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  1. Getayukata

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2023

    Ooops, you are right! it was late and I was half asleep when I wrote that. Can I amend my guess to Wakatakakage - 2, Hoshoryu - 1, Kotonowaka - 1, Takayasu - 1, Kiribayama - 1
  2. Getayukata

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2023

    6 kinboshi to Wakatakakage - 2, Hoshoryu -1, Mitakeumi - 1, Kotonowaka - 1, Takakeisho - 1
  3. Getayukata

    Nagoya 2022 day After pics overview

    I thought exactly the same. If this is Ichinojo being happy, then I sure wouldn't like to see a photo of him being sad!
  4. All of this reminds me of this classic snippet from Youtube! Why sumo is better than karate.
  5. Getayukata

    Happy Birthday, Jejima!

    Happy Birthday Jezz!
  6. Getayukata

    New kesho mawashi

    Love the red Fuji!
  7. Getayukata

    Games Bugs

    After getting the confirmation emails every basho I entered for more years than I care to remember, my day 1 confirmation emails turned out to be in my spam box this time. I have no idea why this happened, but it has been fixed for day 2.
  8. Getayukata

    Games Bugs

    All seems to be well for Day 2, so I am guessing that Jakusotsu has it right and I somehow reset things when I resubmitted. The email confirmations I found later in my spam box - quite what they were doing there I don't know, but hopefully I've got that sorted out now too.
  9. Getayukata

    Games Bugs

    I got my entry in for day 1 Bench Sumo, received the 'thank you for your entry, an email has been sent to etc etc', but never received the actual email. I tried resubmitting several times, but always the same result. This morning I see that my intended entry was not recorded, and the default torikumi entry was used . Consequently I lost my match on the bench! I have not had time to check on my other games entries, but I don't think I received an email confirming my entries for them either.
  10. Getayukata

    Favorite Songs

    This is a favourite song of mine, and another possibility for an anthem for the North Pole Ichimon.
  11. Getayukata

    Sumo Ranfurly Shield History

    Wonderful work! I started watching sumo in 1990, so this latest batch has brought back many happy memories!
  12. Getayukata

    Games Bugs

    Managed to get it to enter correctly on the third attempt.
  13. Getayukata

    Games Bugs

    Same problem with my Day 4 Bench Sumo entry
  14. Getayukata

    Hakuho - 17th annual poll!

    Wow! I'd forgotten about this completely. I cannot explain the discrepancies in my predictions for the number of wins for the year - a slip of the finger perhaps - certainly not intentional. Hakuho always felt rather special to me, because we share the same birthday - March 11th (but not the same year!), and I am proud to share it with such a stellar performer. I too, feel privileged to have been watching sumo during the time of his reign and I will miss his presence on the dohyo. I wish him well for the future, and look forward to seeing him pass on all his learning to his own rikishi. I wish him good luck with his own stable, and I think he's going to need it with the current folk in the NSK.
  15. Getayukata

    Araiso-heya branch out