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    Should Kisenosato have been promoted or not?

    Well, he's knocked out 10+ wins in 5 of the last 6 basho (Kotoshogiku and Baruto 5, Kakuryu 3, Harumafuji 2, Kotooshu 1), all in the joijin ranks, so actually this criterion of yours leads me to conclude that he should have been promoted! If it's 10+ that is asked of him, then I don't think there's any worry to have that he can do that as consistently as any other current ozeki. garh- stupid computer long reply written and poof! try again. Yes 5 out of 6 is good, but he did have 8 basho before that that were very average. Perhaps he genuinely has improved and can keep this up. The standard is 33 wins over 3, the ideal measurement, not comparing him to the current crop of rather shabby ozeki -who aren't delivering what on Ozeki should be delivering and they got to be there with better promotion records too. Kotooshu is particularly disappointing: 6 years as an Ozeki and only two basho he has been above 11 wins, just two, 33 basho he has been 10-5 or less, just his 14-1 Yusho and a 13-2. He has never posted 12-3 or 11-4 as an ozeki! Harumafuji aswell, just two ozeki basho as above 10 wins, two 14-1 stand out in sea of mediocrity with 10-5 and less, much less. Any new ozeki needs to be held to the highest ideals.
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    Should Kisenosato have been promoted or not?

    we dont need another mediocre ozeki, he should have to really prove that he can consistently knock out 10+ wins a basho like an Ozeki SHOULD .
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    Tamanoshima intaires

    Tamanoshima in-tires? so he is the michelin man then! sad to see him go, classic elevator rikishi, brilliant at times. I remember one story about him, cant remember if it was written or one of the TV commentators said it, but basically they said his uncle (former isegahama oyakata) complaining he was too weak? (I think that was it) he complained Tamanoshima had weak legs and that was why he never progressed.
  4. sekihiryu

    The Joint is Empty!

    Far out, it's super empty today! the east ringside seat are barren along with the majority of the arena. I think today will dip below 3000. The NSK fossils need some fresh ideas.
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    Maegashira Game KyuShu 2011

    none was as surprised as me, I couldnt see my name on the results, until I saw them at the top! 51 pointer. I can now die a satsified man.
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    How many career wins will Hakuho achieve?

    Haku > Kita, but < Chiyo
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    How Can Harumafuji Run So Hot & Cold? this documentary on his ozeki run was just on NHK...i recorded it....if you want to see it, let me know..... (Clapping wildly...)
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    Ex-Asashouryuu update Big man with Big plans in Mongolia.
  9. sekihiryu

    Kaio retires

    Just announced now on NHK 1047 wins and out. The end of an era. Farewell Kaio.
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    Kaio retires Jejimas final "Will he retire poll". Ten of us got the year, but none one got the basho. I thought it would be his home basho. I guess the record was the last carrot he was ever going to chase.
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    The Joint is Empty! - Nagoya Basho

    You should see it today!, imminent typhoon and all, the echo in their must be spooky!
  12. sekihiryu

    May basho to be broadcast in full on the internet

    Kintamayama - I just ended trying the regular full website and watched it within the browser (Dolphin HD) worked fine. There were some android apps for nico nico but they were hopeless.
  13. sekihiryu

    May basho to be broadcast in full on the internet

    Interesting stuff, I am in Japan and on a 1 gigabit line - thats 1000megabits and niconico is freezing up constantly on the flash player on the actual site. Running the nico nico 1.6mbits stream (.asx ) through VLC player works smoothly, the kyokai feed is also running smoothly at 1.6 mbits for me too. Now how to figure out to watch it on my android device... nico nico mobile site wont load at all....
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    Meanwhile, the rikishi are..

    I bet a lot of them wish the Haru Basho was on and they were currently lodging in Osaka far from any potential nuclear threat or daily disruptions. Honestly, who wouldn't wish that if they were the same boat? Bailing the country temporarily? well thats a whole different kettle of fish. I imagine they have little need for trains or gasoline but I wonder has their beya food supply chain broken down in the recent calamity?
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    Haru basho IS canceled!

    indeed keep the rikishi out of it. If anything get them to work in Tokyo with anything that needs helping, Volunteering for the red cross, making care packages to go up etc. Also: Haru basho my be cancelled but the whole Shikoroyama beya came down to Nara last weekend and had their annual chanko event in the local shotengai and meet with all their sponsors. token gesture but appreciated by the locals for sure.
  17. sekihiryu

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    According to the Yomiuri this morning. Big headline 春場所中止へ Haru basho to be canceled Well there you have it. Its my local basho, the one basho a year in my back yard and this year it has gone. Posters have already been ripped down from the Osaka Pref. Gym.
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    Isnt Amanogawa from Tohoku way? Utter devastation up their in Sendai, Miyagi, Iwate.
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    Asashoryu on TV right now!

    Tokyo friend park - channel 4 (MBS) a slimmed down Asa with his pal Yoshida the wrestler are on the game show "Tokyo friend park". 7pm - 8pm
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    Here are some random screen shots I just took of the a galaxy tab forum I was browsing, as you can see I am guest, but had I been a member I could sign in and post etc. main app page main contents page of one forum topics within a the subforum the thread granted this is a 7 inch Galaxy tab display, cant really tell you what it's like on a 4inch screen, not quite as big, but still very viewable I would say.
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    Haru basho IS canceled!

    JSA acts swiftly to cancel tourney, confuses ministry Interesting comments from the Govt. I got the impression they were breathing heavily down their necks, but it seems the decision was wholly the Kyokai acting alone.
  22. sekihiryu

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    I was thinking the same thing, they finally get an "off season" - an across the board Kosho,
  23. sekihiryu

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Hi Jan long time no see. The above story is currently the fifth most read story on the BBC website. NSK sure are getting publicity they never dreamed about - shame its all the wrong sort!
  24. sekihiryu

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Oops sorry for jumping the gun, must confess my kanji reading ability is not up to the task of reading the whole article. The headline was what tripped it off for me. I thought it meant going to be or to be rather than might be. Big difference. Why rip down the posters. At the gym though, a bluff?
  25. sekihiryu

    Haru basho IS canceled! I posted that first post on my way out the door to work, on the train now. Only Japanese sources seem to know at the moment. 八百 長 問題 に揺 れ る日 本相 撲 協会 は4 日 、大 相撲 春 場所 ( 3月 1 3日 初日 ・ 大阪 府立 体 育会 館) を 中止 する 方 針を 固 めた 。 相撲 協 会の 幹部 は 「一 般の 方 々と の信 頼 性の 問題 。 協会 執 行部 も 腹を 決め て いる 」と 開 催不 可能 を 強調 した 。 この 問 題の 解 明を 進め て いる 特別 調 査委 員会 ( 座長 =伊 藤 滋・ 早 大特 命 教授 )も 調 査に は時 間 がか かる と し、 放駒 理 事長 ( 元大 関 魁傑 )は 「 ファ ンの 皆 様に 理解 し ても らえ な い状 態 で( 場 所を 開催 し て) いい の か、 考え な けれ ばい け な い 」と 語っ た 。 6日 の 臨時 理事 会 で開 催中 止 を正 式に 決 める 。6 日 に予 定 され て いた 入場 券 の前 売り は この 日、 延 期さ れた 。 本場 所 が中 止と な れば 国技 館 改修 の遅 延 で、 夏場 所 を開 催 でき な かっ た1 9 46 年以 来 、6 5年 ぶ り。 相撲 協 会 は 、昨 年 の野 球賭 博 問題 では 名 古屋 場所 開 催に こぎ つ けた が 、理 事 長は 4日 、 改め て「( 八百 長は ) 野球 賭博 よ り重 い 問題 と とら えて い る」 と語っ た。 特別 調 査委 は、 5 日夜 まで に 八百 長に 関 与し た疑 い が持 た れて い る力 士ら 1 4人 につ い て、 1度 目 の事 情聴 取 を終 え るが 、 全容 解明 に 向け て、 力 士ら から 資 料の 提出 が 必要 と 判断 。 使用 して い る携 帯電 話 の任 意提 出 を求 めた 上 で、 通 話や メー ル を解 析 し、 預金 通 帳の 提出 な ども 要求 す るこ と になっ た。 この た め、 6日 の 理事 会で は 力士 らの 処 分に は至 ら ない 見 通し 。 これ に伴 い 、当 初、 調 査委 は7 日 から 2週 間 の予 定 で幕 内 、十 両の 全 関取 の調 査 を終 える 予 定だっ た が 、難 し い情 勢 となっ た 。 この ため 、 所管 の文 部 科学 省な ど から 求 めら れ てい る全 容 解明 や関 係 者の 処分 は 、春 場所 開 催に 間 に合 わ ず、 相撲 協 会は 場所 中 止を 決断 せ ざる をえ な く なっ た 。 親方 の 一人 は「 昨 年の 不祥 事 とは 次元 が 違う 。我 々 は甘 ん じて 罰 を受 けな け れば なら な い。 (5 月 の) 夏場 所 を中 止 して も 問題 を解 明 する べき だ 」と 語り 、 徹底 した 究 明を 求 めた 。 春場 所担 当 部長 の北 の 湖理 事( 元 横綱 )は 4 日、 「 お客 さ んの 信用 が 大事 。調 査 の進 展を 見 て( 開催 か 否か は )理 事 会で 、き ち んと 決議 す べき だ」 と 語っ た。 ( 2011年 2 月5 日06 時00 分 読売 新 聞) Run it through google translation.