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  1. Jejima

    March 2004 Banzuke

    Correction! (Oops! ) I actually put Shimotori as KW and Miyabiyama as M1E (obviously). But my reasoning is still the same (but a little more diluted!)
  2. Jejima

    March 2004 Banzuke

    My entry for GTB has the following.... Wakanosato S Kotomitsuki Kakizoe K Miyabiyama Shimotori 1 Kyokushuzan Dejima 2 Kyokutenho I reason that both Miyabiyama and Shimotori have better claims for a Komusubi slot than Kyokushuzan going by wins and position alone. Also Miyabiyama makes a more attractive Komusubi on his likelihood to beat some of the top rankers. There is no need to have 3 komusubis, and so Shimotori only gets the M1 slot.
  3. Jejima

    Ozumo and steroids

    Now I am wondering who the Fuerst was? Apologies for my lack of German history knowledge! .......and apologies for.... (Being unsure...)
  4. Jejima

    LIVE or TV?

    Although watching sumo on TV is fun (especially if you're with a mate, and you are gambling 100 yen on each bout - the loser of the previous bout's gamble gets to choose their preferred rikishi in the next bout), it does not even come close to watching it live. I recommend buying a cheap seat at the kokugikan, and turning up about 12 pm. You can then take a seat on the cushions by the ring-side (no-one is using them then, and nobody really minds if you sit there - in fact, I think they're happy, as it makes it look as though the place is more busy for the TV viewers on NHK satellite). I usually like to sit opposite the TV cameras, and so get brief moments of fame ;-) Then, you get to play zabuton bingo... As the real owner of your seat turns up (and this doesn't usually happen until late in the Makushita bouts), you quietly take another zabuton. You can usually sit in the 'good seats' right up until the Yokozuna Dohyo-iri, when a lot of the zabuton patrons turn up. So you've seen all the lower divisions fight (and have cheered on Ichinoya! He has always won when I've attended, possibly because unlike for most of these lower ranked rikishi, he is getting a big cheer from up close!) You've watched all of the up-and-comers in Makushita, and you've seen both the Juryo and Makunouchi dohyo-iris and all of the Juryo bouts - so close you can taste the salt! You then go and buy a couple of beers, and cheer on your favourite rikishi from the balcony on the upper floor, leading the surrounding Japanese in the cheers! (Once when I went with a group of gaijin, we made it on to the late night Sumo round-up - Ozumo Digest - showing us all cheering in unison for Musashimaru!). With the smell, the atmosphere, bumping into oyakata (and posing with them for photos), meeting Takatoriki at the turn-style for the sub-way - it beats watching sumo on TV hands down ;-) (Blowing horn...) ;-) (Being unsure...) :-P
  5. Thanks to Yoavoshimaru for suggesting this poll. Unlike Asashoryu this rikishi (I think) is more difficult to predict. He has the potential to REALLY disappoint (ask Bench Sumo players over the past year), but on the other hand, he does have the potential to be a true dark horse.... So how will Kotomistuki do in March (assume no injuries etc)?
  6. Jejima

    How many will Kotomitsuki win in March?

    Darn, strangely 6-5-4y is missing so I suppose I'll have to vote 6-9 instead ;-) :-D erm, assume no injuries, AND NO VACATIONS! :-D
  7. Jejima

    How many will Kotomitsuki win in March?

    And I don't seem to have made a mistake with the poll form this time!! Wey-hey! ;-) :-D :-P :-) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...)
  8. Jejima

    How many will Asashoryu win in the March Basho?

    Whoops! (Oops! ) Is there any way that I can amend the poll? If not, any vote for 3-12 could be considered for 12-3.
  9. Jejima

    The Best of the Americans

    I voted 'other', with Sentoryu in mind. Not because he was the best wrestler of the Americans, but because of his dedication to the sport. Unlike other of the Americans who quit sumo when they didn't manage to make the big time on a regular basis (I'm talking about that big wave of Hawai'ians not included in the above poll), Sentoryu kept plugging away in the non-sekitori ranks, continuing to do tsukebito duty. Remember Musashimaru only saw sumo as a 'well paid job', if he had not made it as a top division regular, he would have retired a long time ago. To lesser extentrs, I would say that this is true of the others named in the above list. I was at the kokugikan on the day when Sentoryu got his 7th win (I hope my memory is not playing tricks on me here) in Upper Makushita that ensured that he would return to Juryo after a LONG absence - and eventually, after a few more basho he made it all the way to Makunouchi. Sentoryu was very strong for his relatively small stature. He only knew one type of sumo - that is to coming blasting out of the tachiai. Other rikishi knew this, and so a lot would 'henka' him. This may say something about Sentoryu's lack of dohyo-savviness, but I admire him because he would always do his style of sumo - and come out at full pelt no matter what. So here's to Sentoryu, 'best of the Americans!' (Applauding...) (Laughing...) (Applauding...) (On cloud nine...) (Dancing of joy...) (Lifting weight...) (Beware of the blue one...)
  10. Jejima

    Are Sumo fans Spring chickens?

    Hi! Well, it's not very scientific, but if you count Spring as March, April and May, Summer as June, July and August, Autumn as Sept, Oct and Nov, and Winter as Dec, Jan and Feb (apologies to Southern Hemisphere fans), then the accumulated total would suggest that there are slightly more Spring born sumo fans (or that there are slightly more sumo fans born in Spring who respond to sumo polls with 'Spring' in the title!) (Applauding...) Jejima BTW, The Queen's official birthday (and I believe all UK monarchs) is in June (I think - Aussies and Kiwis would know better, as I think it is a public holiday for them), and it is when she gets to 'troop the colour' ;-)
  11. Jejima

    The best recent Yokozuna at their peak

    I'm surprised by how much Takanoahana is winning this poll. Okay, I agree it was a bit unfair to include Asashoryu, but even if you take him out of the equation, I would have expected Akebono and Musashimaru to have been within spitting distance. How come the Moose has no votes at all? Are we suggesting that the last couple of years have not had as much 'quality sumo' from the Yokozuna as previously :-P (Jejima is playing devil's advocate)
  12. Jejima


    Does Josh know about this? (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (sorry, couldn't resist using these!)
  13. Jejima

    The best recent Yokozuna at their peak

    oh, this is not meant to be for a 'whole' basho (in which case, Akebono and Wakanohana may have problems competing in this poll, as neither have a zensho yusho, but on their one magical day (Clapping wildly...) Jejima
  14. Jejima

    What's your favourite daily Sumo game?

    Okay, so I'm biased, but I really enjoy Bench Sumo because so many people are involved in making it happen (count the number of gyoji for any one basho, and you'll see that this is truly a global effort). Especially after the problems of this basho, when I thought that we might have to call the whole thing null and void, to see how everyone rallied round to ensure that it was a great success, makes me (Clapping wildly...) . In addition, the game has evolved a lot over the past few years due to other players ideas - and has become better (although a lot more complex!) as a result. I feel that I know the other sumo gamers (and therefore sumo fans) a lot better due to the game, and so follow their results in other games. I have also been very fortunate to meet a number of the players (and hope to meet more) which might not have happened without the game. However, I do enjoy all of the daily games, but have taken a break from most over the past year due to time commitments. I'm intending to play a few more again, now that I'm in the right time zone, and more time on my hands.... I love the whole concept of Odd Sumo (especially the teams - does any team need an extra player for the next basho?). I like the challenge of Sekitoto (although I find picking some of the Juryo winners a bit of a toss of a coin). I have a love/hate relationship with the Sumo Game (depending on how well I'm doing). I love the history behind ISP (is it the oldest non-Japanese game? Or does Hoshitori have that honour), and I really love the concept behind the Chain Gang. I also think that it would be better to limit it to one pick for each rikishi..... but if this has been discussed before, how about limiting Yokozuna and Ozeki picks (and possibly all sanyaku?) to only one per basho? The other daily games I don't know well enough to comment on (Clapping wildly...) Jejima