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  1. Jejima

    Games Bugs

    The sumo games deadline is usually a very helpful tool. But there are times (such as now), when it is very late to be updated, and I think on at least one occasion, it was not updated for the basho. So, please do not 100% rely on it.
  2. Jejima

    Games Bugs

    The deadline for Bench Sumo is 2 pm FRIDAY, but that is Japan time, which will be earlier in many other places, (Thursday night in the USA, I believe). The early deadline is to give the torikumi makers plenty of time to craft the first few days, so we need to know who is 'in'. BUT, you can still change your squad AFTER the deadline up to 2 hours before the Makunouchi bouts begin on the SUNDAY (Japan time). So, it is always wise to enter a quick 'placeholder' squad as soon as the entry website is up, which you can then change later, if you so wish. Most Bench Sumo players have been caught out by the early deadline once in their playing career. Usually after this happens, they remember for all future bashos!
  3. Jejima

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    Ugh 3. Tokoshoryu (I so wanted to say, Mitakeumi)
  4. Jejima

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (16th Wave)

    Jd50e Mudoho
  5. Jejima

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (15th Wave)

    ms57W Murata
  6. Jejima

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (14th Wave)

    Ms34e Kitanowaka
  7. Jejima

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (13th Wave)

    ms57W Murata
  8. Jejima

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (12th Wave)

    ms35W Yuki
  9. Jejima

    Banzuke Surfing Haru 2020 (11th Wave)

    J12e Hakuyozan
  10. 1) K-M2 - Hokutofuji2) M3-M6 - Mitakeumi3) M7-M11 - Kiribayama4) The rest of the bottom of Makuuchi - Tsurugisho5) Juryo - Terunofuji6) Makushita - Ryuko7) Sandanme and below - Hokutenkai
  11. Jejima

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2020

    1. Kotoshoho KK 2. Kotonowaka KK 3. Roga KK 4. Terunofuji KK 5. Amakaze KK 6. Suzuki KK 7. Daikisho KK 8. Kotosusumu KK 9. Yutakayama KK 10. Akua KK 11. Tokisakae KK 12. Kitanowaka KK 13. Shoji KK 14. Toma KK 15. Yoshii KK 16. Ito KK 17. Enho KK 18. Hidenoumi KK TB 20
  12. Jejima

    Kiribayama - New Kid on The Block

    He will need some time to adjust to his rank. He may go to the joi-jin for a basho, but he will start 2021 in mid-Maegashira. Edit: His exact rank will be M7E.
  13. Jejima

    Kotoshogiku *and* Shohozan - the veterans poll

    With these veteran polls, I find that it is usually wise to vote against retirements! But mediocre years for both, with 3 KKs each.
  14. Jejima

    Ryuden vs Abi in 2020... Ryuden Strikes Back?

    I think that Abi will end the year ranked higher, and with the better head-to-head record between the two. But, thanks to the January basho, I think that they will end up with a similar win record at the end of the year.
  15. Jejima

    Mitakeumi in 2020

    Mitakeumi is going to start his successful Ozeki run this March basho!
  16. Hakuho Y Kakuryu Takakeisho O Mitakeumi
  17. Jejima

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite will also follow Ozumo's example as far as possible.
  18. Jejima

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    Bench Sumo tries to mirror Ozumo as close as possible. Bench Sumo will take its guidance from Ozumo for this basho. My vote (in Jakusotsu's new game) is that the basho will end on day 15. As far as I understand, they are only planning to cancel the basho if any rikishi contracts the virus, and I still feel the odds of that happening are currently slim. So far there have been around 1000 confirmed cases in Japan, of which two are in Osaka. The population of Osaka is over 2.5 million. I have a feeling that the May basho in Tokyo (and the Olympic Games) are more at risk of being cancelled, than this one. So, what may happen? 1. The basho runs for 15 days with a few / some / loads of rikishi dropping out due to temperatures. Then Bench Sumo will run as usual (with possibility that some unfortunate players are playing with 6 or fewer rikishi in their squads - but if this is the case, I would imagine that most players would then have at least one or two absent rikishi themselves, so the disadvantage would not be so great.) 2. The basho ends early due to the virus, maybe after day 1, day 5, day 10 or later, and the kyokai says that no yusho will be awarded, and no 'record' will be used for banzuke purpose - i.e. every rikishi will keep his current rank for the May banzuke. Then Bench Sumo will do the same. If the kyokai in such a situation decides *not* to count the bouts that may have happened for head-to-head purposes (calling them all null-and-void), then Bench Sumo will do the same - including for Bench rikishi pay. 3. The basho ends early due to the virus, and a yusho is awarded based on the existing results (this, I would imagine, would be difficult to do, unless a rikishi is already leading the pack by a win or more - as I can't see how they can cancel a basho, yet organise a 'ketei-sen' - but who knows? It could happen.) - then Bench Sumo will also award yushos. If play-offs are required, we will use the play-off rules for the last day of action. If the kyokai will have a new banzuke for May (based on the results of a curtailed March basho), then Bench Sumo will also have a new banzuke. 4. The basho ends early due to the virus, yushos are awarded but no banzuke movement occurs for May - Bench Sumo will do the same. 5. The basho ends early due to the virus, yushos are NOT awarded, but banzuke movement does occur for May, based on the completed bouts - Bench Sumo will do the same. Those are the various possibilities that I can imagine for Ozumo, with the knock-on effect for Bench Sumo. As I said previously in this thread, I may have to make other 'rijicho' decisions due to whatever gets thrown up as the basho unfolds. Edit: If the basho does not last 15 days, the Kintamayama Challenge Cup would be cancelled. Sansho prizes would only be awarded if also awarded in Ozumo. There would be no change for the qualification levels for any of the three sansho prizes - which means that they might be difficult to obtain. If the basho is not fully annulled, then No Cigar Prizes and Yaocho Bum Awards can be awarded. Points towards the Zentoryu Quality of Sumo Award will still count, if the basho is not fully annulled. I will let Randomitsuki decide about what happens with the 'Most Competitive Player'. Jakusotsu can decide what happens with the Gochisozan Oyakata Prize, and Takanorappa can decide what happens with the Ichimon Challenge Flag. Have I covered all of the prizes?
  19. Jejima

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    I was hoping to be able to come up with a different slate - but I also think that this is pretty certain... Day 1 - YutakayamaDay 2 - Kakuryu
  20. Jejima

    Ichinojo in 2020 - on the way back?

    M17E I predict that his remaining five bashos of 2020 will be four 8-7s and one 9-6.
  21. Ozeki this year - possibly Yokozuna in early 2021. Only two jun-yushos, and no yushos. Longest streak? Just the 8.
  22. Jejima

    Makunouchi yushos in 2020

    Y Hakuho - 1 Y Kakuryu - 1 S Asanoyama - 1 S Hokutoriki - 1 K Mitakeumi - 1 M17 Tokushoryu - 1
  23. Jejima

    Hakuho - 16th time of asking

    Hakuho is still good enough to win one more yusho - but it won't be zensho. I can see him winning 50 bouts in total for this year - but he won't improve on his 14 streak.
  24. Jejima

    Bench Sumo news

    Many thanks! I am putting you down for day 1 Makushita - and that really does help!
  25. Jejima

    Drop Sumo Games Haru 2020

    Although I appreciate your idea, this will not be happening for Bench Sumo. Any rikishi at any time might break an ankle, and so could go kyujo without warning. This is pretty much the same as with any rikishi getting a high temperature. There have never been substitutes in Bench Sumo (in over 20 years). If a rikishi picks up a serious injury and goes kyujo, it is considered that the Bench Sumo rikishi has also picked up an injury (going down to 9 men). If that player loses 3 or 4 rikishi (this has happened several times in the past), then we consider that the player is 'ganbarising' with a serious injury. If a player loses one rikishi due to temp, we can consider that the player is also a bit poorly. Losing 3 or more to the 'temperature', and we can consider the player to be very poorly. (Besides, I doubt that the automation would even be able to cope with such a suggestion.)