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  1. Iginishiki

    Kaio retires

    Looks like we are exactly in the same boat, then :) And yes, yet another hero of the past hangs his belt. As much I as liked Kaio and rooted for him, I also agree this should have happened in 2006 at the latest. (Holiday feeling...) Anyway, thanks to Kaio-zeki (Holiday feeling...) for all the memories and perfectly executed Kaio-nage, like the one forcing Tochinonada's elbow into the direction reserved for camels and ostriches ::hints at Kintaro:: Cheers, Rob
  2. Iginishiki


    Yes, we have already known for some time, but nonetheless it's sad to see Kaiho go. I will kinda quote someone from the old days of SML, slightly changing it: put Kaiho's spirit in Kotonowaka's body and you have material worth of yokozuna, put Kotonowaka's spirit into Kaiho's body and you have a makushita rikishi*. Regards, Iginishiki * This wasn't meant to offend Kotonowaka or his fans, which I was one of back in his fighting days (Laughing...)
  3. Iginishiki

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    Yah, yet another hatakikomi and the not-so-shin ozeki goes 4-0 (Laughing...)
  4. Iginishiki

    Condolences to the Polish members

    Let me second Golynohana's thanks for condolences. This is indeed an unprecedented tragedy in our history, with the Presidential Couple and a large portion of upper echelons of state officials killed in an instant... Throughout the country people are indeed mourning the loss and many spontaneous signs of the last salute of respect for the passed ones are seen everywhere. I was in Warsaw yesterday and the capital is significantly different from what I have seen in the past, all the way from Warsaw people decorated their houses with black-ribboned national flags... Eventhough I am seldom moves by passing of officials, this one really touched me as a citizen of my country. [*] for the victims of Smolensk tragedy. Regards, Iginishiki
  5. Iginishiki


    Apparently it seems, that when it comes to Makushita promotions, the powers that be leave the normal rules of Makushita elevator at home and treat the very upper Makushita ranks more as if they were an extension of lower Juryo, IMHO. Kind regards, Iginishiki P.S. So, "the illegitimate son of Leonid Brezhnev" ;) will go on and try to fight back next time :)
  6. Iginishiki

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    As much as I like Kaio and I would like it to happen, it didn't. Tomozuna-beya's Old Turk tried to keep Hakuho off his mawashi, but it didn't stop the yokozuna from tumbling Kaio down to the clay this time. Two days to go... Regards, Iginishiki
  7. Iginishiki

    Day 9 results and day 10 pairings

    Yah, that's what I also thought about Kaiho and expressed in a separate topic, though the old veteran decided to prove me wrong today and snatched a nice sukinage :) Eventhough, I'm afraid that the retirement is still close in his case :/
  8. Iginishiki


    That's what I thought he was up to, too, but at 2-7 his perspectives don't look very bright. I doubt it will happen, but IMHO 2-13 this basho could send him down to Makushita outright and I doubt he'll get a better result than 4-11 :( (I still hope he'd be spared at J12-14 then). I still hope this does not happen, he's one of the very few rikishi still left of the pack that was around when I started following sumo :) Kind regards, Iginishiki
  9. Iginishiki


    I was keeping my fingers crossed for the old veteran, but unfortunately he was oshidashi'd today... Could it be that yet another intai is hanging up there in the air? As far as Kaiho's fighting spirit has always been strong, he's not getting any younger and being a relatively small rikishi he simply seems to be outworn by the younger ones. Any ideas or thought? :) Kind regards, Iginishiki
  10. Iginishiki

    AA birthday......

    Yes, congrats, Fujisan! I will second the opinion of others - we're all proud of you! Kind regards, Iginishiki
  11. Iginishiki

    The new Baruto

    Quite well said, IMHO - Baruto *is* big and strong and uses these assets the way he can - either as a tsuridashi crane, or simply wearing out or outmuscling his opponents. In a sense, he seems to me to be an antithesis of Mainoumi, but then again, they also completely differ in size :) Either way, I'm fine with Baruto's doing so far and I'm rather curious to see what evolves of him - a full fledged Ozeki or a regular sanyaku rikishi. Kind regards, Iginishiki
  12. Iginishiki

    Hello together

    Welcome aboard! Beware, then, for this virus, once contracted, never gets rid of you completely, no matter how long you may stay away from it - it will simply call you back. Just kidding, of course, welcome to the world of sumo and explore this world of powerful men who keep us thrilled :) Kind regards, Iginishiki
  13. Iginishiki


    So, let me add my comment on this day... I will miss Dejima, too, as he is one of the few rikishi that are still active up to date since the time I have started watching sumo, and it seems like yesterday when he raised the Emperor's Cup and was promoted to Ozeki. I will remember him for his fighting spirit and powerful oshi-zumo, when the injuries stayed away from him. Not to mention that we will miss that pale complexion :) I wish him all the luck in his future endeavours as an oyakata.
  14. Iginishiki

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2010 (6th Wave)

    As in the first two waves - Takaora, Jk25w. Kind regards, Iginishiki
  15. Iginishiki

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2010 (5th Wave)

    As in the first two waves - Takaora, Jk25w. Kind regards, Iginishiki