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    Yamamotoyama, Toyonoshima, Sagatsukasa
  1. Tom

    So, was Harumafuji out or not?

    When I saw the video for the first time, I was absolutely certain he stepped out. But I guess its up for debate. Another gyoji might have stopped the match right there.
  2. Tom

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    Hate seeing kotoshogiku lose on the first day... Thanks for the vids!
  3. Tom

    Serbia Sumo

    Really nice thank you! Eastern Europe really seems to be a hotbed for amasumo. Hope I get the chance to train in it soon. Still no clubs in Belgium and the nearest club in Holland doesn't seem to reply to my mails. Anyway, they've got try outs on the 22nd and the 25th of january and I'm going to try out my luck then!
  4. Tom

    Kotoshogiku's Ozeki Party

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Short reaction on the content of the article: I think it's kind of weird that he says he wants to keep it standing and brawl. I see sumo as more of a grappling sport wich centers on controlling your opponent standing up and trying to get him to the ground without going for a traditional takedown. Kind of the same strongpoints a greco roman wrestler or a judoka has in mma. For example, Machida (a ufc fighter) trained a lot in sumo and often takes his opponents down using a leg trip he derived from sumo wich they obviously aren't expecting. Offcourse sumo doesn't have any submissions, but this also goes for greco roman wrestling. I'd think that, coming from a sumo background, avoiding submissions and focussing on ground and pound would be an easier transition than kickboxing. I do know sumo has some striking, but I don't see it being very useful for mma. Anyway, if it works for him, it works for him and I should just shut it. :)
  6. Tom

    Masunoyama story

    I keep hoping we'll see him back in makuuchi soon!
  7. Tom

    The Videos - Kyushu 2011 -Days 1-15

    I just want to use this reply to give my humble thanks to Kintamayama. Your videos make watching sumo so much more comfortable for the overseas sumo fans who aren't subscribed to Japan tv. Thank you lots!
  8. Tom

    Senshuraku videos

    Thanx for al the vids! Greatly appreciate it! And how about that Kaio indeed!:) By the way, does anyone know in wich division Yamamotoyama currently competes? Can't seem to even find him in Juryo, Makushita or Jandanme.
  9. This just made my day!
  10. Tom

    Videos - Today's bouts-Senshuraku

    Thanks for all the effort!
  11. Tom

    Videos - Today's bouts-Senshuraku

    Thanks a lot! I sent you two dishwashers, so you have a spare one.
  12. Tom

    Day 1 results and day 2 pairings

    I was really impressed with Toyonoshima (again)! I hope he can keep this up!
  13. Tom

    Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

    I yelled loudly and woke up my girlfriend when I saw Toyonoshima beating Baruto. I've been secretly hoping that the emperor's cup would go to Kaio or Toyonoshima this basho and my hopes just might become reality!
  14. Tom

    Preparations of the hiramaku-November 2010

    I'd just love to see someone break Futabayama's pre-war record as many thought it couldn't be done in modern times.