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  1. What is the closest martial art to Sumo?

    Very glad to hear you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy studying judo, and have no doubt it will enrich your enjoyment of sumo!
  2. What is the closest martial art to Sumo?

    Interesting!! Another one to throw into the mix would be Icelandic Glima. I'd imagine it's hard to find either though.
  3. What is the closest martial art to Sumo?

    My pleasure! My interest in sumo has always been based in my love of martial arts generally, so it's always fun to speak with others on that front. Judo is a blast to learn, and will give you a great appreciation of yotsu-zumo and the techniques being applied. I also came from a striking background, including boxing, and have to admit I found the footwork in Judo quite counterintuitive initially. Once you see where they're coming from though the footwork starts to make sense, and it's well worth the effort to learn. I hope you enjoy!
  4. What is the closest martial art to Sumo?

    For my money, the closest thing you're likely to find is Greco-Roman wrestling. Because competitors aren't allowed to grab their opponent's legs, the grappling is dominated by upper body holds and pummeling, so somewhat resembles sumo. However, any of the grappling disciplines you've listed will leave you in good stead and are highly enjoyable. Freestyle wrestling is also great. Judo's throws are thrilling and a pleasure to learn. BJJ's groundwork is highly intellectual and addictive to practice. All are fantastic arts, and all will deepen your understanding and love of sumo as you come to understand the finer points of stability, footwork, pressure, and kuzushi (the breaking of an opponent's balance). Also, have a look at the following website: The content there has been further fleshed out into a book by the author: Most of the content between the web article and the book is the same, with the book having a few more case studies and more/better pictures. That said, you aren't missing out in my opinion if you just stick to the free article.
  5. 21 Kyushu 17 - The Results

    A B A X B A B A A B B B B B B A B A B A B
  6. 21 Aki 17, The Results

    1. A 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. B 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. B 21. A
  7. 21 Nagoya 17, The Results

    B A A A B A A B B A B B A B A B B A B A B
  8. How long have you been interested in sumo?

    Since September 2008, having moved there in August 2008 for a brief stay. As a long time martial artist, I've always had an interest in all martial arts. When I arrived in Japan, a large portion of the TV news coverage was dedicated to the Wakanoho marijuana scandal. Coming from a Canada, a country with a quite liberal take on marijuana, I found the whole debacle quite fascinating, and so I avidly followed the story. This led to me watching the September 2008 basho on TV to see what Ozumo was all about, and I was hooked.
  9. 21 Natsu 17. The Results.

    X A A A A A A A B B B A A B B B A B B A A
  10. Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    It certainly looked like Kisenosato tore his pec as well as dislocating his shoulder to me. If injuries in powerlifting and strongman provide any indication, that is going to take some time to heal.
  11. 21 Har Har 17, The Results

    A A A B A A B B A A A B B A B A B B A B B
  12. 72nd Yokozuna Kisenosato preparation thread

    While I'd like to think he has shaken the monkey off his back, as it were, I think he may well find the pressure of being a yokozuna even worse. I've never been a huge fan, but I would like to see him thrive in the role; I'm just not convinced his mental issues are behind him.
  13. 21 Hatsu 17, The Results

    A A A B B B B B A A A A B A A B B B B B A
  14. 21 Kyushu 16, The Results

    A B A B A A B B B B B B A B B B A B B B B
  15. 21 Aki 16, The Results

    A X B B B B A A A A B B A A B A B B B B B