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    Sumo documentary videos

    Hi, I found this documentary on mongolian sumo and mongolian rikishi (in Japan), by Aljazeera TV. Maybe not very deep, but interesting anyway. PS: I didn´t know whether to put this reply on the "mongolian wrestling" topic or the "sumo documentary" topic. (Scratching chin...) But as this is a documentary and is (also) about japanese sumo, I used this topic.
  2. Kaji

    Jakarta jungyo

    Great pics! (Applauding...)
  3. Hi, I don't know it this documentary has already been posted in any thread, but I think it's a good one. It's about Osunaarashi, the Egyptian rikishi (who, if I remember correctly, put some posts in this forum before going to Japan). Hope you'll enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOV2nEGUtXI
  4. Kaji

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    Thanks, Arabira
  5. Kaji

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    Thanks, Kinta-san
  6. Kaji

    Harumafuji's 2nd Yusho

    It is great to see HAruMAfuji doing a fantastic basho, in being able to face Hakuho and taking his second yusho. I hope it'll be a zensh
  7. Kaji

    Second greatest ozeki

    In the XVIII and XIX centuries the title of Yokozuna was mainly honorific, more related to politics than to a sumotori's records in the doy
  8. Kaji

    Second greatest ozeki

    Kashiwado was a Yokozuna, wasn't he? Maybe Tochiazuma, Chiyotaikai and Takanohana Kenshi could compete with Kaio in the "contest" of the gratest ozeki ever.
  9. Kaji

    Paean to an Ancient Warrior

    It may look over-sentimental, even cheesy but I had tears in my eyes as read some of comments above. (I am not worthy...) Good bye Kai
  10. Kaji

    Kaio retires

    (Happy goodbyes...) (I am not worthy...) Bye Kaio-zeki. We'll all miss you in the doy
  11. Kaji

    Kaio's new record

    Kaio, even stumbling and with less-than-great bashos in the last few years, finally achieved 1046 career victories, a new record. Congratulations Kaio-zeki (Sigh...)
  12. Kaji

    SFM 35....

    :-) (Yusho winner...) Timely topic
  13. Kaji

    Futabayama, 35th Yokozuna

    :-) Great pics! Dom
  14. Kaio, who in the last years became one of the kings of kadoban, the master of 8-7 and whose retirement has been almost demanded by many, is doing his best basho since 2004. Gambarite Kaio-san!! (Sign of approval...)
  15. Kaji

    Stefan Gelow's Sumo Page

    (I am not worthy...) Arigatou
  16. An article about this in the Japan Times. It is a pity that such a feat (3 yusho without defeat and 47 victories in a row --and still counting) has been overlooked by the recent scandals. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20100804a7.html
  17. Kaji

    Sumo documentary videos

    Thanks for this documentary (I am not worthy...) (Sign of approval...)
  18. Kaji

    Sumo documentary videos

    Hi in bygone days you could find "Mongolian Eagle" (english version) online, but I think it is no longer possible (and even then, watchable just in some areas). I don't know if you are interested on that, but you can find "Sumo Science", a NHK Beyond the Naked Eye documentary, in Youtube.
  19. Kaji

    Goeido Yusho!

    Goeido vs Kottoshu ;-)
  20. Kaji

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    :-O ;-) Goodbye Grand Champion...
  21. Kaji

    Hokutoryu reaches milestone

    Ganbare Hokutoryu! (Neener, neener...)
  22. Kaji

    Yokozunae preparations- Hatsu 2010

    Pardon my ignorance or naivete, but isn't rikishi forbiden to drive cars? Is Asashoryu going to have a chauffeur? (In a state of confusion...)
  23. Kaji

    A Tale of Two Yokozuna: Triumph of the Ewoks

    It's said he used a straw from the tawara to tie it up. That's correct. The bout continued for a while with Tochi's hair untied. When there was finally a pause in the action, the gyyoji halted the bout and Tochi went down to dohyo-shita to retie his mage. There is a famous picture of Tochi standing dohyo-side with loose hair, looking very much like a warrior out of a Kurosawa samurai film after a long, tough, battle. Could have been this fight? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_kQZQtSP2k
  24. Kaji

    Unknown Asashoryu

    For hose who know the language that subtitles this video and don
  25. Kaji

    Unknown Asashoryu

    This documentary looks great... (Clapping wildly...) Thanks (Being ninja...) But... 私は日本語を理解しない (I do not understand japanese...) (Weeping...) (Weeping...) (Weeping...)