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  1. Pippooshu

    Day 13 lower division results

    Great work! It's an interesting scenarios. Unfortunatelly Takanoyama is too low ranked for a promotion but with a 6-1 can change the panorama... (Applauding...)
  2. Pippooshu

    Day 13 lower division results

    Why? He's old...
  3. Pippooshu

    Day 13 lower division results

    I'm sad about Jumonji's Make-Koshi. Maybe it's time to retire for him.
  4. Pippooshu

    Day 11 lower division results

    Sorry for my stupid question but in the sumotori's list I've discovered this strange case: two different Byakko for only one shikona. I think it changes the kanji? (Shaking head...) Byakko East Sandanme 13 (Sandanme 11) Byakko East Jonidan 54 (Sandanme 72)
  5. Pippooshu

    Day 11 lower division results

    If he has to wait one more basho, that's not very much time considering how long he's been at this. And it's not asking too much for 2 consecutive makushita KKs, if you want him to have any staying power in juryo at all. I know..You're right. But two times Takanoyama has lost a similar opportunity during past high makushita ranking bashoes. I'm afraid about his next basho... (Shaking head...)
  6. Pippooshu

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    Haven't seen the bout yet, but doesn't every loss against Hokutoriki look horrible? doesn't every bout of Gagamaru look horrible .... sorry I couldn't resist :-) Eheheh...it's right. (Whistling...)
  7. Pippooshu

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    Horrible loss of Mr Gaga!
  8. Pippooshu

    Day 11 lower division results

    I hope for Takanoyama's promotion in the Juryo's division but it's difficult. Hochiyama is over. Kaisei is over. Tsurugikade is over. Sadanoumi is over and maybe Masuraumi and Yoshiazuma also. Too many for an ms 6!
  9. Pippooshu

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 11 Natsu Basho 2010

    It will be a difficult bout for Takanoyama. What do you think? Takanoyama can grow up until Sekitori if he wins the last two bouts? Over him there are only Hochiyama (ms 1 in KK...surely up) Sadanofuji (ms 5 with 5-0) and ms 3 Tsurugidake (3-2...I hope he loose and leave the rank to Takanoyama)...
  10. Pippooshu

    Day 6 lower division results

    I hope it. I know he works very hard and I read he don't turn back at home from much time, b'cause he want to become a sekitori before. Gamba-re, Takanoyama! (In a state of confusion...)
  11. Pippooshu

    Day 6 lower division results

    I'm happy for Takanoyama but a little sad for Jumonji also...strange, I know. Maybe Jumonji is near to Intai's time?
  12. Pippooshu

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    Kakuryu has a very fast Tachi-Ai but Kotooshu is technically poor...he don't change his formulation during the bout. Never.
  13. Pippooshu

    Abs / Wd / Returns - Natsu 2010

    What kind of problem about Miyogiryu??? He is the former Miyamoto, is it right? Is injuried again from Hatsu-Basho??? (Showing respect...)
  14. Pippooshu

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 1 Natsu Basho 2010

    Wow! A wonderful match between two european rikishi! Two of my favourite sumotori, also! I think Aoiyama is favourite on Takanoyama but the cekh wrestler is more expert than Aoiyama for Makushita ranking...first grades above all. I say Aoiyama with a strong action but it won't be easy.
  15. Pippooshu

    Two days of keiko

  16. Pippooshu

    Natsu 2010 Banzuke

    Burinosato in italian language is funny b'cause "burino" is a word for rude guy from country... (Sign of approval...)
  17. Pippooshu

    Iruma Jungyo

  18. Pippooshu

    Breaking news-no more Tatsunami Ichimon?

    Now is there only one disaccorded Heya (Tatsunami apart)? Takadagawa-Beya, I think. Or not?
  19. Pippooshu

    Breaking news-no more Tatsunami Ichimon?

    Politic effects. Ugly effects. I'm sorry for Tatsunami-Beya b'cause is an historical heya.
  20. Pippooshu

    Yasukuni Hono-zumo

    Too right! I can't remember how many years it is since I managed to get there myself (and I don't have time to check my old diaries). Originally I think it was always on the 27th, then the nearest Sunday; these days it moves around unpredictably -- though I never remember it being a whole two weeks early, as it was this time. For me the deepest attraction is that it's the closest you can get to experiencing Edo-style open-air sumo (and also being able to look in at the open-air shitaku-beya). One of these days my own old albums will turn up, with (then) Juryo-kaku gyoji Shozaburo and Kandayu, smug and resplendent in their beautiful silk shozoku, taken from about four feet away and with nice smiles for me -- both were good friends. And somewhere I have a nice picture of a makushita then fighting under his own name, Minami; eventually Komusubi Daitetsu, now Minatogawa oyakata, the Silver Fox. Once in a while I show him the photo as a reminder. Ah, memories, memories; but in order to find something like an old album, I have to be looking for something else. One small correction to the title of this thread: this is not a Jungyo (which is a commercial operation), nor yet a Koen, (which, while it needs sponsors, is conducted at diplomatic and state-to-state level); this is Hono-zumo (all long o's), offering, or dedicated, sumo; here, offered to the souls of the war-dead, some of them rather controversial. Their families get special front seats, but the general public can get in free behind them. The yokozuna dohyo-iri at the Grand Shrines of Ise is another Hono-zumo, though posts of recent years have indicated that tickets are sold for the actual sumo that is held afterwards, which puts it into an interesting new category. Orion, down memory lane, and trying to remember in which of my many columns for Kansai Time Out I wrote about this Yes. In the book of souls, located in Yasukuni temple, are signed 1068 names of war criminals and 14 of them are "class A" criminals b'cause judged criminals against the peace after the Second World War. For this China, Korea, Thailand and other countries protest often against it, if the japanese premier visit this temple.
  21. Pippooshu

    Next Ozeki after Baruto

    Only one name, for the future: Goeido. He is various and tacticaly intelligent. Not regular, now, but I think he is a jewel. (Nodding yes...) Infact someone is too old or not regular (Aminishiki) someone is simply not regular (Kisenosato) and others are destabilzated from injuries (Toyonoshima). I wanna see Tochiozan again but I think he isn't ready.
  22. Pippooshu

    Intai candidates 2010

    I think Tochinonada and Tosanoumi will be the next. I hope Jumonji will grow up again into Juryo division but I'm afraid will be impossible. I met him in a Chanko's restaurant (Kirishima's restaurant) and spoke with him when he was Juryo, few years ago, and from there moment I'm his fan! Gamba-re, Jumonji! :-D
  23. Pippooshu

    Ozumo - sport or not?

    I think this isn't a sport only. It's a little shintoist world, like a traditional box for japanese culture' mix. It contains religiouses goods, traditional cerimony, ancient folkloristic dresses (for the Gyoji) and rites and, obviously, sport also. If you cut the rites and leave alone the sport, this isn't sumo...this is a wrestling also. But we know...this is sumo...
  24. Pippooshu

    The new Baruto

    Hasn't been story. Hakuho has driven, Hakuho has won. Too slow his makikae (closed from Hakuho, not a case) and impossible, to him, to react at the yokozuna's pression.
  25. Pippooshu

    The new Kotomitsuki

    Very good defense against Haruma's nage and good reaction after the flex...I think has been a pride's affair.