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  1. Tochinofuji

    21 November 20, The Results

    Thank you for all your work Asojima, it's been greatly appreciated.
  2. Tochinofuji

    Non-K-November basho 2020 Discussion (spoiler space)

    I have seen a couple in my time, and only started watching in 2008/2009. I can recall Harumafuji/Ama (as he probably was) having one, and from ST daily logs it appears there was a Takayasu - Shohozan one in Natsu 2014, and Tokitenku - Hakuho one in Haru 2013.
  3. Tochinofuji

    21 November 20, The Results

    Ooph, an ignoble start! Ashita wa shonichi...
  4. Tochinofuji

    21 November 20, The Results

    1. A 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. B 16. B 17. B 18. B 19. A 20. B 21. A
  5. Tochinofuji

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Someone more qualified than me will likely have something more to say, but I'd say that would depend on their respective oyakata and the pressure that can be put on them by the Kyokai, at least as one route to force retirement. An oyakata can submit resignation papers on behalf of their wrestlers, and my recollection is it is just as binding whether the wrestler wants to retire or note. See, for example, Futahaguro's case (from Wikipedia): "His stablemaster handed in Futahaguro’s retirement papers without consulting him and the elders of the Sumo Association voted, without giving Futahaguro a hearing, to accept it. Futahaguro became the first yokozuna ever to be expelled from sumo this way."
  6. Tochinofuji

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    I don't know, they keep telling rikishi and oyakata not to haze people or bring down other scandals on the sumo world, to little effect. Cauliflower ears can make it hard to hear! That, and I imagine it's a coronavirus reduction measure (the effectiveness of which I can't comment on). For an organization like the NSK, it's important for PR that they be seen to be taking protective steps. No one would notice the wrestlers simply not doing shiko or teppo. But at least one eagle-eyed viewer noticed that the Kyokai was specifically telling the boys not to run in the hallways...
  7. Tochinofuji

    Former Takanofuji activities

    While I'm not much of a Takanofuji fan, I do love Enson, and wish him and his student well in his debut.
  8. Tochinofuji

    21 Aki 20, The Results

    A B A A B B B A B B A A B A B A B A B A A
  9. Tochinofuji

    Banzuke for Aki 2020

    I, for one, am pleased Hoshoryu got the nod, and am excited to see how he fares in the top division.
  10. Tochinofuji

    Something needs to be done about part-time Yokozuna's

    It may indeed be "unfair", and a man-made unfairness at that. But to my mind, the importance is it's not arbitrary. It's a perk/rule known to all participants and ahead of time, applying equally to everyone (that is, any wrestler attaining the rank is afforded the perk). It's a significant perk, but one with a justification (that being the difficulty in obtaining the rank). It is no more offensive as being unfair than the fact that those of lower rank are paid less than those of higher rank. That is equally an unfairness, if not more so. But it's one known by all participants, ahead of time, applying equally to all. Go up in rank, get paid more. Go down, get paid less. Man made unfairness, certainly. But so what? (Please don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting the current pay/rank/perk structure is not in need of some reform for the betterment of sumo. But a yokozuna being allowed to enter only a few a year to my mind is, while an unfairness, is at best a minor one and not one in need of a remedy; indeed, it fulfills an important need in allowing the symbolism of a reigning yokozuna to continue while allowing for a smoother transition).
  11. Tochinofuji

    Prayer Event Held for Tourney

    Ahhh, that makes sense. Thank you!
  12. Tochinofuji

    Prayer Event Held for Tourney

    Am I correct that this was just the usual dohyo matsuri? Certainly looks it, but to me the article seems to imply this is related to the ongoing pandemic, rather than the usual course of events.
  13. Tochinofuji

    21 July 20, The Results

    A A A A A A B B B B A A B A B B A B A B A
  14. Tochinofuji

    21 Har Har 20

    A A B B B A A B B B B A B B A A A B B A B
  15. Tochinofuji

    Goeido to Retire

    Should the band ever get back together and you need a vice-president, let me know.