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  1. Andonishiki

    Bench Sumo news

    yappa dappa doooooh back in the top flight my life has a meaning again !
  2. Andonishiki

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    hey Panda, can we meet again in sg pls, idealy on senshuraku ? i need that kinboshi soooo badly ;)) cheers guys
  3. can this game 'Guess Kisenosato's Aite' exist after Kise's intai ?? I'm not sure.... this needs a deep & thorough discussion & analysis. for this basho, I'm out. the 72nd Yokozuna (and his historic 8-consecutive-loss-record) may Rest in Peace
  4. for a makushita yusho, one needs seven wins. you have very likely a day break beteeen your bouts. you cannot lose anybouts for a juryo yusho you normally need at least 11 wins (incl ketteisen if any). no breaks, 15 days. you can lose a few. but opponents are much stronger therefore my conclusion is that Juryo yusho is FAR more difficult than makushita
  5. Andonishiki

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    so here's my updated prediction for this basho after 2 days.... for the Top Ten Hakuho.... not 100% fit, but still better than most others... experience, ring sense, skill -> at least 12 wins, yusho contender Kakuryu... ok-ish shape - should stop pulling/going backwards... 9-10 wins Kise.... it's all wins, intai within this week Yasu...3-4 wins at best, kyujo after a few consecutive losses, kadoban 'normal' shape. will get 8 wins, most of them gifted Shin... injured, max 2 wins, kyujo in week one Mitakeumi... regained strength, 11 wins, restart Ozeki-run, Jun-yusho possible Takakeisho... best momentum at the moment, expecting a 7-0 and a 10-2, yusho contender, Ozeki in Nagoya or Aki ?! Ichinojo... solid sumo, got smarter. 9 wins, aiming for Sekiwake Onosho... going for the best of Maegashira performance, expecting 11-4-> M1 or K in Osaka Aminishiki, Takekaze to accompany (=escort ?) Kise on the path to Danpatsushiki..... tomorrow (day 3) might be the very last chance to see all three fighting in the ring crystal ball closed for today :)
  6. Andonishiki

    Metasumo 2019

    may those 8 games win tons of trophies: pandaazuma gurowake andonishiki ganzohnesushi mariohana mcbugger gawasukotto hana ichi
  7. nice start into 2019 missed the pre-basho Friday line-ups again grrrr
  8. Andonishiki

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2019

    takayasu 1 or 2 tochinoshin 1 or 2 Hak/kak combined 2 or 3 goeido nil mitakeumi nil one newbie, maybe abi/endo/yyama/yago 1
  9. Andonishiki

    Aminishiki in 2019 - the veteran question

    Hatsu 19 will be his final basho, two or three wins only. u cant beat the tooth of time
  10. Andonishiki

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    Dearest Panda, first of all CONGRATS to your performance, superb guesswork again ! personally, i believe the rank of YOKOZUNA is very special. an honor that only 73 humans ever got awarded. The GODs of SUMO. these are athletes who know their body very well, which showed trumendous discipline, trained every day for a looong period of time. When they enter the ring, they are supposed to win 80-90%, a 12-3 or better is expected... Kisenosato knew about his condition... he probably was overconfident.... or.... he got pushed hard to enter the tournament by the kyokai, his oyakata his koenkai, the media, some fans, etc etc. We all saw what happened. We all experienced a sad athlete who couldnt perform the way, he was expected to. He tried hard, he did all he can, but his opponents were stronger, faster, showed better technique. He's the only Jpn yokozuna, there hasnt been one before him for many many years, so people want to see him. but they want to see him win and live up to the expectation of his rank. Being a yokozuna beings along lots of obligations. Y1e is the best of all, the top spot, the dominant athlete of this sport. Just showing up, in my humble opinion, is not enough
  11. Andonishiki

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    well, they really DID promote the ‘zero win - lose only -make a fool of himself -too stupid even for a yacho win - yokoclown’ shows the importance of ‘showing up’, helping ticket sales (was already sold out before, wasnt it) and creating news headlines. i have to accept this judgement... a 0-0 in bench also needs a winner, so here’s to Kise Y1e !!! May a lot of benchplayers chose him in hatsu ! i had Y1 Haku - Kak, Y2 Kise, therefore i missed out on 5 points... than the score wud be 68. That wud my my best score and rank ever, but well...the rest went very well and the overall rank even improved from #10 to #8. That’s good. A merry & blessed christmas to all of you, a very happy, joyful & healthy 2019. May peace prevail on planet Earth
  12. Andonishiki

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    sorry guys, but if Kise really gets the Y1e spot, i will call it RIDICULOUS ! How many fights did he win in Kyu’18 ? ZERO same number has Hakuho and Kakuryu. How can he improve his ranking just by showing up ? just for mounting the dohyo ? Is the yoko dohyo-iri worth the higher rank ? A clear NO for me. so anything else than Y1e Hakuho Y1w Kakuryu Y2e Kisenosato would be a bad bad decision in my view. Same number of wins should be treated same and ZERO wins for a yok cannot lead to a higher rank. For any other rank this might be different, but for a yok, not showing up is definitely better than showing up, but not even winning one... Handing out kinboshi to fellow rikishi in need ?? can the kyokai reward this ? zettai dame