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  1. Wurstbroetchen

    Breaking news- New Car!!

    Looks like a RR for the poor!
  2. Wurstbroetchen

    Videos Haru Basho 2023 - Days 1-15

    Hi Kintamayama, many thanks for presenting the videos. There is one little mistake: Wakatakakage is 7-6 not 6-7.
  3. Wurstbroetchen

    YDC meeting after Haru 2021

    They need a yokozuna for the Olympics.
  4. Wurstbroetchen

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    What happened to Tochinoshin? He does not look that pink or should I say red as in the last bashos. And he is not breathing that havily.
  5. Wurstbroetchen

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    You are from the USA. You know it all!
  6. Wurstbroetchen

    Spirited rikishi Hatsu 2017

    Sorry, I have to disagree. Most spirited rikishi on day 13 was Kisenosato!
  7. Wurstbroetchen

    Basho Talk - Aki Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    Goeido on a Yokozuna-run! That is the best joke I ever heard.
  8. Wurstbroetchen

    Set matches

    Here is the proof. The NSK is setting all matches! You can see the result of every single bout on the NSK homepage about 10 seconds before the fight is seen lve on Sherming22. What a scandal!
  9. Wurstbroetchen


    What is the job of Kyokutenho and Wakanosato at this Basho? In the video stream they look like bouncers. ;-)
  10. Wurstbroetchen

    Terunofuji promoted to Ozeki

    That is actually some kind of word play. It is always the same fish, red seabream, which in Japanese is called "tai" 鯛 Now, if there is something to celebrate - in Japanese this means: "omedetai (koto)" おめでたいこと (lit. "happy event")  it is emphasized by holding this fish。 (I can't imagine that they throw it away afterwards, but I haven't had the pleasure to attend such an event so maybe someone in the know can fill in on that part of the question) Sorry, but how did they manage to preserve that fish? Doesn't it smell after so many years of sumo? (Sigh...)
  11. Wurstbroetchen

    Kotooshu Intai

    This is a slap in the face for Japanese Sumo.
  12. Wurstbroetchen

    Rikishi Status Haru 2014 - Final

    I think the injury might be a bit higher than the shoulder!! :-P
  13. Japanese people have style! If sumo were a english sport people would booh as always the same man wins. They would say: we are no longer interested, it is boring. (Especially because the winner is a foreigner) They would say: the man is not good, he just has the best mawashi! I am thinking of F1. Japanese people are sportsmen. They don't do something like that.
  14. Wurstbroetchen

    Day after pics - Aki 12

    Is that the Vettel-finger? Does he really want to change his profession? (Holiday feeling...)
  15. Wurstbroetchen

    Videos Natsu 2012

    Sorry I was too fast.