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  1. sekihiryu

    NSK Video Stream - Nagoya 10

    Hmm, wonder how long before only users in Japan can access this and all outside of Japan ISP's get blocked. Shame a proper online video streaming service couldnt have the rights to show it.
  2. sekihiryu

    Baseball gambling aftermath - New reform committee

    Americans sorry but finishing at 7 or 8pm on weekdays would be brilliant for fans and spectators. Re-install Kosho. Allow top level guys (sanyaku) who get injured the chance to start again at the bottom of Juryo after a long injury/surgery break. Allow Maegashira to come back at Ms10 if they get injured and need a long break surgery. So many of the top guys should have surgery, they a battled on never reaching their full potential. Get some outsiders into the management of it all. People with useful worldly experience. I am sure there are more.
  3. sekihiryu

    NO live broadcast of Nagoya basho

    In the dictionary of proverbs, idioms and cliches, they will be able to use this case of NHK v NSK as a textbook example of cut off your nose to spite your face
  4. sekihiryu

    Your feelings at the moment

    I have lived here for 10 years now, I actually comprehend quite well the mentality of this place, I guess others who have live here too wouldnt be as surprised as people looking in from the outside. Thomas Babington Macaulay substitute that for "Japanese"
  5. sekihiryu

    Your feelings at the moment

    The intrinsically eccentric antiquated sumo system was bound to get more unstuck as the world changed and evolved while it stayed much the same as it ever has. Time for some progress and an overhaul of sumo in general, the purists can suck eggs because the traditional model is becoming less viable and this episode was a major crux point for sumo. Time to get with program. The people who irk me the most in all of this are the bumbling fools running the show: the kyokai. There is a saying where I am from to aptly describe such incompetence: " couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery" The reform committee its seems agrees with this assessment. Nevermind hopefully same real tangible change will come from this. Just my two cents (I gambled the rest way...... (Zabuton flying...) )
  6. sekihiryu

    Asa resurfaces to help distract press....

    I would give my left teste to wear a costume like that on Halloween. (asa's one not the shockmaster (You are going off-topic...)
  7. No NHK coverage will be a convenient excuse to skip a basho myself: no watching and no games. Good opportunity to have break over summer and when Sept rolls around perhaps things will be back to a status resembling "normal" and the fools have been broomed from the sumo world.
  8. Police arrest ex-sumo wrestler for blackmailing Kotomitsuki Friday 25th June, 06:45 AM JST TOKYO — Police arrested a former sumo wrestler Thursday on suspicion of extorting around 3.5 million yen from ozeki Kotomitsuki in connection with illegal gambling on professional baseball games, investigative sources said. The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Mitsutomo Furuichi after taking the 38-year-old former wrestler into custody earlier in the day, the sources said. An agent for Furuichi had told the metropolitan police that the former wrestler would make himself available soon, so police were prepared to serve the arrest warrant they obtained Tuesday after he was in custody, the investigative sources said earlier. Kotomitsuki told people close to him around March that he had been blackmailed over the gambling, recognizing that the former wrestler had links with a crime syndicate, according to sources at the Japan Sumo Association. After being threatened with the exposure of his involvement in the gambling around last December, the ozeki paid about 3.5 million yen in hush money but the former wrestler subsequently demanded more than 100 million yen in cash, the investigative sources said. Kotomitsuki feared that he or his family members could be harmed, the sumo association sources said.
  9. sekihiryu

    Asa resurfaces to help distract press....

    I like the pic that is now my avatar, saw it on the net last night. You go Asa - seems he got out of the NSK 'web of crap' at the right time.
  10. sekihiryu

    Have admitted publicly to baseball gambling

    Sekihiryu - puts his hand up too for poker tournament, fantasy rugby pools and the World cup sweepstake. Do I get booted off the forum?
  11. sekihiryu

    World Cup 2010 game

    me, back up, goody.
  12. sekihiryu

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2010 (4th Wave)

    ms44w Terashita
  13. sekihiryu

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2010 (3rd Wave)

    DNP for me, the lower Makushita is rubbish this basho!
  14. sekihiryu

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2010 (2nd Wave)

    Ms20E Hakiai
  15. sekihiryu

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2010 (5th Wave)

    ms51w Naoe
  16. sekihiryu

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2010 (6th Wave)

    jd77 Hasegawa
  17. sekihiryu

    Iwakiyama kyujo-cerebral infarction

    He should retire immediately, if that isn't enough hint from his body to pack it in, then definitely has taken one too many tachiai head butts. He is a mug for continuing. Dementia pugilistica* - affects boxers, I wonder how much it affects the Rikishi like Iwakiyama and Toyohibiki who love to clash heads? *The condition is caused by repeated concussive and sub-concussive blows (blows that are below the threshold of force necessary to cause concussion), or both.
  18. sekihiryu

    Baruto Ozeki promotion

    I thought sport and liesure activities were exempt from the jedi robes? Technically should he be wearing them in this case? Also, FWIW.... sea bream - schmee bream, that's a red snapper!
  19. sekihiryu

    New Bulgarian rikishi in Tagonoura beya

    then why not contribute to that thread rather than starting a new one? perhaps the original thread title needs modifying to include his shikona?
  20. sekihiryu

    Mawashi colors

    Ah the colours, Miyabiyama used to rock the lime green one for a long time. Asashouryu went gold for a quick stint before heading back to black, where spent the majority of his career. Gojoro used have a lovely salmin pink one. (Holiday feeling...)
  21. sekihiryu

    Le Carnage al Orange de Chaingangage

    Go figure, the day I go and have chanko and chat with Asasekiryu, I put him in the slot and he loses! (Holiday feeling...)
  22. On behalf of Kotoviki have info on a pair of prime first row chair seats available on Sunday. 9500yen each. Need to let me know ASAP if anyone wants them. thanks.