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  1. Persistence Watch - 2018 edition

    I remember Eddie the Eagle with great fondness! And I don't think I will forget Hattorizakura either.
  2. What other sports do you watch?

    I like tennis, show jumping and 3 day eventing, figure skating, skiing and even some golf occasionally (Tiger Woods on the top of his game was incredible to watch playing). I'm not so interested in team sports, though I used to like watching the cricket test matches as a teenager - don't see them broadcast much in Canada though.
  3. Trivia bits

    Hmmm, well I guess we have to accept that his mother knows what he's really thinking, and what he wants to do. Will the NSK keep him as a rikishi indefinitely even if he continues to lose all his bouts, or will there come a time when he requested to retire? Thanks for the information Akinomaki.
  4. Trivia bits

    But does he really? Is this known for a fact? He looks more terrified than in love with the experience.
  5. Trivia bits

    Hattorizakura really interests me. What on earth keeps him going at something he is obviously so bad at? I have watched videos of some of his matches when he looked almost paralysed with fear and literally fell over backwards before his opponent had a chance to lay a finger on him. Why does he not just call it quits when he does not enjoy what he's doing?
  6. TORCHBEARER 2018: invitation, rules, and your picks

    J10 W Tsurubayashi Not at all sure I understand the finer points of this game, but I'll give it a try. Let the torch shine on! Getayukata
  7. How long have you been interested in sumo?

    For me, my first basho was May 1990. My husband and I and our two children had just moved to Japan for a year. I had never even heard of sumo before arriving in the country, and I was just blown away by this strange sport which had so much ritual attached to it. It helped that this was the time of Chiyonofuji, Kirishima, and Terao, not to mention Konishiki.
  8. Games Bugs

    No it isn't. I can't make my entry either. - Getayukata
  9. Games Bugs

    Is it just me, or is everyone missing the bouts for their rikishi in Bench Sumo? When I go to make an entry, all I see are my 10 rikishi to be placed in order. I don't know who they are fighting, or how well they have done in the past. This information has been available for you in the past. Yes, it is a minor bug, (if it is one at all) as I can look the info up elsewhere, but it takes time, which I am finding in short supply. Cheers, Getayukata
  10. Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    Couldn't understand a word he said (In a state of confusion...) Getayukata
  11. Top 10 Rikishi to Challenge Hakuho?

    That same thought had occurred to me too ........ but it wouldn't really happen, would it? Getayukata
  12. Videos of July 2006 Nagoya Basho

    Message from Getayukata. Oh dear! I do seem to have opened a can of worms with my initial request for help to view the videos on Info-sumo. I just would like everyone to know that I do not know the gentleman who posted the videos on youtube, and have not had any direct contact with him either before or since his kindly but misguided attempt to help me. I am sorry that his actions have spoiled things for everyone else, and hope that sumo viewing can soon be resumed on Info sumo so that you all can see the bashos even if I can not. Dale, your health is much more important than sumo videos for the rest of us. Please take good care of yourself, and thanks for everything you have done. Cheers, Getayukata
  13. Videos of July 2006 Nagoya Basho

    Sounds like your browser is not able to get an FTP connection established...that could either be a browser problem, or perhaps a misconfigured router or firewall, or even a general problem with your internet service provider. Really hard to trouble-shoot without further information... I use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser, but I also have IE as well. Neither will work for me with the info-sumo site videos. I have no problem getting the videos at We have a cable hookup to the internet. I suspect it is probably a firewall problem of some sort, but until my son comes home for Christmas, there is probably nothing that can be done about that, as he set our local network up, and only he would have any hope of sorting it out. Getayukata
  14. Videos of July 2006 Nagoya Basho

    Fantastic! It's like watching the old Sumo Digests that we used to get televised here in California back in the late 1990s. This is a great addition to Carlson's Thanks! :-P OK, perhaps someone can help the technology challenged here...... every time I try to connect to this site, I get the message "operation timed out when attempting to contact ftp, " At first I thought it was just because everyone and his dog was wanting to watch the videos, but this surely can no longer be the answer. I have tried at various different times of day, to no effect. Puzzled, Getayukata