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    Dear Martina, It is not my intention to pick public fights with people, and I apologize to you on the assumption that you did not intend to pick a fight with me. I apologize to anyone who was offended by remarks made during the exchange between Ms Lunau and myself on Sunday April 29th. I have contacted Ms Lunau directly with a view to resolving this matter between us. In line with my intention expressed in other posts, this will be the last public post I make on the sumo forum. Please enjoy the basho.
  2. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    I seem to have had some comments deleted, including the one about my retirement from the sumo forum. Faye, if you want to have the right to accuse me of doing nothing for sumo, do what I did: give up your job, your way of life, and come to Japan, do the daily grind here, immerse yourself in the culture and make this your home for the rest of your life. And then still have the wherewithal to write intelligently about European culture, politics, movies and all the other non-sumo things from which I make my living.
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  4. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    俺も死ぬほど頑張って働いているよ. あんたより残業全然しているきがする! 日本語でちゃんと経費全部書いたら尊敬する可能性ちょびっとあるかなぁ. あんたメルケルのために頑張っているみたい. 俺毎日日本の税金か払って鶴竜が住んでいる日本で頑張っている. 鶴竜は俺の税金で食べている. あんたは俺ぐらい日本で頑張ったらまた話続くかも. 通訳にちゃんとお金払っているの? 
  5. Sotonokuni

    Sumo Quiz - kill some time before the basho!

    A second quiz, out of gratitude to the so many sumo fans who love and support the sport! Good luck!
  6. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    You'll get more if you look down on me. If you love Kakuryu that much, get on a plane tomorrow, and come and see him. Or does he only matter when your day job fades into the background? Maybe I should go see him tomorrow. I only live 50 minutes away and I could actually talk to him about Japanese everyday life... which he could actually relate to!
  7. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    For those who doubt that the sumo community is vitriolic. How many times have I listened to the stories as to who got their first, who was a Johnny Come Lately, who is a fake, who's only in it for the glory, who slept with rikishi rather than interviewed them. The negative reactions as to who's an egid for not knowing how many times the shimpan change in an afternoon and the different ways in which the gyoji holds his fan. Who knows who, who has seen who train, who has given which rikishi a present. Look at the reaction to the Cuyler/ Simmons book, or the private comments about the Sharnoff book (which, despite the author's personal dislike of me, I support, by the way), or the sudden worms-out-of-the-woodwork response to the mere suggestion that I have had the gall to - heaven forsake - publish an ebook (or two) on my time of involvement with sumo. It's pathetic. And yes, I've stooped a bit in responding to it, but you get no points for smiling at everything, do you?
  8. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    Oh, I love a good Sunday evening ding-dong. Haven't had too many of those since fighting my wife over whether to turn on the heater in winter or save money. Fay - how lovely of you to attack me after I spent so much time trying to be friendly to you whe you occupied the room next door to me in January 2008. I contribute nothing? I pay in excess of $30000 maybe - I lose count - trying to get closer to sumo, give up my job, write 30 issues of Sumo Fan Magazine for free, change my whole life to live closer to Japan, marry a Japanese, live in the countryside.... what do you ever do? You don't speak any Japanese, you merely attach yourself to Kakuryu because he speaks English and when he's not around you get a translator to hold your hand wherever you go. Why do I even reply to your message? If I mention the words ハリセンボン, 五木ひろし, 福沢ゆきち to you - do you even have a clue what I'm on about? I bet Kakuryu does! Maybe if you lived in Japan, you would too. Yawn! Maybe I should just write some Japanese for you: あなたは俺の事批判する権利ねーじゃん日本の事全然詳しくねーのに! Get your translator on it!
  9. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    My battery is running out. Good thing - gives me 45 mins to think over my next response. Moti - nothing against you! You are a sumo legend!
  10. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    Off-topic! Fine - I tried to be the gentleman by not promoting my books in a separate thread - now I will!
  11. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    Sorry - iPhones have stupid predictive text! I wanted to type about shark fest, not shark feat. Anyway, the fact remains: Chris Gould has written the first and second sumo ebook. A host of people are jealous and have decided to trash him. The magnanimous Mark Buckton has decided to defend him - thanks Mark. And the baser tendencies of the sumo community to heap manure on anyone who chooses to release a book - or two - have been exposed once again. A good day for me! Think I'll write another book now! How Chris Gould pulled off the 逆転優勝.
  12. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English The shark feat will end with the achiever victorious. This is what I write before today's events unfolded. How right I am!
  13. Sotonokuni

    Surplus Snark from Sumo Books written in English

    Buy the whole book - for 3 measly dollars - and I will respond to criticism. Read a free preview - I. E. 5 per cent of it - and I will duly ignore. As for Orion - I will gladly edit your book too. I will particularly enjoy the section where you debate whether Konishiki will become Ozeki!
  15. Sotonokuni

    Sumo Books written in English

    Dr Radical - my apologies. My Kindle Previewer and the real Kindle supported different versions of Microsoft word, meaning pictures showed up on one but not on the other. I corrected the problem about three months ago, so the pics will show up now. If we meet in the Kokugikan, I'll print you a free copy!