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  1. LeoD

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Playoff against stablemate Takerufuji. Aww, shit, complete brainfart. No idea how that came to me.
  2. LeoD

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Yeah, a solid 15-0 D wouldn't be too shabby, indeed.
  3. LeoD

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Takerufuji. 88% wins and never lost a makuuchi bout...
  4. I think none of them will get the nod on 32 wins. And none of them will be snubbed on 33.
  5. LeoD

    Top 10 Sumo Records Natsu 2019 Edition

    Thanks for maintaining these lists. Batch1 - Active rikishi who have been in Ketteisen : - Kisenosato no longer active Batch2 - Most Consecutive Wins from Pro Debut : - Shiraishi on 7 match winning streak
  6. LeoD

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    And win the decider against a 15-0 stable mate
  7. Due to the huge amount of brainpower and valuable information put into it, the thread became self-aware, noticed being in the wrong subforum and committed seppuku to restore its honour.
  8. With 12-3 Y securing the promotion for Kisenosato, and 13-2 D no longer possible, would 12-3 D prolong the tsuna run or would he have to start over?
  9. LeoD

    For Natsu Tochinoshin is from Georgia

    Mof[fen] and Boche, of course. (Sigh...)
  10. LeoD

    January 2014 Videos- Days 1-15

    Looking forward to your vids. :-)
  11. LeoD

    Videos Aki 2013- Promo and Day 1-14

    I was able to watch the live stream on days 1-4 without Kinta's comments, and it's my impression, too, that this is the best basho I've sen in a while. Thanks in advance to Kintamayama for keeping me in touch during the upcoming days.
  12. LeoD

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    When Tochinoshin hits the ground at 6:07 watch the doyho cracks... Thanks for the videos, Kintamayama.
  13. LeoD

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    One more Sumo lurker says thank you, Kintamayama.
  14. LeoD

    Kyushu 2012- All Videos

    Thanks again for keeping me in touch with the big guys.
  15. LeoD

    Why worry?

    Most of the time I'm just a lurker around here, but maybe adding my opinion makes things a tiny little bit more objective. Your posts are no fun to read, and yes, I'd agree that many of them come across quite trollish. Maturity is not overrated, especially at this place where the quality of conversation is quite high. Since you and some other not-so-long-term-member have joined, my enjoyment of following these forums has considerably decreased. Instead of claiming to be insulted, better spend a thought about respect before posting, indeed.