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  1. Chiyomaru

    Chiyotaikai intai

    Goodbye Chiyotaikai (Sign of approval...) You were so much more than just my favorite rikishi!
  2. Aaaargh, I know I can't see THE smile when they wear those stupid masks. You didn't have to rub it in (Sign of approval...) (just joking (Clapping wildly...) ) Maybe he can draw "The Smile" on his mask (Showing respect...) Naaaah, that can never be as cute as the real thing...
  3. Yeah! Will be possibile to buy this T-Shirt? It's a a cool gadget! (Sign of approval...) If it is for sale, I will buy it too! (Clapping wildly...)
  4. :-) Wow! (Applauding...) This is going to be so very nice!!! I am really looking forward to it!
  5. Chiyomaru

    Pics - Natsu Basho 2009, Day 06

    (Big fish...) Very nice! Thanks a lot for the Chiyotaikai pics (Showing respect...)
  6. Chiyomaru

    Ozeki preparations - Natsu 2009

    Poor Chiyotaikai... :-( This news makes me so very sad. Diabetes is an awful disease, my father is suffering from it too.
  7. Chiyomaru

    Sadogatake beya Keiko report - March 11

    :-) Very nice pics!!! Thanks for sharing them with us (Shaking head...) I love the pics of Chiyotaikai! He looks great! (In love...)
  8. Chiyomaru

    Pics of Hatsu Basho 09 - Day 08

    (Shaking head...) Very nice pictures!!!! :-( It is nice that Kasuganishiki gave you a tegata! And.... Onomatsu Oyakata got himself a new fan :-O
  9. Chiyomaru

    Pics of Hatsu Basho 09 - Day 07

    He surely looks charming! B-)
  10. Chiyomaru

    Not a great week for me.....

    My condolances to you, Fujisan. This is such sad news! I wish you a lot of strength.
  11. Chiyomaru

    Rikishi galleries

    (Whistling...) SUPER! :-) Thank you very much!
  12. Chiyomaru

    Chiyotaikai's blog

    I guess so too...
  13. Chiyomaru

    Chiyotaikai's blog

    I just wrote: welcome back Ozeki Chiyotaikai. I am happy you are writing your blog again. And about the entry with the lunch I wrote that the food looked nice. Nothing impolite I think. Maybe he just erased it, because it was written in a language he can't read. Maybe his phone does not have a translation tool...
  14. Chiyomaru

    Chiyotaikai's blog

    I don't think Chiyotaikai likes to get blog reactions from fans who don't write Japanese. My reactions were removed (Clapping wildly...)
  15. Chiyomaru

    Chiyotaikai's blog

    (Clapping wildly...) After months of silence Chiyotaikai is writing his blog again! (Clapping wildly...)
  16. Chiyomaru

    Happy birthday Onnaguma

    (I am not worthy...) Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! (Clapping wildly...) (Birthday!) En nog vele jaren.
  17. Chiyomaru

    Pics of day 09, Kyushu Basho 08

    (Showing respect...) Thank you for the fantastic pics every day :-/ And special thanks for the Izutsu Oyakata pics :-)
  18. Chiyomaru

    Pics of day 06, Kyushu Basho 08

    (In love...) Thank you very much Fay! (In a state of confusion...)
  19. Chiyomaru

    Pics of day 05, Kyushu Basho 08

    Thank you for the wonderful pics! I love the Chiyotaikai pic of course :-(
  20. Chiyomaru

    Happy birthday Fay.....

    (Neener, neener...) Happy birthday Fay!!! I hope it will be a year full of happiness and sumo! And happy birthday to my little Chiyo (Hugging...)
  21. Chiyomaru

    Happy birthday, Fujisan!

    (I am not worthy...) Happy Birthday Fujisan. Have a nice day! ;-)
  22. Chiyomaru

    Little talk with Yamamotoyama

    (Whistling...) Great interview! :-) Nice that Yamamotoyama likes Chiyotaikai too!
  23. Chiyomaru

    Pics Day 15, Senshuraku

    :-) Thank you sooooo much for making all those beautiful pics this basho! (Showing respect...)
  24. Chiyomaru

    Pics Day 13, Aki Basho

    Nice pics! (Struck by lightning...) Did Yamamotoyama ask for 2 more bowls of ice-cream? (I am not worthy...)
  25. Chiyomaru

    Pics Day 12, Aki Basho

    Thank you very much! Amazing pics! (Ranting...) The pics of Chiyotaikai and Hakuho are super! (Yucky...)