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    Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

    Great basho! (Yusho winner...) Happy for Toyonoshima, but i think Hakuho was just better. Next basho Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku as Sekiwake ; Tochiozan and Kakuryu as Komusubi; and Toyonoshima as M1e? And is Kaisei yusho enough for promotion to Makuuchi? I think not enough. I think Wakakoyu and Toyozakura are sure for promotion, but is j4w Toyohibiki 10-4 better than j6e Kaisei yusho with 10-4?
  2. Kris


    But this is Yokozuna, #1 man in sumo. Why shouldn't he talk.
  3. Kris

    Haku-Haku era?

    It looks like Baruto is completly exhausted and can't wait when this basho ends. No energy. Just look his tachi-ai today. Hopefuly after this basho he can rest mentally and physically. Rest well and start to prepare for Nagoya basho. Like shoutenzan said, Shin-Ozeki is a tough job and credit to him. Speaking of Hakuba bout today, really liked Kisenosato sumo. Smart and strong. Hakuba tried to sidestep a little, but Kisenosate made smart tachi-ai, didn't storm foolishly, used momentum well. Its easy to cheer for him. (Laughing...)
  4. Kris

    Day 9 results and day 10 pairings

    Good win for Baruto. Good tachi-ai from him (for a change), tries to grab belt but Kaio counters it, but gets a win anyway. I hope he shows more tsuppari sumo like last basho, tries to be more agressive. Asasekiryu's uwatenage was indeed perfect ;-) Kotooshu was out-sumoed. Same for Miyabiyama, outworked Tochinoshin. Great sumo. Bad loss for Kisenosato. He is very agressive this basho, sometimes it pays off, sometimes not. But 5-4 is not bad for him, he already has met most of highrank rikishi, i think only Hakuho, Baruto left from highrank. Should get KK easly at the end. Hakuho against Kakuryu was a treat. Great bouts today. Hakuho showed who is the yokozuna.
  5. Kris

    Day 9 lower division results

    Looks like Takarafuji will have to wait for Juryo promotion even if he gets last 2 wins. But maybe its good that he gets more experience before promotion. Happy for Takanoyama. ;-)