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    12 years and counting....

    Late as normal, but I had to say well done (Shaking head...) . My best friend is a drinker, but 3 bottles of wine a night isn't a problem.... (Sign of disapproval...)
  2. Jan


    Can I second the request, the pictures on the BBC are horrifying. I'm praying that everyone here is ok and for the families and friends of the people who are killed or missing.
  3. Jan

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Hi, emerging from lurkdom briefly! The wrong reason for getting the publicity, but maybe someone from eurosport will take notice and realise that Ukers are interested still and bring it back! Hi Jan long time no see. The above story is currently the fifth most read story on the BBC website. NSK sure are getting publicity they never dreamed about - shame its all the wrong sort!
  4. Jan

    Haru basho IS canceled!

    Even the BBc has the news now, I can't ever remember seeing Sumo news on the BBC before! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12375649
  5. Jan

    Homasho - what's wrong with him?

    No idea what is wrong, but his left arm looked to be very heavily strapped today, so maybe his wrist/elbow?
  6. Jan

    NSK stream

    Its playing now just calling first match.
  7. Jan

    NSK stream

    Nope it keeps saying that the protocol is not supported????? Glad its not just me.
  8. Jan

    Houmashou - Interview

    Thanks for translating this, I really appreciate it. (Tsuppari...)
  9. Jan

    Heya Addresses

    Is there an updated list of Heya addresses anywhere? Also can anyone translate 〒130-0004  東京都墨田区本所4-8-7 ドゥエル本所301号 錣山部屋 For me please. Thanks, Jan
  10. Jan

    Day 14 Pics - Kyushu 2006

    Please may I request Sd37e Ikehara v Sd42e Tomishima if they are high enough up the food chain to be available. Thanks for all yesterdays work it is much appreciated. (Neener, neener...)
  11. Jan

    Thank you Dale

    A great thread, it's good to be able to thank Dale. I don't know how you cope, work, RL and sumo on in the middle of the night (I am not worthy...) . I'm generally getting kids & hubby of to school & work when the Sumo is streaming so I really value the chance to watch properly later. (Whistling...)
  12. Jan

    New recruits Haru 2006

    Thanks for posting these, they're always interesting. QUOTE(Gusoyama @ Mar 30, 2006, 20:17) Do guys that perform THIS poorly at mae-zumo ever make it? Or is it pretty universal that if you have zero or even one win at your mae-zumo debut, you're doomed to mediocrity? If you look back, these guys are all, except Terasawa, within a few months of their 15th birthdays. There is a potential age gap of 7 years between oldest and youngest, surely the older guys must have a physical advantage until the youngsters develope the skills to cope with bigger tougher opponents.
  13. Jan


    The powers that be may not, but how do the audience react to Baruto? I guess if he puts bums on seats he will be accepted gracefully. :-(
  14. Jan

    Kaio: NOW is the time!

    I have to agree, I hate to write off any sportsman but Kaio just looks tired. For the last 3 or 4 basho his movement has looked more amd more painful and laboured. Today he looked like a man whose legs were too heavy. I have lived with a bad back for many years and when it is bad, no matter how hard you try, your body will just not do what you want it too.
  15. Jan

    Shikoroyama Beya visit March 8, 2006

    Thanks for the movies. Homasho is growing he's put on 21kg in the last 18 months or so.