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  1. Xris

    Basho Talk Haru 2015

    Well, I think popularity was decreasing up to like the start of 2014, then it picked back up… lol The commentators called it the “go no sen”, maybe Hakuhō thought it was a good idea to practice it on Gōeidō for some reason? He lost at the tachi-ai. There wasn’t much he could do after that. "Go no sen" is used in all Japanese fighting arts. It means to react at the moment of the action, which means also nearly too late, and especially means that you didn't plan your reaction at all (the opposite is sen no sen and tai no sen). So it means that, from the commentators point of view, Hakuho's reaction was not planed, but something that he did because of what, at the precise moment of action, Goiedo did.
  2. Xris

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2014

    If I'm not mistaken you can start an Ozeki run from Komusubi, but not from M1. So in the not so unlikely event that Ichinojo goes straight to double digit results in the next bashos, that would make a huge difference. So the main point the Banzuke committee is going to discuss is whether they postpone Ichinojos Ozeki run. I think you simply are mistaken, and an Ozeki run is perfectly possible from M1. It's been a while since the last successful run, but there were five such Ozeki promotions in the six-basho era. Is there a counter example? Was there anyone who had at least 34 wins over three bashos, with the first basho at M4 minimum, and who was not promoted to Ozeki?
  3. Xris

    Videos-Kyushu 2013- Days 1-15 and promo

    Kintamayama, once again, thanks for all, you are awesome !
  4. Xris

    Arena Preparation - 2013 Nagoya

    Thank you for all these very interesting and very nice pictures !
  5. Xris

    Vid of the day

    Well, the diver and the nervous one won, so good for them!
  6. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Hey we are having fun at the expense of two ozekis that are both failing and wishing to stay there as long as possible. That's all. Personnally I love Chiyotaikai and Kaio, for different reasons (I admire the adaptability of Taikai loosing his tsuppari weapons and gaining other weapons - sometimes he tries yotsu ! - and I love Kaio for the magnificent ozeki he was). If you don't like that, don't read. And Tochiazuma never was in this league because at the time he was kadoban and injured, he was still able to produced scores such as 10 victoires (with a bad shoulder) and fight for victory. Finally Kotooshu is a disappointement. So it's only their poor performance that was creating this thread, and a bit of fun, and maybe some hidden thruth somewhere. Note: I think today the most disappointed one was Asashoryu.
  7. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Well Kotomitsuki's win changes everything. Now if Chiyo does not get kyuyo now, what are we OBSC gonna say !
  8. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    I couldn't agree more with you. PS. I'm just looking live at Chiyo vs. Miyabi. Well, Chiyo, lost (ah No ! mono-ii) ! If they give it to Chiyo will he have to stay on ? Ouf, Miyabi gets the win, and Chiyo can go kyuyo now. (East wins...)
  9. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    I totally agree. If Osh does defeat Kaio tomorrow, it is not that surprising, whether or not I claim (or others claim) that is part of the OSBC theory (but wait until my morning coffee for that newsflash), as he has a 9-7 lead over him in previoous meetings. If it were (say) 3-10, that could be a different matter, but at 9-7, surely he is already the favourite to win, with or without a conspiracy theory? Yes, that's why a Kaio win tomorrow (and I say this before the match) would certaintly prove me completly wrong. Of course I could say that if they do it they will do it just to prove me wrong ;-) !!!
  10. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Then why he didn't do like this in Hatsu 2008? (Gyoji...) ...I'm out of this topic - it's not a discussion, it's just too "yellow"....... What I see is this: Chiyotakai: (http://sumodb.sumogames.com/Rikishi.aspx?r=8) 1999.03 : 3-8-4 (fusen day 11) 2001.01: 2-2-11 (fusen day 4) 2001.09: 4-5-6 (fusen day 9) 2002.11: 6-3-6 (fusen day 9) 2005.07: 3-6-6 (fusen day 9) 2006.01: 4-4-7 (fusen day 8) 2008.01: 0-8-7 (fusen day 8) 2008.05: 5-10 (no fusen) 2009.03: 2-9 (no fusen yet) These two last ones are unusual for an ozeki. Kaio never had a makekoshi when remaining on the doyho to the last day. The ozekis that had scores such as 5-10 are ozekis that lost their ranks (such as Dejima and Miyabiyama). There is an unusual pattern here. Either Takai doesn't care a bit anymore and stays there until the end, either he is going to stay there after loosing ozeki status, either this an effect of the kyujo rule, either he is gaining something out of this. But his staying when already makekoshi is very unusual for an ozeki. (I am not worthy...)
  11. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Ok, rising up to your challenge! If Osh loses tomorrow to Kaio - I solemnly declare I will never mention 'OBSC' ever again. (Gyoji...) The same for me. (I am not worthy...)
  12. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    I) Of course at the begining they try to rack up as many wins as necessary in case of ... they get a good score (happened once for Kotoosho) and ... they can give up some wins to the others. II) I'm not saying that Chiyotakai could have won against Kaio, but that he doesn't go kyuyo so that he can give free wins. He will stay till the end, or at least until Kotmitsuki. III) Finally of course the ozekis are pathetic (Harumafuji is not yet in the club, but he is going there fast) so these types of results are bound to happen. I'm not sure this is an unusual situation, and I remember when Musoyama was failing, he got surprising good results against his fellow Kaio. So maybe friendship helps, maybe motivation? I don't know for sure but I'm certainly thinking maybe it's true.
  13. Xris

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Chiyotakai has nothing to loose anymore, so... he won't go kyujo before giving to each of his fellow ozekis a win (kaio tomorrow, then kotoosho, then mickey - harumafuji I don't know yet).
  14. Xris

    Baruto for Sekiwake

    I fully agree with you. He is someone who can help a lot the situation of foreigners in sumo, by showing a great example to every one. I really wish him all the best. :-)
  15. Xris

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    If you mean the date they'll be marked as retired, I would guess after Day 1 as there's a lot of database maintenance that always goes on at that time. On the other hand, Nikkan Sports has decided to be proactive...I was just grabbing the updated kensho data, and 'lo and behold, they've already purged Roho from their makuuchi banzuke. (Luckily for me, the current Google cache version still had him listed...) There are already removed from the official Nihon Sumo Kyokai site : http://sumo.goo.ne.jp/eng/index.html
  16. Xris

    Foreign Rikishi - Yaku Mitsuru suggests..

    I always felt that all yokozunas, not only Kitanoumi, are less virulent than other people against Asashoryu (this includes even Kokonoe) and I would think that it is because there were in the same situation and probably understand somewhat what it is to be always under scrutiny as a yokozuna, or just a yokozuna friendship or respect. But well, this is just an idea, I'm not any kind of authority in the matter.
  17. Xris

    Baruto at Sanyaku

    Well, Ama was convinced, I think... but he has much to learn before being able to go higher.
  18. Xris

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    Yes. And he showed real and absolute determination, as if they were no question about his abilities in such a situation ! (I am not worthy...)
  19. Xris

    Nagoya Basho Viewing

    Price is perfectly reasonable for France, given the bandwith and 24 hrs service. This is video, not just web pages ! Time to edit the videos is enormous, so this is costly too.
  20. Xris

    Asashouryuu injured-keiko news

    Since Sumo is a commercial bizness, Asa is probably necessary, especially now. But if he is so anti-sumo in his behavior (which I think is true) people should simply ignore him. It would probably be the harshest punishment for him. Right now, it is exactly the opposite, at least for the press.
  21. Xris

    Who will make it to Makuuchi?

    I saw him live in info-sumo.net site, and I should say that I understand your enthousiasm. He is really impressive and I wish him well too. (Sign of approval...)
  22. Xris

    Leaderboard Day 11 Kyushu Basho 2007

    I'll be happy enough if he just does not injured himself once again in the next few days.
  23. Xris

    Kyushu Observations

    I don't think henka lovers are going to change their mind today. Look at how easy it was for Tokitenku today against Chiyotakai.
  24. Xris

    The next Ozeki

    Ama should be the next Ozeki, taking the place of Kaio. But he should clearly improve his score with makuuchi, otherwise he will have an earlier Kotomitsuki :-)
  25. Xris

    Quotes from Day 3 - Kyushu 2007

    chew chew chew!!! :-) Seen Kaiho's face after this? Said everything... Thanks for the rtanslation. Am doing the same, but about 格差社会(宿題) 寝たいです... Well I saw only the stream but Kaiho was reaaally low. Against a tall guy like that, it's calling for trouble. Big trouble. So I would say it's 50/50.