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  1. Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) Natsu 2018 ENTRY+STANDINGS

    wow, I found a game, which still shows me on top after 8 days... amazing. GO GO GO
  2. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    day 10 shohozan
  3. Today's betting odds for the bouts

    the guys havent figured out that all the winners are posted in the inside door of the higashi shitakubeya fridge at 15:50 JST each day... small postit, all Nihongo, Kanji of course... hidden in a flyer of a nearby chanko-ya san this little paper distroys itself after 634 secs (mu-sa-shi) pls keep this info stlictri konhidensharu
  4. Natsu 2018 Superbanzuke Ranking

    brilliant work Rando ! scoring in 15 of 20 games.... nice ! that’s new PB, I guess and the good result in NC might lift me two spots up to #14 and back above the magical 3000 pts line. It’s time for the next step - TOP TEN and 4000 points - to be achieved by Kyushu ‘18 ! GO FIGURE
  5. Games Bugs

    now i’m even more worried, HELP !
  6. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    day 4 Hakuho can i start 0-0-3 and still reach 8-4-3 ?? unlikely but retsutrai
  7. Games Bugs

    ?? after two lucky days and 40+ players still in, where am I flying to ?? but one thing got me very worried, i didnt make a pick for day 3 yet for sure, just got out of work, but the webpage said, that i picked already !! someone hacked my account ??
  8. Bench World Cup 2018

  9. Bench World Cup 2018

  10. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Kaisei) - May 2018

    1. Abi 2. Kaisei 3. Mitakeumi i like all three but Abi was never GKA star, was he ?
  11. This May sound familiar- GTB

    I think u got Tochiozan too high and Onosho will stay in, taking Kotoeko‘s place. the rest looks remarkably good, i predict 57 pts guddo rakku :)