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  1. Kana-san

    Longest ongoing kachikoshi streaks strikes back

    Hakuho KK Harumafuji KK Kotooshu KK Jumonji MK Sotairyu KK Wakaryusei MK Kirinowaka KK Hoshikaze MK Kaisenryu KK . . . and we'll see a crowd of 11 in Kyushu.
  2. Kana-san

    Maegashira game Aki Basho 2009

    Hello Kofuji, you really did a great job on programming the Maegashira game for all of us. And best of all - you enabled me to take part myself at least. :-( Thanks a lot and kind regards from yours truly Kana-san
  3. Kana-san

    Konnichi-wa . . .

    The more I read, the more my games results went down the drain: (Chucking salt...) (In a state of confusion...) That's the reason for my statement above. But during the last months I didn't read much Ozumo talk . . . most likely this could be helpful for Aki basho. (Hugging...)
  4. Kana-san

    Maegashira game Aki Basho 2009

    Doitsu has been the man . . . (In jonokuchi...) But now - here is a new gun in town. (Sign of approval...) CU! Kana-san
  5. Kana-san

    Konnichi-wa . . .

    . . . and hello to everybody! Actually, I really don't speak any Japanese, but Doitsuyama told me once I couldn't do anything wrong introducing myself with a friendly "Konnichi wa" - so here we are. I must say that I learned nothing following the discussions here (this is also true for Gernobono's german-austrian Sumoforum), but I'd like to take part in some sumo games anyway. I hope you don't mind if I do so, and I promise I won't take away too many points, because my heart belongs to Kaio, who is already 78 years old, I presume (please don't tell me the truth, Doitsu). A big banzai to every member, guest or participant of this illustrious forum! Yours truly Kana-san
  6. Kana-san

    21 Aki 09

    (In jonokuchi...) 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 B 6 B 7 B 8 A 9 B 10 B 11 A 12 A 13 B 14 A 15 B 16 B 17 A 18 B 19 B 20 A 21 B (Sign of approval...)