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    New rules in the Kogugikan

    hello all I did not know about the new rules and went today to take photography, I am so disapointed they would not give access. It is so bad for the real fans ! I went to the PR rom and requested photographer access but this too was turned down, press card or not, pro or not, foreigner r not, it does not matter. I asked for access until 2PM only, nothing they cannot manage. The only solution they have is to buy tickets well in advance, but front seats are uterly expensive and you are not allowed to even MOVE from or seat, and for me it is critical I change angles and distance a little bit (west/east, and south, angles are very different), so it is not only a cost issue. I left after (polite) discussion since it was no use for we to stay today anymore. ... I asked them strongly to reconsider the rules for the next year (they confirmed this would apply to all basho, not Tokyo only) ... If anyone on this forum or another makes a nice complain letter template for the sumo association of whoever relevant, or a petition, I would be glad to get the link and send my letter. As a photographer it is critical I can get proper freedom of movement, but I also understand the total frustration of real fans. Taking sumo images and sharing the widely is a great way to support the sport itself and I am sure this is what they want ... Please keep this thread alive in the comming months and share news on how the situation is evolving Alain That makes perfect sense. When I was being shown the ropes back in the 1970s, by a Japanese woman expert who went every day, she told me that you could sit anywhere up to when the juryo came on, after which you were supposed to go to your proper seat. If people sat on longer, they were regarded as newbies (or else as pushing it). Sumo nuts who wanted to go often took care not to push their luck, as a friendly dekata could make a big difference. Of course things have changed a lot since then, but every so often they toughen up if matters seem to have got out of hand. I've never known anything like a total prohibition on going in downstairs if you have an upstairs ticket. I hope common sense intervenes quickly. (Before the weekend, to be precise...) Orion that is exactly what they should do, ticket control at Juryo start ... one example of image that became totally impossible to shoot :
  2. Hello I am photographing Japan and shot sumo from time to time. I would like your help to confirm the identity of one of my shot (Showing respect...) I shot this one on sept 19 at 15h21 and would like the name of the right and left rikishis please - only if you are sure ! Thanks in advance if you can help Alain japan series : I also shot this one and think I got the proper names, can you please check if the description is accurate ? Takanoyama Shuntaro (92kg for 185cm and ranked Makushita 4 West) is using uwatenage to defeat Takekabuto Kazuteru (168kg for 181cm and ranked Makushita 5 West).
  3. That was very funny, too bad you missed, but it was like mission impossible (Sign of approval...) I will be back to shoot sumo, this week end or the next ... anyone knows when Takanoyama will appear ? I like him ;)
  4. alain

    Greetings! I have a newb question...

    I sent you an email ;)
  5. yes, you can all check your pick, I will be utterly impressed if you guys are correct ! picture shot 2009-09-19 at 15h10, the serie for this one goes from 15h08 to 15h11 also, I do not have his face but I got this opponent one, the image is bad but I am sure you will match a name, you check the file here > I am now off until new years, but I will check if you were right ! alain
  6. thanks a lot for your comments ! I am very pleased that kaiguma got the meaning of the image right, it is very important to me that some people can understand my work and with that last one it has been very challenging for many ... but if people who are interested in sumo read it properly, I did my job and no Washuyama, I was not asking for the rikishi name (Sign of approval...) that is almost impossible I guess, I can give you the time of the pic if you want to check your guess anyway ! I will keep shooting sumo in 2010, maybe as soon as january. I like the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the light is much better than in Nagoya, even if still poor (but canon 1D mk4 is 5000 usd so if someone want to buy me one no problem !) anyway I will be back with more sometimes ;) alain
  7. hello ! I put a new sumo pic online, and might go to the january basho to shoot some more :) I am very interested to know if you reconnize the posture and if this image is meanningful to you sumo lovers, please do not hesitate to tell me ! (In a state of confusion...)
  8. looks like a fantastic glossary, thanks a million :)
  9. sorry I am not familiar with "jungyo tours" or "Danpatsu shiki", I will have to research a bit on these :D
  10. no reaction ? I will take critics and comments, I need to improve ! by the way I would like to know in what part of the tournament you have the demonstration with the rikishi vs kids ? I saw some very funny pics of child versus rikishi and I would love to shoot some ... I guess it is on opening day ? at what time ? do you need special tickets ? is it long ? is it crowded or can you come closer without disturbing ? is it OK to take pictures ? your help will be used : I will come back with more images ! alain
  11. Dear all, I am back, please excuse me but I have been extremly busy the last three weeks and could not answer you properly. Nishinoshima > yes, feel free if you want, you have a high res in my webpage, and tell him I wish I offered it to him myself ;) ilovesumo > Do not worry, I will shoot more with time. But I selected the images I put on my webpage so do not expect a high number of images. Now that I have a bit more time I plan to do 2 or 3 tournaments each year. Sashohitowa > thanks ! 01010101 > glad you liked them, sumo is just a very small bit of it as Japan has so much to offer ! salle > well it is the first time ever I am happy I got a flash on my picture ! (I personaly never use one) As promised a few other shots from past year ... all shot at Nagoya Basho, 7/25 for 2008 images and 7/20 for 2007 ones. Note : If you reconise the sames of the sumo on a picture I will be very glad and update the description with it ! If helpful I should be able to provide the time of each shot. Some are not recognizable/pointless, so do not worry ;) 2008 2007 last but not least, my favorite work for sumo :
  12. Hello ! I am sorry I have no time to answer to all of you as I should, I will be mostly away for the next weeks. I will come back and post a bit more images by the end of the month. Thanks again for the great help ! Alain
  13. Thank you very much Fay, this is great to have the correct names, I was unsure and do not want to make a mistake ! My understanding is that, that day, Daishoumi beat Wakatenro by hikiotoshi, am I right ? And thanks again, you seems to have quite a huge collection of pics yourself on your website ! My photographic works cover all Japan, so I want to go deeper into Sumo in the coming years, I will certainly see you around ;) Best regards Alain