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    Day 11 lower division results

    I've said this, two tournment ago but I repeat it: Aoiyama is a cannibal. From his beginnig in the official sumo he has lost only one time. Until now this is his score: 7-0 7-0 (1-0: win against Kazafuzan in the Kettei-Sen) 6-1 6-0... That's incredible...
  2. Pippooshu

    Day 9 lower division results

    Ms15. Many thanks! (Hugging...)
  3. Pippooshu

    Day 9 lower division results

    Sorry for my question...but is there a number of Makushita ranking to have the 7-0 rule's privilege for promoting up to Juryo's division? Until ms 10? ms 15? (Nodding yes...) I don't remember...
  4. Pippooshu

    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations

    It's an interesting point of view and I think this thought is a tipical western vision about sumo. Bennett lives in Kansai from many years but don't know sumo dimension very well, maybe. I think there's an hole in his analysis b'cause he sees the sumo like a sport only. I think when Kyokai talks about "tradition" substantially it talks about history. About the story of rikishi's behaviours and rules. Kyokai wants preserve these things like a museum would to preserve some ancient vases or statues. There's nothing "inside" but there's so much in the history; there's so much along the time. But this is only my opinion, of course.
  5. Pippooshu

    Asashouryuu in Mongolia after intai

    I'm so sorry about this bad touch of Asa's style. I'm little agree with his rage and I think in the Kyokai there were exagerated ultra-ortodoses guys but not only them! There are gentle guys also and he understands this. To exclude the jap reporters is horrible. He lives in Japan also. He is a rich man for Japan's love and Japan's press. Big calm, Asa...more calm...
  6. Pippooshu

    without Asa

    I think Sumo will be involved from the Asa's intai. Asashoryu was the most spectacular rikishi in the set. The most spectacular yokozuna, various like "wolf" Chiyonofuji but stronger than him... ...Anyway, here we go. Another Sumo's age is beginning and if you love this practice, you'll love Sumo again. Over and over again. A Sumo with different opponents and different qualities but not for this less loveble than before. I miss Asashoryu...but Sumo it's alive.
  7. Pippooshu

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Scandal - The Final Chapter

    WoW!!! I've a little Asashoryu's figure and I've bought 4 Tegata at Kokugikan's shop: Asashoryu, Hakuho, Kotooshu and Harumafuji. I've a t-shirt with Kotooshu's funny image also. But...I'm seeing your photo and I think the reproduction of Kotooshu is incredible!
  8. Pippooshu

    Breaking news-Kotooushuu second first in the world

    Are you familiar with the term, "Yokozuna-zumo"? Yes, I am. And do you know a mongolian guy called Asashoryu? I know, he is (he was) a singular Yokozuna and maybe not a real yokozuna for many people. Anyway, if you look about Hakuho during his bouts you can see a "classic style" for approaching the bouts, still a ready mind to change his tactics if the opponent try to mix the cards. He is classic, serious but not stiff. He is sober but not "poor". I think Kotooshu is too different...
  9. Pippooshu

    Breaking news-Kotooushuu second first in the world

    Kotooshu doesn't deserve the rank of Yokozuna. He doesn't possess the correct technical way. He's too monotonous, with a very good condition in a classic style but not too various. I think he doesn't possess a ready mind to change the tactical way during his bouts... ...and loses many matches against "poor" opponents (Yoshikaze, Takekaze, Tokitenku, etc. Very often he falls down against low maegashira...). Anyway, we must wait for the numbers...
  10. Pippooshu

    Goeido Yusho!

    Kotooshu too monotonous, like ever...
  11. Pippooshu

    Asashoryu's future? Speculations

    He will be a new mongolian president. A new Gengis Khan...
  12. Pippooshu

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    Aaaaaa come off it! There are about 35 mongolian rikishi and I do know some of them. They are highly respected by their Oyakata and their stablemates so its nonsense to speak of a mongolian purge under way. Great! :-P I've talked with former rikishi Kyokutenzan, a mongolian rikishi and he said to me wonderful sentences about sumo way. About sumo establishment and organization. I think there isn't a mongolian purge under way. Asashoryu was a singular case. Magnificent, strange case...but one. PS: One stupid question for you: is it possible to turn back with the Intai decision? With a double decision between Kyokai and Asashoryu?
  13. Pippooshu

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    I think the same! I'm totally agree with your post.
  14. Pippooshu

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    I already feel the empty around sumo. It's a vacant huge place.
  15. Pippooshu

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    It's too sad. A real shock. I've seen the video with his interview but I did'n trust in his words. I thought: "It'a a pantomima...a fiction"...tomorrow Kyokai will say don't accept his Intai...but this isn't. It'a a real fact. The end of the sumo...
  16. Pippooshu

    Takamisakari no longer in love

    Divorcee with a child, at least according to a tabloidish report I ran into near the end of Hatsu basho. Searching for her in the net, I've seen her...and her...her...what kind of name we can give to there things??? (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...)
  17. Pippooshu

    Day 14 lower division results

    In Makushita torikumi, what a pity the Kotoyutaka's loss!!! And worst for Kotokuni... :-(
  18. Asa is a magician. Everything is possible with him. :-(
  19. Pippooshu

    Kotooshu runs for Yusho...

    Hi guys, What do you think about Kotooshu's chances for Yusho? And if you think so...in which way? What kind of sumo must he fight against his next opponents? For example: I think he must wait the Kaio's tachi-ai to avoid his movement for kotenage! Explain your opinion about this! (Sign of approval...)
  20. Pippooshu

    Kotooshu runs for Yusho...

    (In a state of confusion...) I'm agree with your considerations.
  21. Pippooshu

    Kotooshu runs for Yusho...

    Sad thing...Kotooshu loses another time. Two sanyaku fighted: two losses. It isn't a good way...
  22. Pippooshu

    Kotooshu runs for Yusho...

    I think could be a psicological problem b'cause when Kotooshu is nervous, he doesn't fight with "heart". However, opponent by opponent I think so: Baruto: against the estonian sekiwake he has good opportunities b'cause the Baruto physical supremacy doesn't be useful against Kotooshu. Baruto can't press Kotooshu from the high position, like with the others, and Kotooshu can win with a consequencial yorikiri. Kotooshu: 65%. Kaio: 'Oshu loses against Kaio ever in the same way. He attacks, Kaio moves himself a little late, on the side, and take the long extended Kotooshu's arm with kotenage. Over and over again. Kotooshu must be more intelligent than Kaio, this time. He MUST WAIT the Kaio's tachi-ai, turn his pivot and hook up the mawashi's grip. If Kotooshu does it, he wins. If he doesn't...he loses. Kotooshu: 50% Harumafuji: Former Ama is too dinamic and goes around Kotooshu. Very often from tachi-ai. 'Oshu must try a rapid tachi-ai on the mawashi's grip and stop the Haruma's position. If he manages to do it...he can win. Kotooshu: 50% Asashoryu: If Asa is in good condition, Asa wins. He is too dinamic and various for 'Oshu. But Kotooshu can try to grip the Asa's mawashi from the low position. In the middle. Suddenly from tachi-ai. Everytime he tries this solution, Asa goes in difficulty. Kotooshu: 30% Hakuho: they have the same size but Hakuho is more strong than Kotooshu. The same mass can be useful for the Kotooshu's sumo, but the problem is ever the same: Hakuho can change his tecnical solutions and Kotooshu doesn't make it. Kotooshu: 30% ....."perhaps" opponents:................ Aminishiki: the rapid tachi-ai of Aminishiki, from low position until the high, against Kotooshu's chest, is the classic nemesis for 'Oshu. He loses almost ever against this Aminishiki's solution, b'cause Aminishiki is very, very fast to the beginning. If the 'Oshu's score is good...I think can be useful an Henka. Only one...but I hope he does it. However Kotooshu must use his long arms to grip the opponent's mawashi, b'cause with this solution he is favoured. Kotooshu: 55% Takekaze: He is a solid rikishi but too "poor". His "oshidashi's sumo" it doesn't enough against Kotooshu. Henka apart... Kotooshu: 75% Tamawashi: I don't know. Kotooshu doesn't know him but the bulgarian grip is favoured on the mongolian opponent, this is sure. Kotooshu: 70%
  23. Pippooshu

    Day 8 results and day 9 pairings

    Gagamaru flies! Another goergian rikishi will be Makuuchi soon, I think. (Sign of approval...)
  24. Pippooshu

    Suppose Baruto....

    No chance. Are you sure again? (Applauding...)
  25. Pippooshu

    Day 6 lower division results

    Hmmm... :-( this is an interesting point of view. Could be a physical problem b'cause I know (for the japanese old reports) he has a very good technic. A singular way of Sumo. Mmm...