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  1. Fizmoyama

    Natsu 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    Maybe a bit off-topic beside the Makuuchi Yusho race, but today Orora had a really scary finish of his bout.
  2. Fizmoyama

    Sumo Reference Website Down?

    Try: :-)
  3. Fizmoyama

    Senshuraku videos

    Many thanks for providing the videos. Do I see that right? At 0:30 it looks that Minami starts his attack with a heavy slap in Takanoyamas face.
  4. Fizmoyama

    How would you repair sumo

    Other than it being much different than what we have now, would that be a bad thing? I don't think that it would be a bad thing. It would just modernize Sumo to become more competitive and attracting. I also would continue with the traditional elements to keep the unique flair of this sport.
  5. Fizmoyama

    How would you repair sumo

    As much as I like the sumo tournament and ranking rules but they are in my opinion the major reason for yaocho. A cascade of qualification rounds/tournaments (Makushita and lower ranked rikishi) followed by the Finals in elimination rounds (Juryo, Makuuchi + the best from the qualification rounds) seems to me a possible way to solve this. Because every single fight is important for the progress in the tournament. Qualification and Finals could be alternate monthly. For the elimination rounds in the finals I would prefere a Best-of-Three instead of a single fight between the rikishi. Might give an extra excitement. Hmm, well, means that Sumo would be become from structure pretty much like Tennis, Golf, etc. Fizmoyama
  6. Fizmoyama

    Aki 10 Video Stream

    Same here. Juryo already started and neither online stream nor NHK broadcasting. Do I missed something?
  7. Fizmoyama

    Baseball gambling aftermath - New reform committee

    I agree with all urgently needed social and health improvements which are already discussed here. I also would like to see lower prices for international broadcasting, so that we can see again Sumo in Europe via Eurosport. (Showing respect...) Furthermore I would like to see that professional Sumo becomes even more international with more international events and marketing the sumo sport in a better way. A dream would be establishing Hon Bashos also in North America and Europe. Hehe, then we don't need travel to Japan to watch them live and could buy directly year tickets (Kimura Zatoichi...). Fizmoyama