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  1. yade

    Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    Ah ok. Usually I could not follow the life broadcast as I am at work. But I will enjoy it on weekends then. Thank you for all your effort!
  2. yade

    Video Streaming - Hatsu 18

    @mbovo has your videos been deleted? I shows nothing to me :/
  3. I do understand and agree to that, but hakuho seems not (anymore). The only explanation for his "misconducts" for me is he wants to have more influence NOW. I personally want him doing his job as good as possible and not interfere in sumo politics at least not in public.
  4. Got the same feeling. Hakuho might think his perfect life in japan is beginning to crumble. Asashoryu and now harumafuji "dismissed" and nobody cares about what hakuho is saying. On the contrary: now he has to apologize for his kind of view. This might not be the perfect life for the greatest yokuzuna if his title isnt enought to influence something important enough to him. And now this: Seems to me hakuho is getting pissed more and more. ( I am not saying hakuho is right if this are his thoughts at all...)
  5. I think hakuho very well understands the tradition but he thinks because of his achievements he has reached an upper level where he gets away with this kind of actions. Of course in this case he was wrong (on the other hand I dont believe this happend on purpose but on a gut level within the bout). I also think because he really understands the tradition he knows how to deal with it best. After winning this basho he will apologize during his NHK interview for this interlude with a tear in his eye. And if "I" understand the tradition correctly his apology will be accepted with a long applause. And then he will be the nice guy again - which will give him a boost at the harumafuji story. (and my level of thinking has reached its end for today ;)
  6. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    I am really getting paranoid now.... after watching niji for about 4 hours without problems how great are chances the streaming breaks away exactly after makuuchi gets started. I could bet it will work again fine after makuuchi ends. not the best mood to go to work but I have too :-S
  7. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    Look into your spam folder, there it is. I used an own email account with no spam filtering. To be sure I tried it again with another email provider. No response either. The password resend option also doesn't work...
  8. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    After registering to the new ustream side there is no email feedback. I have tried it 2 times and have not recieved any id or password within the last 24 hours. kyokai will be surprised with noone paying for there videobroadcast... the incompetence of kyokai fixing their steaming problems is getting kind of awkward. (Scratching chin...)
  9. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    As from today all former aki ppv videos on ustream are for free: http://www.ustream.tv/Sumo-Seasonal easily to download with dl tools like netvideohunter 4 firefox. Seems they shutdown THE PPV SERVICE but not the streaming (keep your fingers cross) (Applauding...) . Also all people payed for aki will recieve a full refund.
  10. yade

    Watching Sumo (Haru Basho 14)

    Is it possible to record it ? Or watching it with vlc ? Can I pay it with paypal?
  11. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    after a short break niji stream is now almost PERFECT! no sound delay , no stumble. Sound is very clear now. They must have changed something. This is like watching TV (well almost). I am very pleased now :) they switched it back just before the last bout...... must have been a dump joke ( hey look what it COULD look like if we want to, but we dont........)
  12. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    Doesn't Niji always start at two o'clock? Just mentioned it because of the may-be-tennis. With not beeing able to read japanese (or to understand for that matter) its like turning on niji and waiting for santa claus to come :)
  13. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    niji starts now with juryo :)
  14. yade

    Video Stream - Availability

    NIJI works better for me. I do watching it with vlc to settle the ratio problem - little laggy and today it was off sound later... but UBS is hard to watch because my framerate is way off beeing watchable... its like watching a flip book. Also I like the japanese commentary better than the mongolian because you could hear the action sounds (which is missing almost totally on UBS).