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  1. day 3 Oho backup hiradoumi
  2. Andonishiki

    Should Basho Be Taken From Kyushu?

    lots of rikishi from lovely Kyushu, keep it there ! Jan Tokyo Mar Osaka May Tokyo July Sapporo Sep Kyushu Nov Nagoya
  3. day 3 - Tokitenku - Rest in peace
  4. Andonishiki

    Bench World Cup 2022

    pls sign up andonishiki
  5. Andonishiki

    New 'Hokutofuji' for Guess Kisenosato's Aite game

    1. Tobizaru 2. Daieisho 3. Wakamotoharu 4. Kiribayama background arguments... Hoshoryu will become an Ozeki, maybe even Yok soon, then he will win too often to be a fun GKA culprit... Tamawashi is 37. he might continue another 2yrs but after the second Yusho he might be saturated and call it quits soon Kotonowaka could also become an Ozeki.... see Hoshoryu Ichinojo is too heavy, too slow, too lethargic, too inflexible.... i like him as a babyfaced monolith, but his yusho was a one hit wonder and i see him retire if an injury occurs.
  6. Andonishiki

    New 'Hokutofuji' for Guess Kisenosato's Aite game

    Round of 16: 1. Takanosho 2. Ichinojo 3. Takayasu 4. Abi 5. Kiribayama 6. Daieisho 7. Wakamotoharu 8. Hoshoryu
  7. Andonishiki

    Aki 2022 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    woooohooooo - made the Top Ten !! simply amazing. most of the basho was shite, but three games made the difference. also achieve a milestone in sumogame: at least 100 wins and at one yusho in EACH division. Congrats to all, who made the Masters List -we're all HEROES.... till mid Nov at least
  8. Dearest Achiyama - i shud have properly read your rules - the new deadline: midnight EDT That is 1pm Tokyo time if i calculate correctly, -> 6am European Central Time during summer time. I submit picks on weekdays early morning right after waking up to avoid missing kyujo announcements. very likely i will miss your deadline on many days, therefore i'll better drop out for Aki'22. i will decide about intai before Kyushu basho thanks for running the game, it's A LOT of work and much appreciated.
  9. Andonishiki

    Aki 2022 discussion (results)

  10. Andonishiki

    Nagoya 2022

    i didnt know that there's anything 'beyond ridiculous' exciting expression ;)
  11. Andonishiki

    Nagoya 2022

    it's ridiculous. They should stop this basho after a ketteisen of Ijo and Teru, then send everyone home with free tickets for Nagoya 2023 This is fraud and should not be accepted by the audience without outcry. Seven fusen out of 18 matches planned for today on the list... that's a 39% drop-out rate. what about day 14 and 15 ? can they get enough matches together ? you need rikishi that havent fought each other from different stables... ....maybe fight from home office
  12. Andonishiki

    Bench Sumo news

    @ Spiffy - great to have you on board ! Looking at your avatar, it's dark PINK ! That means, there's only ONE ichimon, you should join.... SAKURA ! We are the coolest, pinkest and recently fast growing ichimon - most of our members are young, have a pink heart and love spring. We havent won the ICF flag for many years, but that's about to change soon !! many presents wait for SAKURA newcomers, just text me if you need more info. best is, you answer right here, right now by replying 'I join Sakura', then you'll be a happy sumogamer for all of your career ;) hakkeyoi
  13. Andonishiki

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - May 2022 edition

    Dear all, due to ongoing incapabiliy to enter picks in time... reasons: work, kids, alcohol, football, women, pokemon, bitcoin, brain failures etc, i decided to declare INTAI from the fabulous GKA game... once I'm retired, old, abstinent, stinking rich, smart or all of those mentioned above i might return with a different shikona a heartful & tearful thank you for all the wonderful moments PROST -- Jakusotsu is a hero --
  14. Andonishiki

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - May 2022 edition

    day 5 Terunofuji
  15. Andonishiki

    Invitation for Makushita Game: Natsu 2022

    dear Rando, dear Game administrator, i picked my 15 guys for ms game and received a confirmation mail... but nowhere to be seen on the results table. Itachiyama told me, he has the same issue. could u pls have a closer look and tell us where to send the confo mail to, if needed ? thanks a lot