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  1. Vulch

    Sumo and the Olympics

    I don't see the requirement that new Olympic sports must be open to all or have both mens and womens competitions as appropriate going down well in certain quarters...
  2. Vulch

    Sumo Reference Updates

    No, Julius and Augustus renamed Quintilis and Sextilis. Sextilis also grabbed a couple of extra days to make it the same length as the new July. January and February had been dropped into the blank winter bit around 700BC.
  3. Vulch

    Sumo Reference Updates

    That's just an artifact of the New Year no longer starting in March.
  4. Vulch

    Video Stream - Availability

    Minus whatever they pay Ustream for the service, and that's likely to be more than it was for the free version as paying viewers are going to expect to get everything they've paid for.
  5. Vulch


    I have been twiddling thumbs in hope...
  6. Vulch

    YDC convened after Haru 2012

    Ah yes. I'd seen that when I looked at Y+5O but didn't twig it would apply here. Mind you, as a Yokozuna ought to get 13+ that soaks things up!
  7. Vulch

    YDC convened after Haru 2012

    That's only just mathematically possible isn't it? With six Ozeki and a Yokozuna who all fight each other (ignoring the same Heya rule for now) there are 21 bouts. Assuming they all go 8-0 against Sekiwake and below they need three more wins each which is 21 again. Minus Kotooshu v Kotoshogiku and two of them will fail...
  8. Vulch

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    One of its legs is both the same. Seemples.
  9. There's another good analogy if you are familiar with a collegiate university like Oxbridge, Durham or London. The individual colleges (heya) are reponsible for recruiting students, seeing to their living needs and basic discipline, training them and then entering them for the examinations. The University (Kyokai) sets the standards, conducts the examinations (basho) and awards the qualifications. The numbers of people involved are hugely different, but the principles are much the same. One difference is that these days Cambridge Colleges (at least, I don't know about The Other Place) hire professional staff to do a lot of the non-academic work. There's often a Fellow (Oyakata) nominally in charge of something but someone with outside experience doing the day to day work, although in some cases (eg the Bursar, effectively the business manager of the College) the person with outside experience is also appointed as a Fellow to give them the leverage and authority their job requires.
  10. Vulch

    Kokonoe now larger than life

    Looks to be fairly standard weathered copper alloy colour. If you ever see a bronze statue outside that isn't that colour it's probably been laquered to stop oxidation.
  11. Vulch

    How would you repair sumo

    I work for a Cambridge College which has traditions and ways of doing things that date back in some cases to before the University was founded 800 years ago. Nominally there's a Fellow (Academic researcher/lecturer/tutor member of the College) in charge of each aspect of the College. In practice there's a staff Librarian runs the library, I'm one of three IT staff and so on. Some staff are elected as Fellows to satisfy requirements of the College Charter or to give weight to their input into policy, I'm sure the NSK could come up with a similar model. I also like the idea from elsewhere of having a kensho-like payment on every bout. Cut salaries and adjust per basho allowances over time so there's a smoother rise in basic income from bottom to top, but in order to get a "full" salary again you need to get at least KK. To encourage the upper ranks the threshold for Ozeki could be cranked up to needing 10 wins, and to discourage cosy agreements half the payment goes to a retirement fund and the other half is paid electronically. Set the kensho according to the higher ranked rikishi and you've also got incentives for the lower ranks to try harder.
  12. Vulch

    Takanohana- ties with underworld?

    Jup. How do you call that in English? Summer hole? Press needs some stuff... "Silly season" in the UK. There does seem to be a bit of news around today, but "Pink injured in fall off stage" and "Barbie 'signs up' to Foursquare" are near the top of one daily papers web site...
  13. Vulch

    Oyakata acquire tickets for crime syndicate

    Hmmm, 4 tons, so that's just about enough for 20 Gagamarus though only 16 Yamamotoyamas...