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    Ichinoya Name changes

    Just noticed on the Sumo Forum calendar (posted by Kintamayama - who else?!) that it is nearly Ichinoya's 44th birthday, and I followed the link to his who's who page on goo sumo and saw that he has had two previous shikonas.... Tokunoshima and Tokunishiki. Again reason for the name changes? It's not like he's been awarded a grand name for making Juryo / Makunouchi / Sanyaku as is common with other rikishi. Also, his career record 426-453-3 is not bad (particularly his lack of kyujo (Blinking...) Jejima
  2. Jejima


    .....and as to my favourite Disc World character? I like the *only* one that appears in every book. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT (Blinking...) Jejima
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    I started reading Disc World after 'The Colour of Magic' first came out - yep one of the original fans :) I've read all the adult books since (and 'Eric'), fairly soon after they come out. For a fan new to the series, I would probably recommend 'Mort' to read first (book 4 in the series, I think). The first couple 'The Colour of Magic' and 'The Light Fantastic' are just a little too much of a spoof - and follow on from each other. The third book, 'Equal Rites' introduces some main characters (including Granny Weatherwax), but are not really like the finished versions. I think from Mort onwards, Pterry really gets into the swing of things. One complaint I have with his books (which is probably just me) is that the beginning of each book is great, but the endings tend to fizzle out a bit. (I really love the start of 'Pyramids' for example..... but the end? pfft...) I wonder if this is becuase he has a regular schedule of producing a book by November each year, ready for the Christmas market, and so sometimes has to rush things a bit?! At one stage I preferred his earlier books (maybe because they were the first ones that I read?). I didn't think 'Jingo', 'The Last Continent', Carpe Jugulum' and 'The Fifth Elephant' were as good as his previous ones (they were just going by the 'Pterry formula'). Having said that, his latest offerings, 'The Truth', 'Thief of Time', 'Night Watch' and 'Monstrous Regiment' I really enjoyed.... My top 6?.... (In no particular order...) 'Mort', 'Pyramids', 'Small Gods', 'Soul Music', 'Interesting Times' and 'Monstrous Regiment'. I have just received today (from Amazon), the new hardback novel, 'Going Postal'. It looks like it is another Ankh-Morpork setting :) I am going to save it up for my Christmas vacation. To get back on topic..... There is a sumo (non-flattering one I recall) reference in one of the Disc World books - just a paragraph I believe. As most of my collection is in England (I am living in Hong Kong) I can't check just now. I think it is in 'Interesting Times'. Maybe somebody could print that quote to go with this thread?! Jejima
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    An idea for a new sumo game

    @ Doitsuyama I suggested limiting it to the forum to make it our 'special game', and so easier to manage. A lot of games have players who turn up once, and are then never heard of again. This doesn't matter so much with most games (e.g. Bench Sumo), but with a game like the one I suggested it would matter. Ideally you would want every basho to be played with active players, or else it would make the game less fun if you had drones filling in all the time.... Forum members tend to be more dedicated, and they can be tracked down easily if need be ;-) Further, whilst the game is being tested, it would be better to keep it on a smaller scale. There are a lot of other games out there to be played by all :-S ....and to be honest I not really too bothered either way. to (Blinking...) Bench Sumo, I see your point, but this is surely VERY short term. After next basho Kaio will either be promoted to Yokozuna or not. If he isn't I can't seem him remaining that much more popular a pick than Chiyotaikai, and there is a good chance that Wakanosato might be pushed up to Ozeki. With all the young guns coming up, and about to start hitting sanyaku, I predict a very interesting time for Bench Sumo in 2005 under the current rules.... (Admin: Is there any way that this off-topic Bench Sumo bit be taken away to another thread?!) Jejima
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    An idea for a new sumo game

    @ aderechelsea - there needs to be some way to start the game off. A purely random way one would be one. First come first served would be another. But thinking about it, I would suggest that the first ranking would be done on the basis of the Super Banzuke. I know we don't all play the games, but this does give a rough idea of player's skill and commitment to sumo games.... The highest 16 playing based on the Super Banzuke would start off in the top division. The lowest ranking of them would get the first pick, with the highest ranking getting the 16th pick (I think this is the way the draft works for some North American sports?!?). The second division would be made up of the next sixteen players taking part. I doubt there would be need for a third division to start off with :) Of course after the first basho, it would be played based on the previous basho only. New players would be ranked at the very bottom based on how early they register, and would only get their picks after the players who'd played before have had theirs. I would suggest that this game would be played purely on this forum (ie no other posts etc elsewhere). Can anyone make the entry page? Jejima @ Jomojo (Blinking...) We've managed for the best part of three years with just one Yokozuna (think of the times when there were two Yokozunas and one was kyujo) in Bench Sumo.... But as you've raised the topic here, I will mention it in the next admin post ;-)
  6. Jejima

    For those in Japan

    I think the English commentary of Sumo on NHK was started up by Tom Quinn (now retired I believe), who was very good in my opinion. He sometimes pops up on the sumo mailing list. A lot of the current crop of commentators have been around since near the start. There is not much love lost between some of them (there have been some great cat fights on the sumo ML) Sumo World was started as a sort of 'hobby magazine' by Andy Adams - who has quite a fascinating history. He was part of the Iwo jima attack (I believe). He must now be in his late 80s, but used to occasionally appear on the NHK when I was in Japan. He sold the whole thing to Clyde Newton - who was the most loyal contributor - about 3 or 4 years ago for a BIG price. Clyde can't cope with the business side. Many people on the sumo ML feel he has stolen subscription money from them. (I'm owed about 3 or 4 copies from a couple of years ago). I've met Clyde for a beer with other sumo fans in Tokyo. He is a nice guy, but a little 'different'. (I suspect a touch of Asperger's Syndrome). What is needed is for someone to take over the business side (I believe Maeden / Kawika has tried to do something along these lines), and let him focus on the writing side. I miss Sumo World with its poor proof reading and all :)
  7. Jejima

    An idea for a new sumo game

    Great idea Here you go..... 16 players in a division. Each player gets 4 rikishi. To pick their rikishi all players rank all 70 rikishi in order of preference. Then 1st player gets to pick 1st, 32nd, 33rd and 64th. They get the rikishi which is highest on their preference list that has not been picked already. 2nd player gets to pick 2nd, 31st, 34th and 63rd etc, with 16th player getting 16th, 17th, 48th and 49th. Then each player will face each other player once throughout the basho (15 bouts over 15 days). The timetable having been planned and published in advance. They rank their 4 players daily in order (3 pts, 2 pts 1 pt and 0 pts) like Bench Sumo. Either you have tie-breaks or allow draws for equal points If any rikishi goes kyujo, the player who suffers gets their next pick (from their original list) from the remaining 6 rikishi immediately (ie they won't suffer from a fusensho loss) left over from the start. If there are more than 6 kyujo rikishi - tough (Blinking...) At the end of the basho, the player with the most picks wins :) Tie-break based on total number of points / then wins / then lowest ranked highest rikishi in a team. (ie a team headed by Wakanosato would beat a team headed by asashoryu on this tie-break). The top four move up a division, the bottom four move down a division. For the next basho the person who came 12th (from that division) gets first pick, then 11th gets 2nd all the way to 5th in the division (ie the division's non-movers), then the 16th from the division above (moving down), then 15th down to 13th. Then 4th (moving up), 3rd, 2nd and finally 1st (moving up a division). Of course in the top division, it is 12th down to 1st of non-movers, then 13th down to 16th of movers. The bottom division - and any division with kyujo players - would be filled up with drones using randam picks - AFTER the human players have made all their picks. Players are allowed one kosho basho and stay in the same division(and then get to pick last in the next basho after the other players in the order described above). Otherwise they are automatically come last in their division, and so will get demoted. For the bottom division (with a lot of drones), only human players are ranked for the purpose of moving up. Great idea. I hope this helps :) Jejima
  8. Jejima

    It has been a good basho

    Roto Sumo (First prize...) Wonder if I'll make sanyaku? (12-3Y at M5W should normally be enough, but it looks as if the sanyaku is already quite crowded. I don't envy Zentoryu!) Jejima
  9. Jejima

    English sumo publications

    go to check out the sumo mailing list search for 'sumo world' enjoy :)
  10. Jejima

    For those in Japan

  11. Jejima

    RotoSumo Scoring Record Set

    Now that Zentoryu's jinx is out of the way, Jejima managed to return to his 100+ scoring feat on day 13, and sets a new record in the process... (Feeling guilty...)
  12. Jejima

    For those in Japan

    Duh! Of course. David Shapiro is the guy who led the break-away of regular writers from Sumo World (partly helping its demise into what it is now), when he decided to start a rival sumo magazine called 'Inside Sumo'...
  13. Jejima

    For those in Japan

    Although I don't live in Japan anymore, I do remember David Shapiro's commentary (Holy Toledo! How can it be forgotten!) for NHK. When I first started watching sumo, I used to really enjoy his commentary, as he really animated the procedures. However, as time went on, I came to dread his commentary.... Too many reptitive catch-phrases, and generally annoying. So, I think he is good for the English broadcast, as he helps new viewers to enjoy sumo. But other commentators appeal to the long-term fans. Does anyone else care to comment? Jejima
  14. Jejima

    Chaingang Massacre!

    Chain Gang is certainly one of my favourite games. Of course I'll keep playing it in its present form - and keep getting knocked out in the first week. *But* I still think one of the original ideas for this game - ie you are allowed to pick any rikishi during the basho, but you can only pick each rikishi once - would make this great game even better. I know Kintamayama would argue that this would make it too similar to SQ, but I would disagree. (That would be like comparing ISP to Sekitori-Toto.) In SQ you sometimes pick weak 'gamble' picks to save better picks for later on. But if this element were to be included in Chain Gang, this wouldn't happen, as any loss, and you would be out, so you probably wouldn't take big risks... Also with SQ, towards the end of the basho you tend to be scraping the bottom of the barrow when it comes to who to pick. If Chain Gang were to follow this format, you should still have reasonable picks left in the 2nd week, as you would only have to pick a total of 15 out of 66 (so less than a quarter). Jejima awaits Kintamayama to tell him (again) that this wouldn't be a good idea (Pulling hair...)
  15. Jejima

    RotoSumo Scoring Record Set

    I'd like to thank Kotonowaka (Crowned...) for my achievement. I hope that Zentoryu has not now jinxed me, as I go for 15 days.... (Shaking head...)
  16. Jejima

    Hakuho won!

    No disrespect to Hakuho, but as well as him winning it, I think Kaio lost the bout. Once again he bottled it when the pressure got to be too much. I think if Hakuho were in the same situation (maybe in November next year?!), he would not be so cautious. Kaio can still make Yokozuna, but he needs to get at least a jun-yusho, which means that Hakuho as well as Asashoryu need to start losing a bit for this to happen :) Jejima
  17. Jejima

    Yokozunas and Ozekis

    Will Kaio get the required number of wins to make Yokozuna? Will Wakanosato get promotion to Ozeki, either on his own merit, or with a 'lowered bar' to fill an Ozeki gap left by Kaio? Will we have the first Yokozuna-Ozeki in over 2 years? What do you think? Jejima :-O
  18. I'm getting a little excited about Kaio's chances for promotion. The way I see it is that on this basho's form, he only has one truly difficult opponent left, namely Asashoryu. Knowing Kaio, he may well bottle it against another lower ranked rikishi when his mind is elsewhere, but..... what is the MINIMUM that should be required of him to get the promotion to the top? Jejima (Running over the other guy...)
  19. Jejima

    Minimum requirement for Kaio's promotion

    :-O So you would be okay with a 12-3 Yusho? :-D
  20. Jejima

    Minimum requirement for Kaio's promotion

    Didn't Musashimaru make Yokozuna with two 'low' Yushos against a weakened field? (Getting punched...)
  21. Jejima

    Bench ML problems

    Hi! I think the admin email address would be directed to my old Japanese email address, with which I set up the Bench Sumo Mailing List. That address has been defunct for about 4 years now - and so I never received your email. I've tried to convince Yahoo Groups that I have changed email address, but they won't believe me :) I've checked out your email on yahoogroups using my moderator perks (something my old email address - as owner - granted my new email address), and I can see nothing abnormal...... Apologies as this doesn't really help.... (Jumping in ecstasy...) Jejima
  22. Jejima

    Bench Sumo Message

    Just 3 days left to register for Bench Sumo for this Basho :) If you are new to this list, you may like to try out this game, one of the most popular sumo games played :) We are currently recruiting for our new Jonidan Division. See you on the Bench Dohyo! Jejima (BS Rijicho)
  23. Jejima

    Bench Sumo Message

    Below is a copy of an email that I sent to the Sumo ML. Also, I am still drawing up the D2D gyoji schedule for November. If you can offer your services, please send an email to Cheers, Jejima Hi everybody, With the publishing of the latest banzuke, many sumo games spring into action. Most can be found on Kofuji's web-site par excellence, One of the games (and considered by many to be a particularly nice, friendly game) is Bench Sumo, now over 5 years old (or possibly 6?!) To play this game.... 1. Send an email to (we keep our emails separate to the main Sumo ML) 2. Go to to read the rules (don't worry if you don't understand them all, this game is much easier to pick up once you start playing) 3. Register yourself at (the earlier you do so, the higher your starting rank amongst the other rookies will be). 4. Enter your team for the up-coming basho before the deadline of 2 pm JST (Japanese Standard Time) Friday, 12th November. (This is for admin purposes). 5. Once you've entered an initial team, you are allowed to change it up to 2 pm Sunday 14th November. 6. Consider joining a Bench Sumo Ichimon (see for more details) 7. Re-read #4, as late entries are not accepted for any reason :) Enjoy our game! Jejima (BS Rijicho)
  24. Jejima

    What about games on ?

    Kofuji-zeki sent this message today to the Bench Sumo Mailing List:--- Jejima We are just in the midst of moving the sites to another server that should be much faster than the old one. Also hoping I can track down the problem with Sekitori-Toto that causes the scoring to fail and the server to choke. Should have it sorted in a day or too ... will advise when the games are available. This only affects games hosted on the sumogames server which includes: Bench Sumo ISP RotoSumo Sekitori-Toto ChainGang Juryo Game Regards, Kofuji
  25. Jejima

    Where Are You Now?

    Just to add some more stuff to this confusing debate.... The Republic of Ireland, the UK and some islands (eg The Isle of Man) make up the British Isles (not to be confused with Great Britain, which is the largest island in the British Isles). As far as I understand, Wales became legally incorporated as part of 'England' in the 10th Century, by 'annexation'. (Please don't flame me!), this is why laws etc are for 'England and Wales'. Scotland has its own laws, as does Northern Ireland (I think). Money is the same. England and Wales print their own money (in Wales, as it happens), Scotland and Northern Ireland print their own notes (which are not technically legal tender in England and Wales, although most shops will accept them.) When Wales was 'annexed' to England, the Welsh were promised a Prince to rule them who could not speak a word of English. They were conned, as the Prince given to them was the King of England's first-born son - who as a baby, couldn't speak a word of ANY language. The eldest son of the monarch is still called the Prince of Wales (currently Charles, Prince of Wales). The union between England (and Wales) and Scotland occured after the death of the 'Virgin' Queen Elizabeth, who naturally had no children. The next in line for the English throne was the Scottish King James (who despite being her Junior by about 30 years, had actually tried to marry her to make the union during her lifetime!) His mother was 'Bloody Mary, Queen of Scots', BTW, who Elizabeth had beheaded. From the Cathiolic point of view, Elizabeth was illegitimate (the daughter of Henry VIII's second wife, his divorce to his first not having been recognised by the Pope), and so Mary should have been the English Monarch. The upshot of this was that on the death of Elizabeth, the Scottish King became the English King too, (so it could be viewed as Scotland getting the upper hand here). The two flags of the countries were joined to make the original Union Flag (The crosses of George and Andrew]. Wales was not included as it was technically part of England (No Flames please!!!). It was either this King James, (or perhaps his son), who was responsible for the well-known King James Bible. Ireland was 'colonised' in the same way as Africa, North America etc were colonised, and the original inhabitants treated nearly as badly. The cross of St Patrick was added to the Union Flag (Union Jack as it is sometimes called). After much protesting in the early 20th Century, Ireland was granted its independence. This was planned to be for the WHOLE of the island, but there was a lot of violent protests in Ulster (one of the four Irish provinces), by the Protestants living there - who were descended from the colonisers, (and mostly had Scottish roots, BTW), the UK government decided to solve the short term problem, by retaining Northern Ireland (which was 6 out of the 9 districts belonging to Ulster. The remaining 3 districts were mostly Catholic, and so were allowed independence with the rest of Eire), but this of course caused the long-term problem which continues today. In short, England annexed Wales. Scotland then made a union (under a Scottish King) with the result. Then the Union colonised Ireland. Then Eire gained independence from the United Kingdom, leaving Northern Ireland under UK rule. All the above is from memory, and so probably has a number of errors- so please don't flame me :) Jejima