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    Hakuho's interview

    Hakuho gave an interview. He said he was in tears when they didn't award him the Emperor's trophy. He didn't care about the other trophies but just the Emperor's trophy. Would you care if you had the same trophy for 14 times before?
  2. MongolPower

    Historic foreigner majority

    Now that's weird. Why did you take 40? Then what would you take? 1000? How many sumo wrestlers in the top division? I thought there was 40 or so.
  3. MongolPower

    Historic foreigner majority

    11 Mongolians in the top division. 11/40=27.5%. WOW!
  4. MongolPower

    Breaking news-Kotooushuu second first in the world

    I could not agree more. If Kotooshu does become a Yokozuna his fate will be a lot like Wakanahana's. Not winning a single yusho after becoming a yokozuna. It is better for Kotooshu have a Kaio like fate. Not actually becoming a yokozuna but being loved and respected Ozeki.
  5. MongolPower

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    Hey, Asashoryu is still young at 29 to start a Mongolian wrestling career. Goodbye Sumo and Hello Mongolian wrestling.
  6. MongolPower

    Kensho Standings (Aki 2006)

    I guess Ama has lost the chance to enter top 10. If Ama has won the 13 kensho, he would have been in the top 10 no?
  7. MongolPower

    Ama was born at home

    I don't know if it's been stated but Ama was born at home and his father was as midwife. When they took him to hospital he weighted 5kgs. So he was born big.
  8. MongolPower

    A historic moment

    How about Futabayamas 69 consecutive winning bouts? (Lifting weights...) ...and Taiho's 8 zensho yusho record... All we has to do is get Asa to promose to break above 2 records. Asa promised to win 6 basho and he did. Asa kept his promise. What else has he promised?
  9. MongolPower

    The slowest rise to Yokozuna?

    Does anyone know yokozuna who has risen to the rank the slowest? How many bashos from entering the sumo, or how many basho from juryo debut or makuuchi debut? Could be age too. I'm just wondering if Kaio is running against the odds. He has to hurry up or something.
  10. MongolPower

    Somewhat Historical Rikishi Strength Analysis

    Thank you very much Doitsuyama! There were criticism at the time of yokozuna promotion of Asashoryu that he was doing well because the competition was low quality. But many of current rikishi are rated quite high considering list contains best of 22 years. Is it current competition is low in quality and Asashoryu is doing well OR Asashoryu is doing well so competition seems low in quality?
  11. MongolPower

    Rare kimarite

    That was fun to watch although I favored Dejima.
  12. MongolPower

    Kyokushuzan vs. Jumonji

    Their bout was really funny. Kyokushuzan sit down and getting up and still able to win. That's just funny.
  13. MongolPower

    fastest-rising foreign rikishi of 2004

    I don't know. His father and uncle were all very skinny (just bone and sinew) guys. And, you really need some extra weight in sumo. If Hoshihikari inherited their features..... Well, we'll see. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> His father is not that skinny. His father wrestled in 83kg category of free style. Freestyle wrestlers lose and keep their weight down a lot from young age. Unless Hoshihikari kept weight from young age like Kyoktenzan there should be no problem becoming sekitori.
  14. MongolPower

    fastest-rising foreign rikishi of 2004

    #5 Hoshihikari! I expect him to become a great sekitori soon since he comes from a family with great wrestlers. His father is sekiwake in Mongolian wrestling and silver medalist in 1983 free style world champion. His uncle is two time world chamption in 1974, 1975 and bronze 1977. Olympic Silver medalist in 1976 olympics.
  15. MongolPower

    Asa situation

    Yeah that's Kyokutenho. I can recognize a few rikishi and he is one of them. :)
  16. MongolPower

    "Lard of the Rings"

    "Pops," he asked, "are they going to have really fat butts?" I'm removing my comment on this because the comment offended some other member and I have recieved an objection in PM. No, I'm not removing because the comment was totally baseless. I could argue and defend my comment but that's hurtful. Let's saya someone could state a fact that Mongolians are poor. It is true for the most part but it's hurtful to me. Peace and my appologies.
  17. MongolPower

    Hakuho for Ozeki

    I have read something in Mongolian that if Hakuho wins 11 in January and 10 in March he can qualify for Ozeki. Is that true? I thought you have to be Sekiwake and then have 33 wins in last three tournament. Does it apply to Mageshira? Also it says that Hakuho has very rare record, which is making kachikoshi in first four tournaments in Makuuchi division. When is the earliest possibility for Hakuho to reach Ozeki?
  18. MongolPower

    Hakuho for Ozeki

    No rule, but precedence: HakkeYoi shows 4 cases of an M1 becoming Ozeki three basho later. Chiyonoyama only had 28 wins! (Edit on this point: these were 11-day bashos). Basically if Hakuho wins 12+12 next two basho he will be Ozeki in May!
  19. MongolPower

    Asashouryuu Goes After Hakuhou

    Hope they didn't injure each other!
  20. MongolPower

    Choitaikai party pooper

    Choitaikai has poopped all over the "Hakuho for the yusho" bandwagon! Damn you Choitaikai! (Pulling hair...)
  21. MongolPower

    Hakuho vs KaioU

    which is of course what being a fan is all about. (I am not worthy...) lets go over the rules one more time: - if your idol wins, it is because he is the best - if he loses, it is because the other one was playing unfair/ bad luck / wrong referee decision / quantum uncertainty - if he is doing great -> WE are doing great - if he is not doing great -> HE is not doing great (Being unsure...) That's really funny! Had a good laughter thank you!
  22. MongolPower

    Guess What this is!

    What do you think this is? The answer is below! Before you see the answer what is your guess? Think again! Think again one more time! Here comes the answer! Are you ready?
  23. MongolPower

    Lower ranked foreigners-the pictures!

    Nice pictures! Thank you! Who is the likely one to reach Juryo first?