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  1. genseida

    Hatsu Yusho for Baruto!

    Yes, well done Baruto. From another European :) I also enjoy seeing those who have managed to overcome Hakuho pick up the 'brick' of envelopes.
  2. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Can anyone please recommend the URL of a Japanese company who can supply Yukata by mail order? It would need to be a decent size - something along the lines of the ones worn by Hakuho's entourage. The one I have at the moment, which was a present from someone in Japan who had at that time not met me, only overlaps by 20 cm and it needs to be perhaps a metre more! many thanks, Genseida
  3. genseida

    Crap Sumo

    I agree with the above. The first two days were very iffy, and I started to wonder about the quality of the dohyo, as so many contestants seemed not to be able to get traction on it, and slipped over. ;-)
  4. genseida

    Forthcoming basho dates

    Hi, Sorry to put a sumo related thread in the non-sumo related subjects, but the system would not let me create a topic in the place I wanted. Can someone point me towards a page which shows when the next basho in Japan will be, please? Many thanks, Genseida/Hyuu. (In a state of confusion...)
  5. genseida

    Another newbie question

    Madoro sumaru wrote: That's great. Thank you. Genseida (Sad goodbyes...)
  6. genseida

    Another newbie question

    Hello again, Occasionally there will be a bout which ends up with the spectators throwing cushions into the ring. Is this a mark of approval or disapproval, please? Thanks.
  7. genseida

    Airline Seats

    I used a seatbelt extender on two JAL flights and they made a lot of difference. The problem is the seat width, though. In economy on a JAL Boeing 777, the seats are two inches (5cm) narrower than American Airways' 777. Genseida
  8. genseida

    Airline Seats

    Hi, Following on from the thread about McDonalds installing a large seat for rikishi, I wonder how they get on when travelling to overseas basho, e.g. Hawaii. I travelled from London to Japan in the spring and despite upgrading to premium economy, found the seats rather cramped on the 12 hour journey. I'm 185cm tall, and weigh 155kg - about the same as Tokitenku. I went by JAL, as I wanted to experience their legendary cabin service, which was indeed excellent. However, next time I may go by a European carrier (eg Lufthansa) which may cater better for my dimensions.
  9. genseida

    Couple of newbie questions

    Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. They all explain why some contestants get envelopes and others don't. I went to the Matsuri celebration in London today, lots of good stuff but no sumobilia.
  10. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, A couple of questions from an English sumo fan, watching the current basho on NHK's European satellite channel JSTV1. 1. During a bout, one of the referees persistently calls out what sounds to me, to be "halibut! halibut! halibut!". Could someone enlighten me what he is actually saying, please? 2. Can someone suggest a page where one can see inside the folded up papers presented to certain bout winners? I have detected that the better the contestant, the higher the stack. Many thanks ;-) ps I think the English language commentary is superb. Murray Johnson is very knowledgeable.