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  1. Kaji

    Sumo documentary videos

    Hi, I found this documentary on mongolian sumo and mongolian rikishi (in Japan), by Aljazeera TV. Maybe not very deep, but interesting anyway. PS: I didnĀ“t know whether to put this reply on the "mongolian wrestling" topic or the "sumo documentary" topic. (Scratching chin...) But as this is a documentary and is (also) about japanese sumo, I used this topic.
  2. Kaji

    Jakarta jungyo

    Great pics! (Applauding...)
  3. Hi, I don't know it this documentary has already been posted in any thread, but I think it's a good one. It's about Osunaarashi, the Egyptian rikishi (who, if I remember correctly, put some posts in this forum before going to Japan). Hope you'll enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOV2nEGUtXI
  4. Kaji

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    Thanks, Arabira
  5. Kaji

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    Thanks, Kinta-san
  6. Kaji

    Second greatest ozeki

    In the XVIII and XIX centuries the title of Yokozuna was mainly honorific, more related to politics than to a sumotori's records in the doy
  7. Kaji

    Harumafuji's 2nd Yusho

    It is great to see HAruMAfuji doing a fantastic basho, in being able to face Hakuho and taking his second yusho. I hope it'll be a zensh
  8. Kaji

    Second greatest ozeki

    Kashiwado was a Yokozuna, wasn't he? Maybe Tochiazuma, Chiyotaikai and Takanohana Kenshi could compete with Kaio in the "contest" of the gratest ozeki ever.
  9. Kaji

    Paean to an Ancient Warrior

    It may look over-sentimental, even cheesy but I had tears in my eyes as read some of comments above. (I am not worthy...) Good bye Kai
  10. Kaji

    Kaio retires

    (Happy goodbyes...) (I am not worthy...) Bye Kaio-zeki. We'll all miss you in the doy
  11. Kaji

    Kaio's new record

    Kaio, even stumbling and with less-than-great bashos in the last few years, finally achieved 1046 career victories, a new record. Congratulations Kaio-zeki (Sigh...)
  12. Kaji

    SFM 35....

    :-) (Yusho winner...) Timely topic
  13. Kaji

    Futabayama, 35th Yokozuna

    :-) Great pics! Dom
  14. Kaio, who in the last years became one of the kings of kadoban, the master of 8-7 and whose retirement has been almost demanded by many, is doing his best basho since 2004. Gambarite Kaio-san!! (Sign of approval...)
  15. Kaji

    Stefan Gelow's Sumo Page

    (I am not worthy...) Arigatou