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  1. OneManGang

    Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    He has a career as a ballet dancer lined up for him after retirement. No MMA or K-1 for him.
  2. OneManGang

    Asashoryu's future? Speculations

    He may not be suited to K-1 kickboxing, but MMA (mixed martial arts) he could do well. Don't forget that unlike Akebono, he is an awsome wrestler and wrestling is a fundamental skill in MMA. Not saying he could be a champ right away, but he could probably beat some mid-level opponents in the beginning IF he prepares well. With his name and the ratings battle on NYE...$1,000,000 is no problem. And..he knows how to deliver a punch. Just ask Kotooshu or that guy in the bar/restaurant >:-(
  3. OneManGang

    Asashoryu's future? Speculations

    I wonder how long it will take before we see Asashoryu in K-1 or MMA (unless he has entered some non-competition agreement)? I would think he fights in one of the big new year MMA events in Japan this year. He is both more marketable and talented in making the transition than Akebono ever was.. It will be sad if it happens though...
  4. OneManGang

    Total Newbie Saying Howdy.

    Welcome! I am also quite fresh in the art of sumo. It is so much more than just a sport.
  5. OneManGang

    Hello from South-East Asia

    Thanks my friend!
  6. OneManGang

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    Asashoryu will lose tomorrow and against Hakuho. Baruto will win his last two. So will Harumafuji. So will Hakuho and we will end up with a 4 way tie. Just hoping :)
  7. OneManGang

    Hello from South-East Asia

    Mr. Exil, if you are reading this post. Could you change my name to "OneManGang". Thank you!
  8. OneManGang

    Hello from South-East Asia

    My apologies. I was not aware of that rule....and I am certainly not the man himself LOL. I don't mind changing my name thats ok.
  9. Dear fellow members, Greetings from hot Singapore. I am a European living and working here. I have been a fan of all forms of grappling since I was young, having done mainly jujitsu (european sports JJ and Brazilian JJ) for almost 20 years, and also a bit of judo and greco-roman wrestling, except from from a couple of years as a lineman in american football. I always found sumo entertaining on eurosport, but these was no deep interest and genuine interest. Fast forward many years and I moved to Asia, now in Singapore. I did not watch any sumo for many years and I hardly new what was going on....that was until I was in Tokyo last year and my trip coincided with the May 2009 basho in Ryogoku. I was there on the 13th day watching Harumafuji beating Hakuho. Before entering the arena we had lunch at one of the "sumo" restaurants complete with a dohyo as well. Outside the arena we watched the makuuchi wreestlers coming in, standing only a few feet from them. It was almost unreal. Sumo in Tokyo was an experience that hooked me on sumo...not as a wrestler (too old at 38) but as a fan. I can't wait to get back to Tokyo for another basho. Hoping I could catch the May and Sept bashos in Tokyo this year. At this cold time of the year, I am content by watching live on NHK. I am paying
  10. OneManGang

    Suppose Baruto....

    To paraphrase--"Sumo needs to increase its popularity =>Japanese rikishis are popular =>any new Japanese rikishi as ozeki => much more popularity than from another gaijin ozeki" Taking that reasoning a step farther--"a Japanese rikishi as yokozuna => GREAT popularity" I agree with that line of thoughts, but since there is no Japanese rikishi of that caliber this side of 2015, I think Baruto would be a good alternative to the "Mongolian hordes" sweeping the maukuuchi
  11. OneManGang

    Suppose Baruto....

    Sumo needs to increase its popularity => Baruto is popular => Baruto as ozeki => increased popularity