger out of his step. Osunarashi needs some of his own dished back to him, one of these would do the trick
  22. sekihiryu

    Slippery slope -Kyushu dohyo talk

    This has frequently come up in the past with Kyushu, my least favorite basho to begin with. I see the attendance numbers are sucking again. Some people think playing American football in the snow is great, its the same for both teams blah blah, I think it crap, I want to see the best players playing in the best conditions. When watching sumo I want the dohyo to be in tip top condtion, I want the rikishi to battle at 100% with full confidence in their footing, without any doubt in their minds about whether they might slip. I don't want to watch Usain Bolt sprinting on wet grass with the chance he may slip, the fact it's the same for all in the race is a dumb argument. Find some better clay or better still give Osaka two basho a year, we do a better job in these parts with a basho.
  23. sekihiryu

    Pic Pickin' - Intai

    Yes, it has been a long while since I intai-ed myself from the daily pics and passed the baton to you. You have done a great job. Out of curiosity I opened all my old bookmarks for daily pics and most of them no longer work at, times are a changing! IIRC the original daily pic man was Kintamayama, who was the caption king. Time for a newcomer to "step up the tawara" and contribute!
  24. sekihiryu

    Nagoya 2014 Discussion Thread

    Homasho - that did not look good, he was in a lot of pain - nasty hyper extended knee by the looks. Harumafuji did not need that final push, he compounded Homasho's misery who had clearly lost by the time the yokozuna made his final manoeuver.