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  1. Andonishiki

    Tipspiel Banzuke Kyushu 2023

    wooow, that’s what i call PROMOTION ;) Top Ten player (again?) with a clear shot on sanyaku. will i blow it (again) ?
  2. Andonishiki

    Metasumo 2023

    c'mon Jeeeez, show us some BIIIIG Aki-Sumo. you did it in the past, you can do it again ! Ranks 7-11 are so tight, therefore 50 points from you could make the difference. Analyse thoroughly, drink a single malt highlander, then sleep well - the next morning you pick your teams aaannnd Yuuuushoooo
  3. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    Die Sonne scheint bei Tag und Naaaacht, EVIVA Espana !!
  4. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    Hopp Sverige !
  5. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    woooah, what a thriller !! 3-3 vs GOS - incredible no loss, it allows to leave the pitch proudly. andonishishi applauds his two kids to reach the knock-out stages and promises NOT to interfere in their line-ups or even give the slightest hint. ... himself he will accept the role to play in the loser bracket and strongly hopes to meet GOS again in the end ! going for a nice fish restaurant on the Danish beach tonight (look up Liseleje), maybe they serve.... sushi ;)
  6. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    to all you FANTASTIC gyoji - you're doing an AWESOME job with all the updates and and explanations what wud happen if xyz wins ! you spend sooo much time & effort on this competition - for us - the players ;) from andonishiki family driving to Danmarrk Legoland (without aminoumi). ... our line ups for round 3 should be all in
  7. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    quick side note - if you're watching girls footie and you got REALLY bored (like me), why not improve your Jpanese skills. Use a very easy way and do it like Jpn kids do - check out the Youtube channel: Suisui Ondoku native speaker is reading out texts (different level starting at primary one) and you can listen and read at the same time. pause/repeat whenever u like
  8. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    after lengthy discussions within the family, all line-ups have been submitted. Try to explain the rules to a seven year old... I hardly know the rules myself. anyway - Round 1 is fully prepared - let's go Nishiki-beya !!
  9. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    can we PUREEASE stick to the main topic of this thread, which is Reinhold Hintermaier and discuss his testosteron levels !!?
  10. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    omg, daughter and daddy in the same group.... this smells like Yaocho remember Austria vs Germany 0-1ón (Nichtangriffspakt von Gijon) ???
  11. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023

    so, make it official: andonishiki, chiyonosora (younger son) and aminoumi (daughter) are willing to play
  12. Andonishiki

    Bench Women's World Cup 2023 - any interest?

    andonishiki and my youngest son chiyonosora are in... we're on holiday July 29-Aug12, but hopefully there's mobile web access in Danmark Legoland and nearby beaches. Forza Nadeshiko Japan !! btw, the new Panini sticker album for the Woman's World Cup is out ! ... ask your local drug dealer ;)
  13. Andonishiki

    Metasumo 2023

    1-5 Susanoo 6-10 pandaazuma 11-20 Andoreasu 21-40 andonishiki 41-80 Taka 81-120 Jejima 121-200 SumoSpiffy 201+ Wakudoyama 2023 will be AMAZING
  14. Andonishiki

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    one of the most difficult banzuke to predict in this century… wasnt it ? well, looking at the points, it’s absolutely stunning that our current HEAD of the TABLE has beaten everyone else by a landslide… 70 points !!!! TEN points ahead to the runner-up. That’s what’s called dominance ! Panda, how the heck do you do this ?? How many smoked nights did it take in the backstreet bars of Ryogoku to mingle with the Kyokai grandpas ? You’re in a different league and deserve full credit - Yusho speech please ! myself…. well - fifth mk in a row, but at least a 7-8 is close and the 60th GtB is a reason to cheer. My father in law, a 81yr old Japanese retired medical professor, using shikona WAKUDOYAMA, had his best result ever - 4th place ! Hope he’s not telling all his OldBoyz about GtB, then kk chances will get ever lower. Now the goal is to teach him about other Sumo games and recruit for our bright & PINK Sakura-beya. May the year of the rabbit 2023 bring health & fortune to all your families, friends and yourself. and may it finally bring the ICF flag to Sakurabeya. Newly joined Danjinoumi will become a big factor. Yoi o-toshi o !