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    Apre-promotion pics-July 2013

    unfortunate for guys like Seiro to get promoted this basho after toiling aways for years in Sandanme and makushita, only to have their moment in the sun massively overshadowed by a Saharan sand storm. Novelty factor will win out every time and the novelty factor is in overdrive here.
  2. sekihiryu

    Takamisakari commentary

    Mainoumi is the man, I'd like him to get the main announcer's gig - he's more than competent.
  3. sekihiryu

    Takamisakari commentary

    Yep an interesting choice, I tried listening to the English for a bit, but it was Ken Swenson who is extraordinarily boring, how does he keep getting on the English commentary team with his lifeless droning?
  4. sekihiryu

    Rikishi Status Haru 2013 - FINAL

    I popped by Shikoroyama's dusty warehouse and watched some Keiko. Homasho, did very little. Just some very light teppo - that was it. Sad slide for the stoic yamaguchi-ian. Soon Seiro will overtake him in the pecking order if he cannot recover.
  5. sekihiryu

    Juryo occurence that made me angry

    It has always struck me as odd that the "coaches" of the rikishi are also the side line judges of the bouts. It is a rather peculiar occurrence in 'sport', can you imagine a soccer/football match with the assistant referees on the sideline being provided by each team? Good luck getting with contentious offside calls. Shinpan should be impartial and independent, though it's traditional and fans like seeing the former stars out and getting up on the dohyo for their little committee meetings. However you can't take it as absolutely impartial and honest. Perhaps if someone important enough cried "bullshit" to incidences like today, something might happen. Did the crowd boo? I would've. Some loudmouth shouldve given the shinpan a serve.
  6. sekihiryu

    Hatsu Basho 2013 - Discussion Thread

    Just watched Miyabiyama's day four bout (first time to watch the see him fight this basho). Absolutely pitiful and had zero in the tank. His time has come, he nothing left to give. Osturare Miyabiyama. If he doesnt retire this Basho I will be very surprised.
  7. Live on channel YTV right now......the 25 time champ has gone.
  8. Red sea bream, the standard celebratory fish. a.k.a: a "snapper" that being the Red Snapper.
  9. sekihiryu

    Day 15 Pics - Aki 12

    Wow, I clearly remember posting this - it was in Kyushu 2005 when I was doing the daily pics. Asashoryu was probably reminding him of this bout way back then when, as said to him yesterday" I could still take ya!" I coined it the hazukashitoashi- the embarrassing throw down!
  10. sekihiryu

    Should Hakuho Retire?

    some of you Johny come latelys who think Hakuho is rough, would have loved Asashoryu. He was a pit bull to Hakuho's German shepard. He pulled out a pretty nasty harite - open handed slap that was more like an epic boxing hook than a standard slap. Cant find any vids on youtube of this "hook" but it rang the bell of many rikishi. Plenty of bloody noses came from them too. Rules: pulling his opponent's hair, hitting his opponent with a closed fist, boxing his opponent's ears, choking his opponent (although he may push at the throat), or grabbing his opponent's mawashi in the crotch area yep, thats about it in the rule book. Hakuho's tachiai doesnt raise any flags, his opponents need to be wary of it and find a counter. Kotooshu got hit hard here. he liked to take Takamisakari's head off frequently.
  11. I hooked him up, all is well in the sumoverse.
  12. sekihiryu

    Aki Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    awesome! what a bout! just wet myself screaming at the TV, my neighbours will think Im nuts. Well done my boy AmA, been on the Ama bandwagon from day one.
  13. sekihiryu

    Why is this forum dead? Let's brainstorm here

    hmmmm long time no see.....well when I joined this forum many moons ago, it was a lot more active. Guys like forum founder kotoseiya, Yoavoshimaru, aderechelsea, Jonosuke was prolific but lately I see rather quiet, Kaikitsune Makoto was a lot more active, Kashunowaka, Yubiquitayama and others, names you just dont see anymore, contributing passionately. The three most dedicated are still here though , Kintamayama, Doitsuyama and Asashosakari and the tripod on which this forum stands. I admire their enthusiasm. I myself am a lot less active these days, one I am much busier in my real life and have less time to dedicate to pastimes like sumo. I barely even play sumogames anymore which I love. Factor in spending more of that shrinking free time on things like facebook that didn't exist in 2004 and other forums. BUT the biggest thing is the quality of the sumo is not what is used to be. Culminating in the 2011 scandals - the skipped basho, then the faux basho really took the wind of my own sumo enthusiasm. When the first real Basho happened in Sept last year I was like who the hell are all these new guys, I felt like Rip Van Winkle.
  14. sekihiryu

    2012 Spring Jungyo schedule

    Katsuragi! :'-( thats the neighboring town to me (formerly known as Taima)...and I had to be in NZ on that day....such is life. would have been great. As the for the origins of sumo in Taima, I posted about that many moons ago on this forum...somewhere..... edit: I lie- Jonosuke posted about it in a thread I started!
  15. sekihiryu

    Forum Update Discussion

    yay we have mobile theme! that has put me in a better mood. Thanks!
  16. sekihiryu

    Forum Update Discussion

    I always have every forum on I am on maxed out, I hate clicking next page when there are 500, 1000 + replies. I scroll, not click. After a quick search I learned that this upgrade apparently doesnt allow you to change the post per page setting. WTF? that has seriously put me a bad mood. I officially have the shits with IPB. give me vBulletin any day, it's so much better.
  17. sekihiryu

    Forum Update Discussion

    I respectfully disagree, the old softer blue was easy on the eyes. This upgrade looks like gmail and youtube, both of which got recent similar looking updates, both look worse now. Another forum I frequent uses IPB , it was updated too and sadly, it too looks worse. The IPB designers must be trying to justify their jobs. Anyway, now we are updated now, such is life,...... though went straight to the bottom to activate the mobile theme but its not there! the one decent feature of this new IPB layout is the themes, specifically mobile themes! (also perhaps in the future a legacy sumo form theme can be made :-D Please activate the mobile themes, w were denied access to tapatalk, please give us mobile themes.
  18. sekihiryu

    Sad, sad news

    Bob's final wish. Jyoubutsu, Bob Reimer.
  19. sekihiryu

    Sumo monster 200+

    Maybe he should supplement his chanko diet with McDonald's as well. Drinking a ton of beer would be a good start too, although I've read that rikishi drink a lot of beer to begin with (just as a side note on bad habits sumo wrestlers have, I've read that Kaio was a heavy smoker!). His fast metabolism probably adds on to the fact that he has to consume many, many calories in the first place to maintain what little he has with all of the training he's doing (this was awhile ago but remember that picture of Michael Phelps carrying a tray with a mountain of McDonald's food on it? They said that he has to consume something ridiculous like 10,000 calories a day to maintain his muscle). Hell, I know what having a metabolism like that is like. I hardly get any exercise and I'm still rail thin. That's starting to slow down though, I'm afraid..... Phelps consumes 12000 calories a day, but this is because he spends hours in the pool. where the body spends massive extra energy keeping body heat, since the water dissipates it much more than air. Which is why you're always starving after you leave the pool when you stay there for 1 hour. Phelps? I heard Barry Sears talking this in a podcast. Sears has a Ph.d in biochemistry and is the originator of zone eating. He said Phelps is incredibly inefficient at making ATP Adenosine-5'-triphosphate which is basically your bodies chemical energy at the cellular level. By consuming so many calories (and crappy food too) he is making a heck of a lot of free radicals and increasing the aging process. Sears has guided swimmers at Stanford University in their nutrition and other elite swimmers too, his regime of efficient eating of no more that 2500 cals a day of the right foods has yielded 25 gold medals. He advises - advised the Garmin team in the tour de France, again not consuming the huge amounts of calories as the others because their bodies were very adept at making ATP. Phelps is a 408 cu in (6.7L) gas guzzilng V8 engine. The Sears zone swimmers are 2.5l (150 cu in) supercharged engines. One engine is a lot more efficent.
  20. sekihiryu

    Takanohana calendar

    Bolt? more like Hulk - Hulk Hogan! The Hulkster was doing that when Bolt was just a glimmer in his father's eye.
  21. sekihiryu

    2012 Makunouchi Yushos

    what he said.
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    O1w 3 2
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    Yokozuna and Ozeki

    Status quo
  24. sekihiryu

    Harumafuji in 2012

    O2e 2 54
  25. sekihiryu

    Non-Ozeki-Yokozuna preparations-January 2012

    try one that doesn't change.....