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  1. thnx Raishu 4 u information and u advice and i will train hard to do this and i hope from any one can help me to help me>>how can i make acommunication with the sumo professional federation
  2. hi, i am ajunior sumo player in egypt wants to turn professional sumo in japan and want to know what are the steps or wha can i do to d this >>> ihave played in the world championships in Estonia as of 11/2008 and tak third place (bronze medal) in singles and second place (silver medal) in the team gold this is some information about me (Annoyed...) name : abdelrahman alaa eldin mohamed ahmed nick name : boody age : 17 Length : 186 cm Weight : 140 kg email : mobile number : 0020160299904 this is my pic with ageorgian player(who take th frirst place) and i loss this match my matches : My Match with Bulgarian down load my match with Ukrainian down load my match with georgian down load If anyone can help me with this please tell me what can i do thnx so much