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  1. Here are the possible 'milestones' for Bench Sumo players for the Haru (March) basho 2020. 
    A big shout-out to Takanorappa and his Bench Sumo stat page that made this email possible - and for posting a milestones email last basho, when I was very busy.
    All the good stuff can be found here -->  <>
    There are five parts....
    1. The players at a new career high rank.
    2. The number of active bashos (multiples of 10) - *if* the player turns up in March.
    3. Players who have a chance (even if very remote) of going to a new 'multiple of 100' career wins in March.  
    4. The current #20 leaderboard for the *all-time* total number of wins.
    5. The current #20 leaderboard for the highest win percentage for *active* players.
    Jejima (BS rijicho)
    At a career high rank
    ms15E Kuramarujo (44 active bashos! - But most of them were in the past)
    ms14E Chelseayama (2nd time-in-a-row)
    ms13E Kaito
    ms11E Kishikaisei
    ms10E Athenayama (2nd time)
    ms6E Atenzan (2nd time - but he has been ranked higher under a previous shikona)
    ms5E Joaoiyama
    ms2E Kofujinokami (2nd time for the drone, on the brink of becoming a 'paid' player?)
    J11W Oortael (3rd time)
    M15W Unkonoyama (2nd time)
    M8E Tameiki (2nd time)
    M3W Sakura (5th time)
    S1E Terarno (shin-Sekiwake, Jakusotsu will be proud of his ?former? tsukebito!)
    O1E Taka
    Y1E Flohru (5th time)
    Number of active bashos (If they are active in November 2019.)
    J13E Nantonoyama - 10 
    J12E Golynohana - 40  
    J8E chishafuwaku - 40 
    J3E Saruyama - 60
    J1W Hana-ichi - 60  
    M14W andonishiki - 60  
    M8W Boltbutthamma - 80
    ms9W Kasamatsuri - 90
    M17E Heiyu - 100
    M12W Fujisan - 100  
    M15E Oshirokita - 120
    M9W Chijanofuji - 120
    Possible career win milestones this basho: (Current career wins in brackets)
    100 wins
    ms20E Hibarifuji (94) - 2nd time on the watch list
    ms18W Domichi (97)
    200 wins
    M15W Unkonoyama (194) - 2nd time
    300 wins
    ms2W Kyodaitimu (288)
    M5W Ihopeso (288)
    ms19W Basoyama (290) - 2nd time
    J8E chishafuwaku (296) - 2nd time 
    J1E Yamashade (298) - 3rd time
    ms12E Aminoumi (298) - 2nd time
    400 wins
    Nobody here
    500 wins
    ms8W Sebunshu (486)
    M2E fujiyama (495) - 2nd time
    600 wins
    M7E mischashimaru (599) - 2nd time
    700 wins
    Nobody here
    800 wins
    Nobody here
    900 wins
    Nobody here
    Top 20 winning players of all-time
    1. M3E Jejima - 912
    2. M9W Chijanofuji - 911
    3. M9E Kintamayama - 902
    4. M15E Oshirokita - 901
    5. M6W Gaijiingai - 875
    6. ms11W Takanorappa - 843
    7. Y1E Flohru - 810
    8. BG Doitsuyama* - 805
    9. J9W Sherlockiama - 802
    10. J3W Jakusotsu - 774
    11. O1W Norizo - 758
    12. J2E Kitakachiyama - 751
    13. M17W Pitinosato - 742
    14. M12W Fujisan - 740
    15. BG Leonishiki* - 739
    =16. M4W Metzinowaka - 729
    =16. ms18E Marushiki - 729
    18. M1W Rubensan - 714
    19. M2W Susanoo - 713
    20. J7E Frinkanohana - 712
    *not currently active
    Top 20 active players with the highest winning percentage
    1. J11W Oortael (0.644)
    2. ms10E Athenayama (0.600)
    3. J6W Gansekiiwa (0.578)
    4. ms14E Chelseayama (0.567)
    5. M3W Sakura (0.558)
    6. M13E Gurowake (0.544)
    7. K1W pandaazuma (0.540)
    8. J12E Golynohana (0.538)
    9. M6E ScreechingOwl (0.537)
    10. Y1E Flohru (0.5347)
    11. S1W Yassier (0.5345)
    =12. M14E Itachiyama (0.53333333333)
    =12. M4E Andoreasu (0.53333333333)
    14. J4E Tenshinhan (0.5304)
    15. J3E Saruyama (0.5299)
    16. M10E Hokuyutaka (0.529)
    17. K1E Gawasukotto (0.527)
    =18. M2E fujiyama (0.52380952381)
    =18. M8E Tameiki (0.52380952381)
    20. M13W Achiyama (0.5232)
    Get those milestones!
    Jejima (BS rijicho)
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  2. Announcing the March 2020 edition of Guess Kisenosato's Aite....

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite

    All you have to do is guess K1E Hokutofuji's opponent each day, before the torikumi comes out. If you guess correctly, you get a shiroboshi. This is surprisingly more fun (or frustrating) and challenging than it should be. It also gets you to think a bit more about the 'inner-workings' of sumo.

    Here is the current banzuke:-

    New Banzuke for March 2020

    Sakura (YO 12-3)                      Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 9-5-1)
    Kuroimori (Y2E 9-5-1)              Y2
    Jakusotsu (Y1E 8-7)
    chishafuwaku (O1E 9-6)          O1

    Ryoshishokunin (S1W 11-3-1)  S1  Tenshinhan (S2W 10-5)
    Hakuhonofan (M2W 9-5-1)      K1 WAKATAKE (S1E 7-2-6)   
    shimodahito (K1W 8-7)            M1 Andonishiki (M1E Kosho)
    Jejima (M1E 8-7)                      M2 orandashoho (K1E 6-7-2)
    Profomisakari (M2E 7-8)         M3 Houmanumi (M3W 6-7-2)
    The Kyokai (M3E 2-13)            M4 Oshirokita (mz 11-4)
    Joaoiyama (mz 10-5)              M5 Andreas21 (mz 7-8)
    DrunkCat (mz 0-1-14)              M6

    Yokozuna Jakusotsu has been set the challenge to show why he is worthy of the Yokozuna rank by displaying Ozeki Quality in either (preferably both) this March or the May basho. 
    Sekiwake Ryoshishokunin will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a KK in March.

    The rules are as follows:-
    1. Guess K1E Hokutofuji's opponents on each day of the basho.
    2. Entries need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the previous day, except for the days 1 and 2 entries which need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the Friday prior to the start of the basho. If it turns out that the daily toriukumi is printed before these times, then any entry proved to have come afterwards is not allowed for that day (so enter early to be safe).
    3. Tie-breakers to decide the Yusho.... We look at the result of the day 15 prediction, then day 14, and so on back to day 1. If still a tie, then the highest ranked on the banzuke can claim the Yusho.
    4. If K1E Hokutofuji goes kyujo during the basho, we switch to K1W Endo (S1W Shodai, then S1E Asanoyama kept further in reserve, if needed due to a mass spate of kyujos) for the days after his fusensho loss (I.e. we can still guess who gets the freebie). For the immediate day afterwards, (unless it is known very soon after the event), everyone will get a 'kyujo'.
    5. Players that are leading the Yusho race (especially in the final few days of the basho), are requested / expected to get their picks in very early (before all the other players, if possible) - in order to avoid suspicions of 'tactical picking'.
    6. If the kyokai changes the originally posted torikumi for any day (such as for a late kyujo), the first version released will be used for the purpose of this game.

    Special prizes (many thanks to Yaochoyama):

    1. Outstanding performance (shukun-sho) - the one who correctly picks the aite the most consecutive days. You have to have a minimum of three to win this prize.

    2. Fighting spirit (kanto-sho) - the one who limits their incorrect aite picks to the shortest number of consecutive days (literally the one whose longest losing streak is the shortest). Any losing streak of 5 or more days would disqualify you from this prize.

    3. Technique (gino-sho) - the one who is best at making correct picks when no one, or hardly anyone else does. A point system is used as follows and you need at least 3 points to claim this prize:

    3 points if you're the only win to make the correct pick
    2 points if you're one of two to make the correct pick
    1 point if you're one of three to make the correct pick

    New players ((Order,order!)) are cordially invited to this game - it is an official second league © game!

  3. Kiribayama at the age of 23, is one of the youngest rikishi in Makunouchi (Takakeisho and Onosho are a few months younger), and had a great debut basho in Makunouchi, racking up an 11-4 record from the rank of M17E. The highest ranked player that he has defeated thus far was M8E Aoiyama.

    How will the rest of 2020 pan out for him? 

    Please expand on your vote by making a comment below.

  4. Kotoshogiku (30th Jan) and Shohozan (9th Feb) have both recently turned 36. They are the oldest rikishi currently ranked in Makunouchi.

    In memory of the 'Kaio' and then 'Aminishiki' polls of before, what is in store in 2020 for these two old-timers?

    Please expand on your votes via the comments below. Which of the two will do better in 2020? How are you thinking that the combined numer of KKs will be split? (E.g. 3 KKs for Kotoshogiku, 4 KKs for Shohozan.)

    They both ended up with MKs in January 2020.

    Kotoshogiku - M13E (7-8)
    Shohozan - M7E (7-8)

  5. Hakuho's record for 2019 was as follows...

    Jan - Y1W (10-4-1)
    Mar - Y1E (15-0 zensho yusho)
    May - Y1E (0-0-15)
    Jul - Y1W (12-3 jun-yusho)
    Sep - Y1W (0-2-13)
    Nov - Y1W (14-1 yusho)

    Hakuho won two yushos in 2019 - as predicted by WAKATAKE, Terao, Benihana, MumboJumbo, chishafuwaku, just_some_guy, Tenshinhan, Shatsume, Hakuhonofan, RPedro44, Oshirokita, James Jett, Getayukata, Pitinosato and Sherlockiama.

    He won one zensho yusho (15-0), as predicted by Benihana, MumboJumbo, Rocks, Churaumi, just_some_guy, Hakuhonofan, Oortael and ScreechingOwl.

    Hakuho ended up with a total of 51 wins. I am the Yokozuna got this spot on! Kyokufuji came close with 52 wins.

    Hakuho's longest winning streak (continuing on from 2018) for 2019 was 25 wins. This was correctly predicted by Benihana, chishafuwaku, Kyokufuji and Getayukata. Shatsume, Pitinosato, WAKATAKE, Terao and RPedro44 were all one off.

    @Benihana wins the yusho (Yushowinner...)

    @chishafuwaku can have the jun-yusho (Secondprize...)



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  6. In 2018, Ryuden and Abi both had 45 wins out of a possible 90.
    In 2019, Ryuden had 43 wins and Abi had 54.

    How will they do compared to each other in 2020?

    In the first basho of 2020, Ryuden was M8W and had a good 10-5 record. Abi was ranked at K1E, and had a mediocre record of 5-10. They did not face each other. They will probably be ranked close to each other on the March banzuke.

    Previous poll.....


  7. Here are the records for the two rikishi in 2019...

    Basho    Ryuden              Abi                      Head-to-head?
    Jan        M7E (6-9)          M10W (10-5)    No
    Mar        M11E (10-5)     M6W (8-7)         No
    May       M5W (10-5)       M4W (10-5)      Ryuden won
    Jul         K1W (4-11)        K1E (8-7)           Abi won
    Sep        M5W (7-8)         K1E (9-6)           No
    Nov        M5W (6-9)         K1E (9-6)           Abi won
    Total:     (43-47)               (54-36)               (R1-A2)

    Abi won 11 more bouts than Ryuden in 2019. I am the Yokozuna came closest with +10 to Abi.

    Abi winning one more in the head-to-heads, as predicted by WAKATAKE and Churaumi.

    In January 2020, Abi was ranked at K1E, and Ryuden was ranked at M8W - a difference of 8 ranks. The closest guesses were from Churaumi and I am the Yokozuna.

    @Churaumi wins the Yusho (Yushowinner...)

    @I am the Yokozuna wins the Jun-Yusho (Secondprize...)

  8. In Nov/Dec 2014, two-thirds of the people doing this poll thought that Ichinojo would be an Ozeki by January 2016....

    Now he is in Juryo...

    His first basho of the year was disappointing.... January 2020 - J7E (6-9)
    Please include your predictions in the comments below, and state what you think the actual rank of Ichinojo will be on the January 2021 banzuke.

    Previous polls....


  9. Ichinojo's 2019 went like this...

    Jan - M1W (6-9)
    Mar - M4W (14-1 - Jun-yusho)
    May - S1E (5-7-3)
    Jul - M4W (9-6)
    Sep - M2E (1-4-10)
    Nov - M12E (0-0-15)

    His rank on the January 2020 banzuke was J7E - which counts as Upper Juryo. Nobody guessed this. Closest was Sue and Aled ap Tomos with mid-Makunouchi - but that is a whole division away!

    Ichinojo had two kachi-koshis, as predicted by... nobody. Sue, Shinrei, Churaumi, Aled ap Tomos, RabidJohn, Tenshinhan, Shatsume and James Jett came closest with three KKs.

    His best record was 14-1 - again nobody predicted this (so a complete washout!). Closest was RPedro44 with 15 and Rocks, Oshirokita and Pitinosato with 13.

    Okay, for being closest for two of the questions, the yusho play-off is between Sue and Aled ap Tomos. Whichever of these two cam closest with the guess for Ichinojo's best record will win.... Oh. They both went for 10-5. So still tied. Let's check the comments....

    Neither commented. (Pullinghair...)

    Well, they can't be split - but to be honest, I don't think either really deserves the yusho, as they didn't really get close with any of the questions. 

    Insteas @Sue and @Aled ap Tomos can share the Jun-Yusho (Secondprize...)



  10. Aminishiki's 2019 went like this...

    Jan - J3E (3-12)
    Mar - J11W (8-7)
    May - J10W (7-8)
    Jul - J11W (0-3-8 - intai)

    Umizoi, Shinrei, Rocks, Morty, just_some_guy and Oortael all got the time of the intai correct.

    WAKATAKE, chishafuwaku, Morty, Jejima, Oshirokita and Pitinosato all guessed the best record (8-7) correctly.

    Aminishiki's worst record based on how the question was written, was (0-3-8), so zero wins. I guess if I write a similar question to this again, I will add something extra, such as 'must have appeared on the dohyo at least ten times in any one basho' to count. Anyway,  WAKATAKE, Morty and Andonishiki were closest with two wins - but special mention also goes to orandashoho, Hakuhonofan, James Jett and Pitinosato, who all guessed 3 wins - which would have been the correct answer if the question had been written slightly different.

    The yusho goes to @Morty (Yushowinner...)
    The jun-yusho goes to @WAKATAKE (Secondprize...)

    So, after four years, the annual Aminishiki poll is no more.


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  11. Goeido ended the year as Ozeki as predicted by.... just about everybody.

    (Worthy of note.... Pitinosato was one basho out with his intai prediction.)

    Goeido's 2019 went like this....

    Jan - O1W (9-6)
    Mar - O1W (12-3)
    May - O1E (9-6)
    Jul - O1E (3-5-7)
    Sep - O1W (10-5)
    Nov - O1E (0-2-13)

    So, two bashos with 10 or more wins, as predicted by MumboJumbo, chishafuwaku, Shinrei, Rocks, dingo, just_some_guy, Tenshinhan, Shatsume, Jejima, Benihana, Frakazu. Oortael and Pitinosato.

    And a total of four bashos with 8 or more wins, as predicted by WAKATAKE, MumboJumbo, Shinrei, Rocks, Konosato, Furuya, Morty, Shatsume, I am the Yokozuna, Benihana, Frakazu, James Jett and Pitinosato.

    So, MumboJumbo, Shinrei, Rocks, Shatsume, Benihana, Frakazu and Pitinosato all answered the last two questions correctly.

    Let's double check the first question.... MumboJumbo, Shinrei, Rocks, Shatsume, Benihana and Frakazu all got this correct - so we can only eliminate Pitinosato from the running.

    Hmmm, let's read the comments.

    Only Rocks and Shatsume left comments, so the yusho is between these two.

    The yusho goes to @Shatsume (Yushowinner...)

    The jun-yusho (via a play-off) goes to @Rocks (Secondprize...)

    Well, after five years, this poll will not be renewed for 2020, for the obvious reason.

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  12. Mitakeumi started Ozumo in March 2015. He has already won two Makunouchi yushos (and a Juryo Yusho)!  

    Will 2020 be the year that he pushes onto Ozeki - or more?

    So far (January 2020), he has been ranked at M2W, when he got a 7-8 losing record. The lowest rikishi that he has lost to so far this year was M8W Ryuden. So those are the base lines for the questions. 

    Previous polls:


  13. This was Mitakeumi's record for 2019, and the for the first basho 2020....

    Jan - K1W (8-4-3)
    Mar - K1E (7-8)
    May - K1W (9-6)
    Jul - S1E (9-6)
    Sep - S1E (12-3, yusho)
    Nov - S1E (6-9)
    Jan - M2W (7-8)

    So, his lowest rank on the banzuke for the period specified was M2W - as predicted by Churaumi, Jejima, I am the Yokozuna, James Jett and Pitinosato.

    Kisenosato is excluded from the calculations, due to his intai last year (record was 1 win to M - 0 losses - 5 did not meets)

    His records against the other 5 for 2020 was as follows: (wins for M - losses for M - did not meets)

    Hakuho: 1-3-2 WRONG were chishafuwaku, Rocks, Morty, RabidJohn and I am the Yokozuna

    Kakuryu: 2-2-2 CORRECT were Terao, WAKATAKE, chishafuwaku, Rocks, Morty, Shatsume, Jejima and Benihana

    Takayasu: 1-2-3 WRONG were Sue, Terao, MumboJumbo, WAKATAKE, chishafuwaku, Rocks, Kyokufuji, Morty, Churaumi, RabidJohn, Shatsume, Jejima, I am the Yokozuna, Benihana, Oortael and Sherlockiama.

    Goeido: 2-2-2 CORRECT were Sue, Terao, MumboJumbo, WAKATAKE, chishafuwaku, Rocks, Kyokufuji, Morty, Churaumi, RabidJohn,  Tenshinhan, Shatsume, I am the Yokozuna, Benihana, Oshirokita, Oortael, James Jett, Pitinosato and Sherlockiama.

    Tochinoshin: 1-2-3 WRONG were Sue, Terao, MumboJumbo, WAKATAKE, chishafuwaku, Rocks, Kyokufuji, Morty, Churaumi, RabidJohn, Shatsume, Jejima, Benihana, Oshirokita and Oortael.

    The lowest rank that Mitakeumi lost to in 2019 was M5W - TWICE - and BOTH times to Ryuden. (He has already beaten that record for 2020 by losing to M8W in January, who was (what a surprise), Ryuden.) Terao, WAKATAKE, I am the Yokozuna, Oshirokita and James Jett all correctly guessed M5.

    Based on the first and third questions, there will be a yusho play-off (based on their answers for question #2) between I am the Yokozuna and James Jett....

    The yusho goes to @James Jett  (Yushowinner...)

    The jun-yusho goes to @I am the Yokozuna (Secondprize...)


  14. On 14/02/2020 at 13:18, Oortael said:

    Takakeisho Y
    Terunofuji O1 Asanoyama
    Takayasu  O2 Hokutofuji

    I'm going with the re-promotion of 2 former ozeki during 2021, along with Takakeisho taking the belt during 2020. I also hesitated to bring another Ozeki in, but 6 guys at the top seems a bit too much.

    My mistake (now corrected above). This should be for the January 2021 banzuke, not 2022.

  15. Takakeisho began his Makunouchi career in January 2017.  He began his sanyaku career in January 2018.  He won his first ever yusho in November 2018. He became an Ozeki (twice!) in 2019.

    He is currently the youngest rikishi currently in Makunouchi - although Takagenji took the record from him for a while in 2019, and there are four rikishi in total in Juryo that are younger than the Ozeki.

    How will this young man (aged 23) do in 2020?

    Please expand on your votes in the comments below.

    Previous Takakeisho polls:


  16. Takakeisho's 2019 went like this....

    Jan - S1E (11-4 Jun-Yusho)
    Mar - S1E (10-5)
    May - O2E (3-4-8)
    Jul - O2E (0-0-15)
    Sep - S1W (12-3 Jun-Yusho via play-off)
    Nov - O2E (9-6)

    So, all six bashos ranked in the sanyaku, as predicted by 70% of us, namely MumboJumbo, Ginkitsune, Shinrei, Kyokufuji, Morty, wys, Tenshinhan, Shatsume, Jejima, I am the Yokozuna, Benihana, Oshirokita, Pitinosato and Sherlockiama.

    Takakeisho's longest win-streak (which he achieved on four occasions, including twice in September) was five. Ginkitsune came closest with six.

    The 'silver fox' was also one of the 80% who correctly predicted that Takakeisho would be ranked at Ozeki for January 2020.  

    So the yusho clearly goes to @Ginkitsune (Yushowinner...).


  17. So, how will the top of the banzuke look in a little over a year from now?

    (This is a difficult question, I think!)

    Please leave your actual prediction for the top two ranks for the January 2021 banzuke in the comments below like this...

    Elsa Y1 Anna
    Sven Y2 
    Marshmallow O1 Kristoff
    Olaf O2 Oaken


    - then we can see who is closest at the end of the year, to award a yusho for this poll.

    Previous polls:


    2012 - not polled

  18. Hi everyone - one yusho later than normal (but that is taken into account in the poll) - as the first yusho of the year has already been won by M17W Tokushoryu.

    I have changed this year's questions a little, due to the sparcity on top of the banzuke....

    Which ranks do you think will win the Makunouchi yushos in 2019?  

    Please write your predictions in the comments below.

    Please also mention which rikishi (give names!) you think will actually win the yushos (and how many).

    Similar polls can be found for previous years below.


  19. In 2019, the yushos were won as follows....

    Jan - S1W Tamawashi (13-2)
    Mar - Y1E Hakuho (15-0!)
    May - M8W Asanoyama (12-3)
    Jul - Y1E Kakuryu (14-1)
    Sep - S1E Mitakeumi (12-3, after play-off)
    Nov - Y1W Hakuho (14-1)

    So, all three Tokyo yushos won by rikishi ranked below Ozeki, with the three 'out-of-town' yushos won by Yokozunas. 

    Terao, WAKATAKE, MumboJumbo, Konosato, RabidJohn, Churaumi, Shatsume, Andonishiki, Hakuhonofan and Pitinosato all predicted three yushos by Yokozunas.

    Nobody predicted three yushos by the below Ozeki ranks. Sue, chishafuwaku, Konosato, Morty, Hakuhonofan, Jejima and I am the Yokozuna came closest with two.

    So the yusho here goes to a play-off between Konosato and Hakuhonofan.  Konosato did not make any comments. Hakuhonofan correctly predicted two yushos for Hakuho and one for Kakuryu - so the yusho goes to....

    @Hakuhonofan (Yushowinner...)

    Jun-yusho for...

    @Konosato (Secondprize...)

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  20. Somehow in my family's rush to leave Hong Kong and set up again in the UK, I forgot all about the 'annual polls'.

    The January 2020 banzuke looked like this for the top two ranks...

    Hakuho Y Kakuryu
    Takakeisho O Goeido

    I have gone through all of the predictions, and by a whisper I am awarding the yusho to @Kyokufuji (Yushowinner...)
    @Shinrei is awarded the jun-yusho after losing in a close-play off. (Secondprize...)